What To Do When Your Boss Finds Out You're Job Hunting

It’s an awkward scenario that you’ll likely face in your career: you’re looking for a new job and your current boss gets wind of it before you tell them directly. And now you’ve found yourself face-to-face in a closed-door meeting, being asked “So, I hear you’re looking for a new job. Is that true?”

Prepare For A Job Interview By Writing Your Own Recommendation Letter

Job interviews include all sorts of questions and scenarios. Instead of memorising a script, try writing (but not sending) your own letter of recommendation.

Ask LH: How Should I Dress When Applying For Work At A Takeaway Joint?

Hey Lifehacker, Should I wear my formal clothes when applying for a job, even if it’s at a fast food restaurant? Or will that create a negative reaction because I’m “over-dressed”?

Why You May Want To Consider Using Helvetica Typeface For Your Resume

There are a lot of fonts out there you can use for a multitude of projects. When it comes to putting a professional-looking resume together, however, you may want to avoid the overused classics and go with Helvetica instead.

The Best Places To Post Your Resume, Depending On Your Field

Getting your resume noticed is everything, and where you share it makes a huge difference. Uploading your resume to a big job board is a start, but many careers have special sites and communities that can give you a leg up on your competition. Let’s look at some of the best, based on the field you’re in or job you’re looking for.

Prepare For A Bad Job Reference Before It Happens

Nobody’s perfect, and sometimes you leave a job with a bad taste in your manager’s mouth. If you know they’re going to give you a less-than-stellar reference, tackle it head on before it happens.

The Red Flags You Should Look Out For During Your Job Search

Just as companies have to weed out the good candidates from the bad, you need to be able to tell the good companies and positions from the ones that will just waste your time. Here are some red flags in job descriptions and interviews that can warn you about a potentially terrible job.

Killer Interview Question: How Would You Unload A 747 Full Of Jellybeans?

Another addition to the killer interview questions collection: how would you unload a 747 full of jellybeans?

Killer Interview Question: Which Public Figure Embodies Your Personal Values?

Another addition to the killer interview questions collection: which public figure embodies your personal values?