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Spotify's Daily Mix Playlists Combine Old Favourites And New Artists Into One Playlist

Over the past couple of years, Spotify has introduced its Discover Weekly playlist that aims to find new music and its Release Radar playlist that seeks out new albums from your favourite artists. Today, it’s mashing up the two ideas with a Daily Mix that combines artists you’ve listened to with new stuff.

How To Totally Disable Widgets On The iOS 10 Lock Screen

iOS: iOS 10 is packed with its share of new features, but the lock screen is easily the biggest change. With that comes a new widget screen that has all kinds of potential to mess with your privacy. Here’s how to disable it completely.

ForkIt Turns Healthy Home Cooking Into Video Game Quests

iOS: When people ask me how they can start eating healthy, I usually encourage them to cook at least one or two more homemade meals per week. If they’re not used to cooking, even that is asking a lot. ForkIt makes it more fun (and less daunting) thanks to some gamification elements.

Manual For iOS Can Now Shoot Raw Photos

iOS: Manual is a powerful, well-designed camera app that gives you total control over your photos’ exposure, and with the arrival of iOS 10, Manual 2.0 can now shoot raw DNG photos.

Lower Your iMessage Image Quality To Free Up Space And Bandwidth On Your iPhone

iOS: Messages can take up a lot of space on your iPhone. It’s simple enough to go in and delete old messages (and the photos that came with them) to free up space. However, there’s another option: Lower your image quality and size to begin with.

iPhone Hack Attack Shows Why We Need To Rein In The Spyware Trade Business

Downloading security updates for computers and mobile devices is a regular routine for most of us. But not all of these updates are created equal. Apple’s recent iOS 9.3.5 update (and a related update to parts of OS X) was one of the more significant ones in recent memory. The update fixed three security flaws which, used in combination, could give an attacker full control over an iPhone if a user clicks on a malicious link. Here’s what you need to know.

Set A Default Contact Method In iOS 10 For Easier Access To Numbers

If you have a contact in your phone who has multiple emails or phone numbers, say for work, home, and cell phone, it’s easy to lose track of which number bubbles up to the top when you search for it. How-To Geek points out that you can set up a default number that simplifies this.

White Noise+ Creates A Customisable Mix Of Sleep Sounds

iOS: There is a surprisingly long list of excellent ambient noise apps on the iPhone, but if you’re looking for one that provides a nearly infinite amount of variety, White Noise+ is worth a look.

How To Get The Most Out Of The New Photos App In iOS 10

One of the relatively unsung new features in iOS 10 is a smarter Photos app that wants to make organising photos less of a chore. Generally, it succeeds at this, but some of its best features aren’t evident, or obvious to use. Let’s take a look at how to use the new features.

Is The New AppleCare Worth It?

In the midst of iPhone 7 excitement (Two cameras! Ugly headphones! COURAGE!) Apple also made some much quieter changes to its AppleCare+ program. As of last week, enrolling in AppleCare+ means you can get a broken iPhone screen repaired for $45. But is it worth the money?

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