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The Best Way To Freeze Cooked Rice And Other Grains For Easier Reheating

Whether you’re dealing with leftovers, or planning your meals ahead of time, there’s a better way to freeze your grains. Save your Tupperware for something else and reach for a plastic freezer bag instead.

The Easiest Way To Shuck A Bunch Of Clams At Once

Shucking clams and other bivalves individually takes a lot of time and a little elbow grease. If you have some time in advance, you can just stick them in the freezer instead.

Copy Me That Is A Free, Excellent Meal Planner That Works On Every Device

Some of the best meal planning apps are no longer available and others aren’t free. Copy Me That is an awesome alternative, combining recipe management, meal planning, and shopping list generation.

Make Ratatouille That Looks Like It Came Right Out Of The Pixar Movie

The classic French dish ratatouille usually just looks like a random mix of sautéed vegetables in a pan. Here’s how to make a version of ratatouille that looks so good you’d think it came right out of the Pixar animated movie with the same name.

Pizza Waffles Taste As Good As They Look

Time to dust off your neglected waffle maker — or go buy one. Pizza waffles are a convenient way to indulge your homemade pizza cravings in about 10 minutes.

Bananas And Spring Roll Wrappers Are All You Need For This Quick, Easy Dessert

Everything tastes better fried, especially dessert, and this Filipino classic is a quick, easy one to make. All you need are spring roll wrappers, sugar and bananas.

Freeze Individual Portions Of Soup In A Muffin Tin

The mighty muffin tin is useful for more than just baked goods. It’s the perfect tool for freezing multiple single portions of soup at once.

Keep Super Sticky Dough From Binding To Your Hands With A Little Oil

A lot of recipes recommend you flour your hands to keep yeasty dough from clinging to your fingers, but that can end up inadvertently adding a lot of extra flour into your recipe. A little oil on your hands can work just as well.

Kombu Is Your Secret Ingredient To Savoury, Umami-Packed Dishes

Umami, the “fifth taste”, can be added to dishes with lots of ingredients, but few deliver the bang for the buck that kombu does. It’s affordable, easy to use and packs a big savoury punch in soups, stews, sauces or just dried and sprinkled over food.

Turn Leftover Beer (or Any Beer) Into A Tasty Toffee Sauce

I know you guys would never have any of this “leftover beer” lying about, but say you have a guest who just can’t finish that big bottle they started pouring from. You could drink it, sure, or you could use a cup of it to make a decadent toffee sauce.

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