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What Hiring Managers Wish You Knew About Applying For A Job

Hiring managers play a critical role in deciding which job applicants to interview, the details of the job offer, and whom to hire. So if we should take job search tips from anyone, it’s them.

Ask To Sit In On A Team Meeting Before Accepting A Job Offer

You’re interviewing for a job and you think it’s a good one, but you’re not completely sure. Before you accept the job offer, test out your cultural fit with the company by attending one of their meetings.

Start Dressing Nicer At Work To Keep Your Job Search Secret

Most of the time when you’re looking for a new job, you don’t want your current boss and co-workers to know. If you work in an office where you usually dress casually, though, suddenly coming in wearing a suit might give you away.

Ask LH: Should I Embellish Skills In My LinkedIn Profile?

Dear Lifehacker, I’ve nearly finished my university degree in engineering, so keeping my LinkedIn up to date is of course crucial. But I wonder, how skilled should I be to list a skill on LinkedIn? For example, when it comes to renewable energy, I know more than the average person. But when compared to people working in the industry, I probably don’t not that much! So what shouldn’t I include on my profile?

Ask LH: What Should I Do When My Job Role Doesn't Match The Description?

Hi Lifehacker, What would you do if you are in a particular role in your company (mine is web designer) but you haven’t been assigned enough tasks to improve your skills and experiences? There haven’t been enough design tasks in my role and I’ve ended up doing all sorts of other tasks. I’d like to seek another job but I lack confidence since I haven’t been able to build on my skills here. Any suggestions?

How To Get A Job By Targeting The Companies You Want To Work For

Trying to get a job can make you feel helpless. The best you can do is submit your resume to as many companies as possible, right? Not exactly. In fact, doing your homework on a company beforehand can make you much more likely to get a job.

How Did You Stay Motivated During A Job Loss?

Even when you see it coming, a job loss can be devastating. You go through the emotional process of changing up your routine, and if that’s not enough the hunt for a new job can really take a toll. If you’ve been there, how did you stay motivated?

If Your Job Interview Is Going Too Smoothly, You Probably Won't Get The Job

A common complaint among job seekers: It felt like you nailed the interview, but weeks later you still haven’t heard from the company. Subtle signs during the interview could tip you off that the hiring manager has already decided you’re not the right fit, such as when you’re only asked simple questions.

Killer Interview Question: Give An Example Of An Analytically Difficult Problem You've Solved

This week’s KIQ comes from Laszlo Bock, Google’s senior vice president of people operations. It’s a typical example of the behavioural-based questions the technology giant has begun to embrace in recent years. In other words, no more pointless riddles about filling jumbo jets with golf balls.

Killer Interview Question: What Does My LinkedIn Profile Tell You About Me?

This week’s KIQ comes from LinkedIn’s Managing Director of Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia, Cliff Rosenberg. Rosenberg is a big fan of this interview question — and not just because it’s conveniently on-brand. Rather, it instantly lets him know whether a candidate has done any homework before showing up for the interview.

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