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Make Cleaning Up Easier With A Butcher Paper Tablecloth

Many restaurants use a layer of butcher paper on your table to make cleanup easy (and to give the kids something to scribble on). You can use this same idea to contain messy meals — or messy eaters — in your own home.

What Foodstuff Do You Throw Out Most?

Food wastage is an unconscionable act when you consider all the starving people in the world. Yet nearly all of us do it. Sometimes it’s because you bought more groceries than you needed. Other times it’s due to a storage snafu. Whatever the reason, you’re probably doing it way too much — especially when it comes to fruit and vegetables. We’re curious to hear which foods you throw away the most. Confess in the comments!

Your Guide To A Neat And Organised Pantry

Is your pantry a mess of sticky jam jars, stale half-finished potato chips, expired breakfast cereal and long forgotten cracker boxes? Sounds like time for some intensive pantry therapy. This seven-step guide will bring order to your kitchen pantry and freshness to your dinner plate.

Make Sticky Jars Easier To Open With A Dab Of Vaseline

Not being able to open a jar can be frustrating, but struggling with one that you’ve struggled with before is even worse. Prevent this by dabbing a little petroleum jelly on a jar after you’ve opened it the first time.

Keep Rice From Sticking Together With Lemon Juice

Making rice isn’t rocket science, but keeping it from sticking together when you want that fluffy texture can be tough. The fix is easy: just add a few squeezes of lemon juice to the cooking water.

Make Fresh Whipped Cream With A Hand Blender

If you don’t have a stand mixer, a cocktail shaker, or food processor to make whipped cream, you can use a hand mixer or immersion blender to make a fresh batch quickly — without working your arm muscles, either.

Season Tofu After Frying For Maximum Flavour And No Burnt Spices

Crispy, fried tofu is delicious, but before you toss yours in spices first and fry it second, switch the order of those two steps. Seasoning after you fry makes sure you preserve all that delicious flavour, don’t burn the spices, and preserves the texture of both.

Stop Your Roommates From Eating Your Food And Label What's 'Up For Grabs'

If you shop separately from your roommates, you don’t always know what food is off limits — and what’s up for grabs. A simple sticker system clears everything up, and ensures your roommates don’t eat your food.

Make A Bagel Egg-in-a-Hole For An Upgraded Breakfast For Two

You’re probably familiar with egg-in-a-hole, in which an egg is cooked in a hollowed out piece of toast (or other ingredients). Food52 offers a smart upgrade: Use bagel instead of the toast.

Bake A Magic Cake, A Cake That Bakes Into Three Layers On Its Own

A “magic cake” has three layers, each with its own texture and flavour (a dense and moist base, a middle cream layer, and a light sponge top). It’s called magic because the cake divides into these layers during the baking.

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