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Beatactive Offers Full 30-Minute Workouts Synced With Great, Upbeat Music

Android/iOS: If you’re a music lover, particularly of the electronic music variety, Beatactive could be a sweet workout companion. Beatactive syncs up upbeat tunes, bodyweight exercises and a DJ who guides you through each workout.

An iPhone User's Guide To Falling In Love With Android Wear

When you buy an Apple product you buy into the ecosystem more than with any other company, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with only what they offer. If you’re a lover of wearables you’d be remiss to overlook Android Wear, even if you’ve chosen iOS as your primary mobile platform.

How To Install And Make Custom Android Wear Watch Faces

If there’s one thing I love about the possibility of wearables, it’s swapping in new watch faces. While many companies either prevent users from making custom watch faces or require some decent coding skills, Android Wear has a few workarounds — and they’re awesome. If you want to make your very own, custom watch face that nobody else has, read on. Even iOS users can do it!

Tell Your iPhone To Notify You When It Connects To Your Car's Bluetooth

iOS: If you’re like me, you head out to run errands only to get back home and realise there’s at least one thing you forgot to do. If you’re an iPhone user, you can set up a location-based reminder that comes in handy for situations like this.

7 Camera Apps Better Than The One On Your Phone

You might not give much thought to the app that snaps all those photos on your phone, but you don’t have to stick with the tool Apple or Google (or Samsung or Sony) gives you — there are some fantastic third-party camera apps out there to help take your mobile photography to the next level.

11 Ways To Make Your iPhone Run Faster

After a few years of heavy usage, most iPhones start to get a bit creaky at day-to-day tasks. They still work, but everything seems to take a bit longer than it should. Thankfully, by employing a few cleanup hacks it’s not too difficult to bring it back up to speed. This video contains 11 surefire tips to make your iPhone run faster.

The Bar Roulette iOS App Makes Bar Hopping Adventures Even Better

iOS: Bar Roulette, the clever service that sends you and your buddies to random top-rated bars in your area, now has a dedicated app for iOS with a new premium service tier and support for Foursquare.

Facebook Messenger Now Has Group Calling

Android/iOS: Starting today you’ll be able to start up group VoIP calls right from the Facebook Messenger app, which pairs up nicely with regular free voice calls already available in the app.

FindMyMacros Finds Nearby Restaurants That Fit Your Eating Plan

iOS/Android: Pancakes, burrito bowls and pizza sound good after a tiring workout, but it can be a challenge to eat out without blowing up your eating plan. FindMyMacros is a mobile app that helps you stay on track by figuring out which foods to eat based on your calorie and macronutrient goals.

Aurora Finds Interesting New Podcasts For You To Enjoy

iOS: There are hundreds of great podcasts, which is why picking the best is tough. That’s where Aurora, a new app dedicated to floating the best and most interesting podcasts, comes in. Each suggestion is curated by real people who have listened to the shows in question before they recommend them.

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