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Malware Targeting Jailbroken iPhones Steals Apple Accounts In Australia

A new family of malware that targets ‘jailbroken’ iOS devices has been discovered and it has already stolen over 225,000 Apple accounts across 18 countries including Australia. Dubbed KeyRaider, it has resulted in anything from abnormal app purchases using stolen Apple accounts to iPhones being held for ransom remotely.

iPhone Owners Can Finally Use WhatsApp In A Web Browser

WhatsApp launched the ability to use its popular messaging app in a web browser in January but iPhone owners were left out in the cold as the feature wasn’t available to iOS users. This has finally changed.

How To Find Out The Real Reception Level Of Your iPhone

The reception bars at the top corner of an iPhone generally tell you how good the signal is to make and receive calls. This only shows five levels so it’s not the most accurate reflection of signal strength. Here’s a simple trick to let you find out the exact level of reception you’re getting on your iPhone.

Google For iOS Adds Always-On 'OK Google' With New Search Possibilities

iOS: Google’s updated the Google app with some new features, including a handy, always-on “OK Google” option that gives you detailed answers from the page you’re on.

Genee Is A Fuss-Free Appointment Scheduler For Google And Outlook Calendar

iOS: Working across multiple devices and software platforms can cause scheduled meetings to fall through the cracks. If this happens to you with painful frequency, you may want to give the free Genee app a look. It automatically coordinates and books all your meetings so you don’t have to.

Fantastical For iPhone Adds A New Drafts Mode

iOS: Fantastical is one of our favourite calendars on iOS and it now boasts a handy new drafts feature. As its name implies, this allows you to save events as drafts so you can dig through your appointments to reference other items. Here’s how it works.

Highball For iPhone Collects And Shares Cocktail Recipes

iPhone: Have a few favourite cocktail recipes that you want to keep on tap for easy access? Highball is an iPhone app that makes collecting and sharing recipes easy.

iOS 8.4 Kills Home Music Sharing

Apple giveth Apple Music, and Apple taketh away. In this case, the MIA feature is Home Sharing for music files to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Toggle Week Numbers In iOS Calendars With This Setting

Unless you’re very particular about your calendar settings, you’ve probably never ventured into the iOS settings menu for your calendar. But OS X Daily points out one handy toggle you may have never noticed: week numbers.

Ask LH: Which Folding Keyboard Should I buy?

Is there a decent folding keyboard out there? I want something that will lie unnoticed in my rucksack or that I can jam in a pocket when heading out to a cafe, but which I can do some serious typing on with my iPhone or iPad when I need to.

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