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Add Work Samples To Your LinkedIn Profile For More Exposure

LinkedIn is a great way to show off your professional chops, but with so many online profiles, you want to make sure yours stands out when you’re looking for work. One easy way to do this? Add media to your profile.

The Best Way To Approach The 'What Motivates You?' Interview Question

There are a lot of questions you should expect in an interview, but sometimes the questions are so broad you don’t know how to answer them on the spot. A little self-reflection before your interview can prepare you for one of the most open-ended questions you might run into.

Killer Interview Question: What Would You Do With $10 Million Right Now?

Another addition to the killer interview questions collection: what would you do with $10 million right now?.

Impress Smaller Companies First To Get A Job With The Big One You Want

When you’re first starting out in a career, it can be easy to be overwhelmed with the desire to work for your “dream company”. They’re at the top. But why should they pay attention to you? When you’re in that position, start by targeting smaller companies first.

Four Reasons You Should Stop Feeling Guilty About Leaving Your Job

Well, look at you: after months of quietly exploring new, better career opportunities, you’ve landed a job that makes you giddy just thinking about. You’ve even mustered up the courage to tell your current employer. And just at that moment when you should be on cloud nine, the guilt comes rolling in.

The Skills You Should Have To Be A Successful Remote Worker

Telecommuting or remote work is a highly valuable and desirable working arrangement, but not everyone works well on their own. Zapier points out the five skills or traits that make great remote workers.

Ask LH: Can An Employer Require Me To Have A Driver's Licence?

Dear Lifehacker, I am short-sighted and cannot obtain a driver’s licence. Many ICT-based jobs I am applying for state in their requirements: “must have own vehicle and licence”. Is this discrimination? Can I do anything about it?

The IT Skills You Need To Work At Australia's Best Employers Right Now

Want to use your IT skills at Australia’s best employees? LinkedIn has combed its activity logs and identified the most sought-after companies, and the tech skills they need.

Killer Interview Question: What Will You Hate About This Job?

A particularly tricky addition to the killer interview questions collection: what will you hate about this job?