Avoid Computer-Caused Neck And Shoulder Strain With A Split Keyboard

It’s not just sitting all day in front of a computer that’s killing you; poorly designed computers can be bad for our bodies. Friend of Lifehacker David Kadavy says a split keyboard may be the biggest thing since the standing desk. Here’s how to tell if a split keyboard is for you.

SwiftKey Note Syncs With Evernote, Lets You Swipe-To-Type In iOS

iOS: SwiftKey, makers of our favourite keyboard for Android, just released SwiftKey Note, a note-taking app for the iPhone that brings SwiftKey’s gesture typing features to bear and syncs everything you type with Evernote.

Multiling Is A Light, Customisable And Privacy-Friendly Keyboard

Android: If you are using an Android device with limited memory and processor power, you’d know that keyboard apps like Swype and SwiftKey don’t always run smoothly. Multiling offers similar customisability and features while protecting your privacy and being light on resources.

Fleksy Brings Its Flexible, Invisible Keyboard To Android

Android (4.1+): Previously mentioned Fleksy has been in private beta for a while now, but now it’s available at Google Play for Android users. Whether you just want to customise the keyboard, or turn it invisible so you can see behind it as you type, Fleksy works well.

Five Best Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards — keyboards with individual switches under each key — have exploded in popularity recently, and for good reason. This week we’re going to take a look at five of the best mechanical keyboards, based on your nominations.

Swype Updates With More Keyboard Sizes, Continuous Dictation

Android: Swype, one of our favourite Android keyboards, has updated today with multiple keyboard layouts, a continuous dictation feature that types as you speak, and better language support.

SwiftKey Makes New Custom Keyboards Available To All Users

Android: Last month, SwiftKey unveiled new custom keyboards that you can resize and reposition anywhere on your screen. Now those keyboards are available to everyone.

Get Android KitKat's Keyboard On Your Current Jelly Bean Phone

Android: We recently showed you how to add many of the features from Android KitKat to your phone immediately. Now the keyboard that will be included in Android 4.4 is available as a stand-alone APK that will work on any Jelly Bean device, and even some phones older than that.

Ask LH: Should I Use An Alternative Keyboard Layout Like Dvorak?

Dear Lifehacker, I keep hearing about how great alternative keyboard layouts like Dvorak or Maltron are, but I’m not really convinced that I need to use one. Why would I?

SwiftKey Adds Custom Keyboards You Can Resize, Move Around The Screen

Android: SwiftKey, our favourite Android keyboard, unveiled a new public beta today with customisable keyboards you can resize and move anywhere on-screen. You can choose from three preset modes, make your own changes and pick your theme to suit your typing style.