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Use A Cocktail Shaker To Make Perfectly Smooth Salad Dressing

If you have a cocktail shaker, you can get more use out of it by also using it to mix up delicious salad dressing. It’s the perfect all-in-one container for mixing, pouring and storing, assuming you don’t need it to make a drink right now.

ForkIt Turns Healthy Home Cooking Into Video Game Quests

iOS: When people ask me how they can start eating healthy, I usually encourage them to cook at least one or two more homemade meals per week. If they’re not used to cooking, even that is asking a lot. ForkIt makes it more fun (and less daunting) thanks to some gamification elements.

Make A Decadent, Protein-Packed Chocolate Pudding With An Avocado

When I think of chocolate pudding, I usually think of powdered mix, goop in portable, little containers, or tons of whisking and stirring. But not this one. No, this one is a luxuriously creamy pudding that’s packed with protein and healthy fats.

Make The Most Of Your Kitchen Window With This Hanging DIY Herb Garden

Having an herb garden in your kitchen means they’re easy to grab whenever you want to add them to a dish or drink. If you don’t have much counter space, this hanging set up takes advantage of your window to give you a full herb garden.

Keep Pitcher Drinks Properly Chilled With Muffin Tin Ice Cubes

Using muffin tins to freeze ice cubes is perfect for making a ton of ice at once or freezing whole lemon slices for a citrus boost, but it’s also a great way to make ice cubes that are the ideal size for keeping pitchers and punch bowls chilled.

A Nice Grinder Is The Single Best Way To Improve Your Coffee At Home

There are a lot of easy ways you can improve your coffee game, but if you can only do one thing, the experts recommend you spring for a decent coffee grinder.

De-Stink Your Fridge For Good With This Deep Cleaning Regimen

Refrigerators can start smelling pretty funky after a few years of use. If you want to rid your fridge and freezer of lingering smells once and for all, this deep cleaning regimen will get the job done.

Ripen Fruit Faster By Putting It In A Paper Bag

You have a lovely pair of avocados on the counter, but they’re not quite ripe yet. If you want to make them (or most fruit) ripen faster, put them in a loosely sealed paper bag.

Sheet Pan Baked Eggs Make Prepping Breakfast For A Crowd Easy

If you’re making brunch for a crowd, or whipping up some freezer-friendly breakfast sandwiches and need a ton of scrambled eggs, turn to your trusty sheet pan and put the skillet down. It’s fast, easy and scales up well.

Save Yourself Some Grief By Assigning Plastic Food Containers A Meal Type

Over time, food storage containers get harder and harder to clean. The plastic stains and smells stick around way longer than they should. If you want to avoid constantly doing deep cleans and maybe extend the life of your containers, try designating them to be used with certain foods.

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