Killer Interview Question: If You Worked In A Restaurant, What Role Would You Take?

Another entry into the deliberately disarming killer interview questions collection: If you worked in a restaurant, what role would you take?

Get Recruiters' Attention With Targeted Facebook Ads

A little creativity can help get the attention of potential employers. Technical marketer Jeremy Rieunier explains how he “hacked” the job hunt using Facebook ads.

Write A Short Biography About Yourself To Kickstart Your Success

It’s always fun to read biographies about other people and learn from their experiences and mistakes. But what about your story? There may be important lessons and insights in the stories we tell about ourselves, and there’s one easy way to find out: write them.

Killer Interview Question: What Is Your Favourite Quote?

Another addition to the career-derailing killer interview questions collection: what is your favourite quote?.

Find Out Why You Didn't Get The Job With These Followup Questions

It’s disheartening when you think you’re the perfect candidate for a job and the interview seemed to go so well, but you didn’t get the job. You could do some digging on who did get the job, but a better way to find out what happened is to ask the employer directly.

The Biggest Salary Negotiation Mistake Is Not Doing It

When it comes to negotiating your salary there are plenty of strategies you can try and pitfalls to avoid. However, the biggest mistake is not doing it at all which, according to, a full 18% of people never do.

Mine A Company's Social Networks To Know What To Wear To An Interview

You want to look put together for a job interview, but what you wear depends on the job, and maybe even the city it’s in. To get a better idea of proper interview attire, check out the company’s social media profiles.

Fill In Job Applications With Your Target Salary, Not Past Salary History

You usually can’t complete an online job application without filling out what you made at each of your past jobs. You don’t have to share your salary history, however, because it’s nobody’s business but yours.

How To Protect Your Career Against Rapid Tech Change

Disruptive technologies are nothing new. From the development of steam power in the early 1800s to today’s digitally-enriched world, the impact of technology on the employment landscape has been substantial. What is new is the speed, extent and unpredictability of modern digital technology-induced disruption, and that this rate of change is dramatically increasing.

This Resume Checklist Helps You Fill Out Your Blank Resume

Anyone who’s ever filled out a resume has probably wondered at least once “What the hell do I put here?” If you’re struggling, this resume checklist can give you the kick start you need.