Test The Accuracy Of Your Kitchen Thermometer With Water

Your kitchen thermometer isn’t much good to you if it doesn’t accurately show the temperature. But when was the last time you checked its accuracy?

Make Your Own Instant Noodle Cups For Healthier, Tastier Lunches

Do you love a cup of soup and instant ramen as much as we do? Here’s a DIY way to get your noodles fix while also upgrading it to be more delicious and packed with fresh ingredients.

This Chart Tells You How To Pair Your Spices With Food

Mixing herbs and spices in meals can be healthy, but you still need to know which spice goes with what ingredient. Spice Advice has a chart you can refer to for quick decisions.

Make Perfect Crispy Onion Rings With Instant Mashed Potatoes

Onion rings are a tasty snack — and aren’t too hard to make — but getting the right crunch is tough. Instant mashed potato flakes are the secret ingredient.

Cold Brew Your Own Cheaper And Better Tasting Coffee Liqueur

Infuse liquor with coffee, and you’ll get a strong coffee brew with a big kick. Instead of brewing the coffee hot and combining it with the alcohol, try a lazier cold-brew method for a smoother, sweeter coffee liqueur.

Turn A Drawer On Its Side For A Cheap, Space-Saving Spice Rack

Forget about complex DIY projects, ugly shower caddies or expensive spice racks. All you need to organise your spices is a humble drawer.

Keep Refrigerated Items From Shifting And Sliding With Non-Slip Material

If your refrigerator doors aren’t stuffed to maximum capacity, things probably move around when you open your door. A little non-slip material on your door shelves will keep things in place.

Create An Emergency Ice Tray From Egg Cartons And Aluminium Foil

If you need a lot of ice but don’t have enough ice trays for the job, grab some egg cartons and aluminium foil. In a few minutes, you can make a makeshift ice tray.

Wrap Kitchen Tongs In Cardboard Tubes For Clutter-Free Storage

Kitchen tongs are awesome for many purposes, from squeezing citrus to grabbing hard-to-reach items. But they can make a mess when stored in a drawer. A simple cardboard tube is the answer.

Keep Baked Goods From Sticking With Homemade Pan Grease

Perhaps you grease pans for baking with butter or oil, or perhaps you’ve discovered the joy of special baking sprays. This homemade baker’s goop works even better, it’s cheaper, and it couldn’t be simpler to make.