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Make Potato Crisps In The Microwave Without Sacrificing Crunch

Microwaves have gotten a bad rap with some people because they just don’t cook some things as they should be cooked—food blog Savory Sweet Life attempts to squash this misconception with a lesson on cooking potato crisps in the microwave.

Fix A Cracked Pie Crust With A Bit Of Flour And Water

There’s nothing worse than rolling out a beautiful pie crust only to have it crack during baking. It turns out that there’s a super-easy fix, and it doesn’t require any extra dough.

Make Your Own Self-Rising Flour With Stuff You Already Have In Your Kitchen

Self-rising flour is commonly called for in recipes for biscuits, pancakes and muffins. But if you don’t have room in your kitchen for multiple varieties of flour (or just don’t feel like going to the store) Epicurious has an easy formula for making your own with AP and a bit of salt and baking powder:

The Egg Calculator Tells You How To Sous Vide Eggs For Perfect Texture

Many people swear by the sous vide method of making eggs, but precise timing and temperature are required to get the egg to come out exactly how you’d like it. The Egg Calculator uses food science to help you get the right egg texture.

What's Your Favourite 'Good On Anything' Condiment Or Spice?

Condiments and spices can turn a dish from bland to mouth-wateringly delicious. Do you have a go-to condiment you use on anything to turn it from boring into an amazingly tasty meal?

Add Tahini To Make Any Sauce Or Dip Creamier 

Tahini is a versatile ingredient that can be used to create all sorts of delicious toppings, like salad dressing and garlic sauce for steak or roasted veggies and of course hummus. If you remember to keep some in your fridge, you can add it to any sauce or dip for extra richness.

Easily Change The Colour Of Your Dishwasher By Flipping The Door Panel

You might not have to buy a brand new dishwasher or get a special door panel kit to make your dishwasher fit in more with the rest of your kitchen. Many dishwasher panels are reversible.

Measure Fractions Of An Egg For Recipes With A Kitchen Scale

Living in a household of two means that I am forever scaling down recipes. This is usually no problem, unless the recipe calls for an odd number of eggs, and I am left trying to figure out how to add “half an egg” to a cake. It turns out the solution to this problem could not be simpler; all you need is a scale.

Quickly Pickle Pretty Much Anything With One Simple Ratio

Whether it’s pumpkin, watermelon rind or plain old cucumbers, we, my friends, can quickly pickle that. In anticipation of bumper crops, the clever folks at Epicurious have come up with a simple brining base that will allow you to pickle whatever, whenever the mood moves you.

Make Five Crockpot Freezer Meals In 15 Minutes While Cleaning Out Your Fridge

If your fridge looks anything like mine, your shelves are filled with half-empty bottles of sauces and other condiments. Use those up and make nearly a week’s worth of dinners at the same time.

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