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Manually Add RSS Feeds To Apple News

It doesn’t really seem like Apple News has taken off nearly as much as Apple likely hoped it would, but if you only visit a handful of web sites, it’s actually a pretty solid RSS reader if you know how to use it right.

Victories Turns Your To-Dos Into Battles, And Being Productive Into Triumph

iOS: Victories is a to-do app that takes every to-do on your list and turns it into a “battle”, where doing it means you win, and putting it off means surrender. As you’re productive, your character levels, and there are stats and a ton of data to mull over while you push your character to progress.

Using Facebook's Mobile Site Instead Of The App Can Save 15% Of iOS Battery Life

It’s no secret that the Facebook app eats up a lot of battery life on iOS and we’ve mentioned plenty of times that iOS and Android users alike should just use the mobile site. If you’ve ever wondered just how much battery life you’ll save by doing so, The Guardian ran some tests.

How Much Data A FaceTime Call Uses

FaceTime’s a great way for iPhone users to make video calls. But have you ever wondered how much data gets eaten up by these electronic tête-à-têtes? The guys from Calling All Geeks ran some numbers and the results may surprise you.

Zoho Showtime Is A Live Web Presentation Tool For Slideshows, Including PowerPoint

If you do a lot of public speaking or presentations in front of people, Zoho Showtime could make your life (and job) easier. Showtime makes it easy to take questions from your audience, let them save slides or go back to see previous ones, and you can control the presentation from your phone.

Lonely Planet's New Mobile Guides Help You Discover Cities Around The Globe

Android/iOS: Lonely Planet is well known for their city guides, designed to help travellers around the globe make the most of their trips, and their new mobile app, Guides, brings all of that great information to your smartphone.

Shryne For iPhone Lets You Download And Archive Your Own Social History

iOS/Mac: Services like Facebook, Instagram and Google Hangouts all have their own archives, but they can be tricky to download and organise, if you can at all. Shryne is an iPhone app (and companion desktop tool) that puts you in control, and lets you download, archive and organise it all.

Free Apps Friday: Dozzzer, Guitar Suite, Maps 8.1

Are you looking to make your smartphone or tablet more useful? Each week, we collect the latest productivity apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone; all of which are 100 per cent free! Here are this week’s highlights.

You Can Now Stream Live Video From Your iPhone On Facebook

iOS: When it comes to live streaming, Periscope’s been the most recent go-to option, but today, Facebook’s getting in on the action. iPhone users will soon be able to start up a live video stream right from their phones that all their friends will see.

Chrome For IOS Is Now As Fast And Stable As Safari

iOS: Way back in the old days of iOS 8, Apple allowed third-party browsers access to a bit of software that allowed them to be just as fast as Safari. Google Chrome has finally taken advantage of that.

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