Lifehacker Pack For iPad 2014: Our List Of The Essential iPad Apps

It took a little while for the apps to come into their own, but we’re at a place now where the iPad has nearly as good of a selection of apps as the iPhone. Now, it’s harder than ever to find apps that are worthwhile. Let us save you some time with this collection of the best iPad apps.

Dealhacker: Get Up To $250 Of Apple Store Credit For Your Old iPhone

Apple’s Reuse and Recycle trade-in program is finally available to Australian customers, starting from today. Depending on the condition it’s in, you can get paid up to $250 in store credit for your previous-generation iOS device. The downside is that you can only use the store credit towards a new iPhone or iPad.

Replace The Glass On Your Broken iPad At Home

A busted screen on your iPad can cost a lot to get fixed, but you can do it at home if you’re up to the challenge. Macworld spoke with Rory Pierce, a certified Apple technician, about the steps you should take when replacing the glass.

Air Stylus Pairs Your iPad And Stylus With Your Computer

iPad/Mac: The iPad is a great little drawing tool, especially when combined with a stylus. If you want to improve on the experience even more, Air Stylus is an app that lets you use your iPad and stylus as a drawing tablet for apps on your Mac.

Parallels Access 2.0 Brings Android Support And iOS File Browser

The updated version of Parallels Access brings the service to Android tablets for the first time, as well as a significant price chop for businesses and private users.

Turn An iPad's LCD Screen Into An Extra Screen For Your Laptop

If you’re looking for some extra screen real estate for your laptop, Ben at weblog build-its has a guide on taking apart an iPad LCD screen and using it as a second monitor.

Launch Center Pro Adds IFTTT Integration, GIF Sharing

iOS: One of the best launchers for iOS, Launch Center Pro, gets a big update today. It now includes IFTTT integration, a new GIF sharing menu and more.

Unread, The Gesture-Based RSS Reader, Is Now On iPad

iPad: Unread is one of the better news readers for iOS because it’s clean, easy to use and actually focuses on the reading aspect. Now, the app is available on the iPad.

Dealhacker: Get Up To 40% Off At Dick Smith This Long Weekend

Dick Smith Electronics is getting in early on the End Of Financial Year sales this long weekend, with up to 40 per cent off select products, including cameras, batteries, computers, iTunes gift cards, A/V equipment and fitness gadgets. Here’s what you can expect to see on special.

How To Get The Play Music iPad App Hidden Inside The iPhone Version

iPad (jailbroken): If you have an iPad and love Google Play Music, you’ve been stuck using the iPhone version of the app for a while. Tucked away inside the iPhone version, however, is a far more tablet-friendly view. Here’s how to enable it with a simple tweak.