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The Best Apps Updated With New iOS 9 Features

iOS 9 doesn’t bring along a ton of new features, but with multitasking, Spotlight Search, and Quick Reply, apps need to get updated before you can use them. Here’s a list of some of the better apps that’ve been updated.

Everything You Need To Know About iOS 9 In Three Minutes

iOS 9 is officially available for download — go get it now! But while it may seem like a minor jump, there’s quite a bit of new stuff in Apple’s new OS. Here’s everything you need to know in only three minutes.

The Best Secret Features Of iOS 9

iOS 9 is here, and like most releases of iOS, sometimes the best features are those that are tucked away. So, while the new Notes app, News app, and other obvious improvements are great, let’s take a look at some of the lesser known stuff.

iOS 9 Actually Makes The iPad Usable For Work

Since the iPad’s launch in 2010, people have debated whether it’s an amazing productivity tool, or a toy for games and movies. With iOS 9 though, the iPad’s usefulness is a bit clearer. Apple brought some much needed productivity features to the device (not to mention a whole new iPad made specifically for work), so I spent a week working from mine to see if it’s actually a pleasant experience or not.

How To Watch Apple's iPhone Event Live

At approximately 3am AEST, Apple will be kicking off a special event where the next iPhone is all but confirmed to make an appearance, along with a new iPad and Apple TV. If you’re a die-hard Apple fan, here are all the ways you can watch the event live. (Step 1: Set your alarm clock!)

The Problem With Kids And Technology

Are toddlers really becoming addicted to technology? There’s certainly a lot of media hype to suggest that they are. And there’s no question the footage of small children breaking down when their tablet is taken away is unsettling.

Lifehacker Pack For iPad 2015: Our List Of The Essential iPad Apps

It took a little while for the apps to come into their own, but we’re at a place now where the iPad has nearly as good of a selection of apps as the iPhone. Now, it’s harder than ever to find apps that are worthwhile. Let us save you some time with this collection of the best iPad apps.

Status Board Goes Free, Adds New Dashboard Panels

Status Board is one of the best dashboard apps out there, and now it’s even better. The new version includes a new UI, multiple boards and new panels.

iOS 8.4 Kills Home Music Sharing

Apple giveth Apple Music, and Apple taketh away. In this case, the MIA feature is Home Sharing for music files to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Ask LH: Which Folding Keyboard Should I buy?

Is there a decent folding keyboard out there? I want something that will lie unnoticed in my rucksack or that I can jam in a pocket when heading out to a cafe, but which I can do some serious typing on with my iPhone or iPad when I need to.

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