keyboard shortcuts

Resize All Of Finder's Columns At Once With A Keyboard Shortcut

Mac: It’s pretty annoying to deal with a multi-columned window and not be able to resize it properly for a good view. There’s a quick way to resize Finder columns in unison, and quickly expand or minimise the view.

Show A File's Path In Spotlight With A Keyboard Shortcut

For some reason, Spotlight in Yosemite doesn’t show you the file path of whatever you’re searching for. If you need it, you can access it by simply tapping the Command key.

Google Calendar Now Works Better With Keyboard Shortcuts

A recent update to Google Calendar (in its web version) means that it now offers permanent links to every page. As Google Operating System points out, this means you can now use the browser back and forward buttons — which makes navigating much faster.

Trigger Yosemite's Dark Mode With A Hidden Keyboard Shortcut

Yosemite’s Dark Mode is a nice way to darken your screen so that it’s easier on your eyes, but you have to dig into the System Preferences to enable or disable it. Redditor abspam3 figured out a way to do that with a keyboard shortcut.

Enter Your Email Address Quickly On Your Phone With The @@ Shortcut

Text expanders (“keyboard shortcuts” in iOS and “personal dictionary” in Android) are great timesavers: tap a few keys, and whole words or phrases are entered instantly Here’s a very efficient shortcut if you have multiple email addresses.

A Beginner's Guide To Automating Your Mac With Keyboard Maestro

Macs have all kinds of useful automation tools, but Keyboard Maestro is easily the most powerful among them. It lets you automate almost any repetitive task you do on your Mac — from opening web pages at a specific time to rating iTunes songs — with just a little bit of set up. Keyboard Maestro is a little overwhelming at first, so let’s get familiar with how it works and make our first macro.

All The Ways You Can Add Special Characters In Google Drive

Need to type a special character (such as a symbol or something from a non-Latin alphabet) in a Google Drive document? Turns out there are several ways to do that.

Quickly Open A USB Drive In Windows With A Keyboard Shortcut

If you need quick access to files on a USB flash drive regularly — or use an application located on one — you can create a keyboard shortcut to save yourself some time.

Cheetyr Is A Searchable Shortcut Cheat Sheet For Designers And Devs

If you’re a regular user of Photoshop, Illustrator or do general web development, you probably find yourself drowning in a flood of keyboard shortcuts. Cheetyr helps make sense of them with a searchable database of keyboard shortcuts for several common apps and services.

A Comprehensive Guide To TextExpander

Text expansion apps are a great way to save time when you find yourself typing the same information repeatedly, but they can do much more than that. One of our favourites is TextExpander on Mac, and it’s a powerful tool once you learn how to use it.