Turn A Cheap Supermarket Cake Into A Moreish Malteser Dessert

Baking a delicious, fancy cake is beyond the skills of most mortals. It’s also incredibly time consuming. Here’s a simple method for creating a delectable looking dessert in under ten minutes.

Avoid Olive Oil In Your Wok (And Other Wok Cooking Tips) 

Wok cooking requires some precision and special attention. Even if you’ve done it before, there are a few tips and tricks that can make a big difference. For example, the type of oil you cook with matters. Expert Grace Young says olive oil isn’t the best oil when it comes to wok cooking.

Which Squeezing Method Gets You The Most Lemon Juice?

From flavoring water to grilling fish or making a lightly-dressed green salad, there are a multitude of kitchen situations that call for fresh-squeezed lemon juice. But is there a “best” way to get juice out of a lemon?

Salvage Semi-Burnt Food By Freezing It Immediately

We’ve all burnt food once or twice… or often. Sometimes, the food is too far gone and there’s no way in hell you’re salvaging it. But if it’s simply on the verge of being too burnt, try this industry trick: freeze it immediately.

Crack Into A Coconut With Household Items You Already Own

Fresh coconut is a completely different, more delicious animal than the pre-shredded stuff you buy in a bag. Getting to the tasty flesh inside a whole coconut can feel a little bit like breaking into Fort Knox though. Luckily, Saveur is here to show us an easy way to get crackin’ with nothing more than a hammer and a screw driver.

Use Kitchen Shears To Slice Homemade Pizza

Sometimes a pizza cutter requires multiple passes to go all the way through your pizza dough, and using a knife to saw through your pizza will just make a mess out of the gooey cheese. If you want to avoid that, a pair of nice kitchen shears makes cutting your pizza quick and clean.

Create A Base Sauce Today For Quick Weekday Meals

One way to free up time in the evenings is to make your weeknight meals quicker and easier to prepare. Instead of resorting to takeaway, try preparing one flavour-packed base sauce on Sunday to tweak for meals throughout the week.

Use Wonton Wrappers For Hassle-Free Fresh Ravioli

Fresh ravioli tastes so much better, but it takes a lot of effort to make from scratch. Mario Batali has a shortcut to get the same deliciousness with less effort: use store-bought wonton wrappers instead of spending all day making pasta dough.

Salvage Overcooked Meat By Turning It Into A Savoury Filling Or Spread

There are many tips and tools out there for ensuring you never cook a steak, roast or piece of chicken past its perfectly succulent end point. But cooks are human, mistakes happen, and meat gets overcooked. It’s tragic to be sure, but not all is lost. Tough, dry meat is a perfect candidate for savoury fillings and decadent spreads.

Prevent Soggy Or Burnt French Toast By Frying In Oil Instead Of Butter

The only thing worse than burnt French toast is soggy French toast, but by swapping out half or all of your butter for a neutral-flavored oil, you can avoid both of these tragedies.