Ask LH: Should I Use An Alternative Keyboard Layout Like Dvorak?

Dear Lifehacker, I keep hearing about how great alternative keyboard layouts like Dvorak or Maltron are, but I’m not really convinced that I need to use one. Why would I?

SwiftKey Adds Custom Keyboards You Can Resize, Move Around The Screen

Android: SwiftKey, our favourite Android keyboard, unveiled a new public beta today with customisable keyboards you can resize and move anywhere on-screen. You can choose from three preset modes, make your own changes and pick your theme to suit your typing style.

Tell Us Your Favourite Keyboard Shortcut And Win A Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop

At Lifehacker we love keyboard shortcuts. They make us more productive and they give us a warm feeling inside. Tell us about your most-used keyboard shortcut and you could win one of two Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktops.

How To Find The Missing .Com Button In iOS 7

A lot of things got moved around in iOS 7, and one of those things is the shortcut to the .com button on the keyboard when you’re in a web browser like Safari or Chrome. It turns out that sucker was moved to a spot next to the space bar.

How To Change Your Android Keyboard Theme

One of the joys of Android is being able to use different keyboards, but even the standard keyboard has a few tricks up its sleeve. Google Operating System explains how to alter your keyboard theme.

Keyboard Manager Sets Different Keyboards For Portrait And Landscape

Android (rooted and unrooted): If you’ve ever wished you could use a keyboard in landscape mode that is different to the one you use in portrait mode, Keyboard Manager will do just that. The app lets you switch between them whenever your screen orientation changes.

Quickly Unlock Your iPad Using Just An External Keyboard

The iPad is a great little device for writing on the go. But if you walk away and the screen locks, you’re forced to touch the screen to get back to work. Finer Things in Tech points out that you don’t actually have to touch that unlock screen at all if you have a Bluetooth keyboard attached.

Minuum Saves Space On Your Phone With A Tiny, Predictive Keyboard

Part of the problem with smartphones is that the virtual keyboards they all come with take up a lot of screen space. Minuum skirts that problem with a crazy-accurate compressed keyboard.

SwiftKey Adds Cloud Backup And Sync In Case You Reinstall Or Upgrade

Android: SwiftKey unveiled SwiftKey Cloud today, a service that automatically backs up your personal dictionary, predictions and other customisations. This means that you don’t need to train SwiftKey from scratch in the case that you lose your device or get a new phone.

Leave Your Keyboard Feet Folded In For Better Ergonomics

We’ve all seen those little feet that extend out of our keyboards, but did you ever ask what they’re really for? It turns out they’re not there for ergonomics.