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Remove Typing Suggestions From Your Google Keyboard With A Simple Gesture

Android: Google’s smart keyboard does its best to learn the way you type, but it occasionally gets it wrong. In the latest version, you can now easily remove words from your user dictionary with a simple long-press and drag.

Google Keyboard Now Has A One-Handed Mode

Android: Google is rolling out an update for Google Keyboard from today that includes a new one-handed typing mode alongside a handful of other new features.

Get Rid Of The Microphone Button On The iPhone Keyboard That You Keep Accidentally Tapping

Even if you have a newer, bigger iPhone, a lot of us still accidentally tap the little microphone icon when we’re trying to hit the space bar. How-To Geek reminds us that you can get rid of it.

Das Keyboard's Division Zero Is Gaming Gear That Makes Work Fun Too

PC gaming gear can be fun, and even help you be more productive, but it’s rare to find ones designed to be customisable and high-performance for gaming but equally useful when it’s time to get things done. Das Keyboard’s new gaming line, Division Zero, manages both, with some caveats.

This Graphic Shows How Nasty Your Keyboard Can Get (And How To Clean It)

Between all the dust, dead skin, and microbes, computer keyboards can get grimy pretty fast. This handy graphic reveals what might be lurking on your keyboard, as well as some clever ways to get it cleaned up.

Programmers: Make Sure You Have A Backup Keyboard (Or Three)

For the average user, a keyboard is just an inanimate tool you use to fire off letters to your PC, but for the career programmer, finding the perfect device that matches your preferences and typing style is a mission in itself. Imagine your favourite board crapping itself and being forced to switch to one with a slightly different layout or configuration… sounds like hell, right?

SwiftKey Now Predicts Two Words At A Time So You Can Type Faster

Android: Our favourite Android keyboard, SwiftKey, is getting a big update today. The app can now predict your next two words at once. In addition to double-word prediction, SwiftKey also has also added new themes, languages, and more.

Slash Keyboard Makes It Easy To Text GIFs, Videos And More From One Spot

iOS: If you want to text someone a GIF or a song, you usually have to copy and paste the link from another app. Slash Keyboard eliminates this step with an iOS keyboard that lets you share GIFs, songs, videos, and more directly from your texting client.

ReBoard Adds App Shortcuts To Your iPhone's Keyboard

iOS: Third-party keyboards in iOS didn’t quite live up to the hype for most of us, but ReBoard is a new keyboard that takes a different approach. The keyboard features a lot of links to other services like Wunderlist, your calendar and Dropbox so you can easily send data from one app to another.

Swype Update Adds Custom Themes, Emoji Keyboard And More

Swype is such a popular keyboard alternative that nearly every other phone keyboard has copied its signature feature. If you’re still devoted to the classic, you can now get a few new features including some sweet custom themes and an emoji keyboard.

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