Keep Your Olive Oil From Going Bad With These Proper Storage Tips

Olive oil is perfect for everyday cooking, but if you have some really nice olive oil you use for dipping, you probably won’t use it as often. You can extend its shelf life by keeping it stored the right way.

Marinate Eggs In Soy Sauce To Upgrade Your Ramen Or Salads

Meet your new weekly fridge addition: soy sauce eggs. This ramen shop staple requires just four ingredients and can turn boring salads or plain ramen into more flavourful meals.

Remove Excess Salt From Nuts By Shaking Them In A Paper Bag

Nuts — and some legumes masquerading as nuts — are a great snack to have around, but sometimes they can be way too salty. Some paper towels, a paper bag and a few good shakes will help.

Kick Flavours Up A Notch With DIY Citrus Powder

Citrus powders can add punch to just about anything you cook, ranging from drinks to cooked meats to baked goods. Here’s how you can make your own super-easy, wonderful flavours.

Use Breadcrumbs As A Last-Minute Substitute For Cheese

You’re putting the finishing touches on your pasta dinner only to realise you don’t have any cheese. Don’t worry, you can get a similar nutty, salty accent to top your dish by toasting a few breadcrumbs with olive oil and salt.

Reheat Leftover French Fries By Sauteing Them

French fries are a terrible thing to waste, but leftover fries typically aren’t very good. When you try to nuke them, they usually come out soggy or stale. To restore fries to their original glory, try sautéing them instead.

Use A Baking Rack To Turn Tortillas Into Crispy Taco Shells

Crunchy taco shells are delicious, but it takes a long time and makes an oily mess when you have to fry them yourself. You could get store-bought ones, but they often taste terrible. Bake a whole bunch of your own with this removable baking rack setup.

Sand Wooden Bowls And Utensils With A Brown Paper Bag

If your wooden bowls or utensils are feeling a little furry, it’s likely because the wood grains are raised from repeated washing and drying. A little finish sanding is all they need and if you don’t have high grit sandpaper around, you can use a brown paper bag.

Keep Baby Carrots In Water In The Fridge For Easy, Healthy Snacking

The urge to snack in the middle of the day can be strong, and it’s easy to reach for the chips if a healthier option isn’t nearby. Keep that option in front of you, on the top shelf of the fridge — that way the next time you head to the kitchen, the first thing you find are some fresh carrots, capsicums or another veggie.

Make 'Almost' Pickles In Just 10 Minutes

Ever reached for some pickles only to find out there were none left? If you have a cucumber, you can get to something close in just 10 minutes.