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Avoid Slimy Okra By Boiling Before You Chop

I enjoy a side of fried okra as much as the next Mississippian but, thanks to a delightful substance called “mucilage,” prepping the pod can be slimy work. The solution is simple: cook the pods a bit before you chop them.

De-Pill Your Clothes With The Rough Side Of A Dry Sponge

Little balls of fuzz, or pills, can build up on the fabric of some of your favourite clothing items. Sweaters and jackets are particularly susceptible to them, but you can easily remove them with the scrubbing side of a dry sponge.

Water-Velvet Meat For Better-Than-Takeout Chinese Food At Home

The velveting technique is the secret Chinese food places use to make sure meat stays tender and silky (velvety!). If you don’t want to do it with the traditional oil-blanching, use water instead.

This Video Explains How You're Picking Up Glass Wrong

Picking up broken glass is dangerous. Doing it wrong can be even worse. If you’re picking up the pieces by reaching for a broom, or grabbing shards with your bare hands, check this video out to learn the right way.

Make This Universal Spice Mix And Put It On Everything

Making your own spice blends saves you money and makes sure everything you cook is packed with flavour. If you’re looking for a blend to get you started, this one from Chef Tim Love is great on anything — even ice cream.

Make 'Roast' Chicken In Half The Time With The Help Of A Pressure Cooker

Roast chicken is awesome, but it does take over an hour to make in the oven. What if you could speed that up and roast the chicken in about 30 minutes? If you have a pressure cooker, you can.

Add Grated Cheese To Pasta Before The Sauce To Mix It In Better

Usually, pasta is served with grated cheese on top of the sauce, but venerable Italian cooking book The Silver Spoon suggests you do the reverse.

Prevent Apples From Browning With A Quick Saltwater Soak

When cut apples turn brown, they don’t just look less appetizing, their flavour and other attributes also get altered. Serious Eats’ tests find that a saltwater soak is a much better way to prevent browning compared to other methods, such as using lemon juice.

Roll Chocolate Pastries In Cocoa Powder Instead Of Flour For More Chocolately Flavour

Anyone who’s ever rolled out a cookie dough or a pie crust knows that a light dusting of flour prevents surface stickage, but did you know that cocoa powder can be used for the same purpose?

Rinse Beans In The Can They Came In By Punching Holes In The Bottom

Canned beans don’t have to be rinsed before they’re eaten, but if you don’t want to add extra liquid to your recipe (or just don’t want all of that salt) you can easily rinse them in their own can without dirtying a colander.

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