Steam Your Oven For Better Bread Making

Professional bakers use steam ovens to keep baking bread from losing too much moisture during the initial several minutes of baking. You can get a similar effect at home with a sheet pan and a spray bottle.

Revive Hardened Brown Sugar With A Slice Of Bread

Have you ever gone to scoop some brown sugar just to find that it’s super-lumpy or hard as a rock? You can keep that from happening with just a slice of bread.

The Best Dried Herbs To Substitute For Fresh, According To Science

When it comes to cooking, fresh herbs will almost always provide better flavour for your dish, but dried herbs are cheaper and more convenient. These are the dried herbs you can get by substituting for fresh herbs, as well as the herbs you should only use fresh.

The Most Overrated 'Healthy' Foods (And What To Eat Instead)

Sometimes, a food becomes trendy based on health claims that, as it turns out, the food can’t really support. Here’s a look at a few superfoods that aren’t so super — and suggest some alternatives that are healthier, cheaper or both.

Artfully 'Plating' Your Food Can Actually Make It Taste Better

Whether you’re entertaining for a crowd, or sitting down for a quiet weeknight meal, it’s worth making your food look good. Studies have shown that artistically presented food actually tastes better, and that when you eat something that you truly enjoy, your body actually makes more efficient use of its nutrients.

Remove Burnt Grease And Food Gunk From Sponges With A Salt Water Soak

After you’ve done some scrubbing with the rough side of a sponge, there’s a good chance that nasty food gunk will be stuck in there. A soak in some salt water will loosen it up and make your sponge look almost new.

Eat By Date's Massive Database Tells You When Food Really Expires 

Expiration dates are often misleading. Eat By Date is a giant database of food products that gives you true expiration dates, plus a lot of other useful information.

Mushroom Confit: A Weekend Project That Makes Weeknight Cooking Easier

Last-minute meals are the worst. This weekend, make some mushroom preserves, and when dinnertime calls next week and you’re short on ideas, turn to the ingredient as a starting place for any weeknight meal.

How To Properly Freeze Fruit For Longer-Lasting Freshness

There’s little better than fresh, ripe fruit eaten out of hand. However, when that’s not possible, do the next best thing: freeze your fruit. It’s easy to do, economical and a no-brainer way to extend the life of anything sweet and fresh that’s sitting on your counter.

Optimise Your Kitchen Layout With Work Zones

Having your kitchen and its contents organised in the right way can help make cooking sessions go much more smoothly. Divide your kitchen into these five work zones to get the most out of its layout.