How I Ditched My Laptop For An iPad

If you have been thinking about using your iPad as your primary computing device, you’re not alone. Tablet computers have become so powerful and practical that you can almost ditch your desktop and go iPad-only for day-to-day tasks, and with a few useful apps and accessories, you probably won’t miss lugging that computer around. Here’s how I made my tablet into a productivity workhorse.

IFTTT Brings App Automation To iPad, Adds Collections

iOS: If This Then That’s iPhone app is already an easy way to automate all kinds of things on your phone, and now the app is available on the iPad. Alongside the new iPad version also comes a new collections feature and new triggers.

Fantastical Is Now Available For iPad

Fantastical is one of our favourite calendar apps for the iPhone, and today it’s available for the iPad. Like the iPhone version, Fantastical for iPad features a natural language parser so you can easily enter in dates, reminders, alarms and events.

Ask LH: Will Using Office 365 On My iPad And iPhone Use Up Two Licences?

Hey Lifehacker, Following last week’s launch, I’m interested in getting Office 365 for my iPhone and iPad. I already have a 365 Home subscription, and I’m using three of the five licences. Do I need to use the remaining two licences, one for my iPhone and one for my iPad, to get full access to the apps on both devices?

Microsoft Office For iPad: Everything You Need To Know

Microsoft has officially released Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPad users — and the basic apps are free. Here’s what you need to know.

Apple Has Stopped Selling The iPad 2

Well, there goes one cheaper iPad option. Apple has stopped selling the iPad 2.

FiftyThree's Paper Improves Zoom And Ink Tools, Gets Rebuilt For iOS 7

iPad: Paper, the simple but powerful drawing app for the iPad, has been updated with a slew of improvements. This includes a new zoom function, better ink tools and a new iOS 7 design.

Developers Seem To Be Building Too Many iPad Apps

According to Apple, almost half the apps built for iOS are exclusively for iPads — yet those tablets account for just a fraction of sales of the iPhone. What gives?

Outread, The Speed-Reading App For iOS, Is Now Available For iPad

iOS: Outread is a solid speed-reading app that teaches you how to read faster while also helping you get through your backlog of articles to read on Pocket and Instapaper. Now, the app is also available on the iPad.

Apparently, Your Tablet Can Give You Super-Vision

Do you need an excuse to spend even more time on your tablet? Contrary to popular belief, new research suggests that regular tablet exposure can dramatically improve your vision. Using a perceptual learning app four times a week can cause the brain to see at up to three times the distance of a normal observer. Now that’s magic.