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Khan Academy Just Made A Pile Of Children's Games Free On Mobile

The entire Duck Duck Moose collection of kids’ games, with an educational focus, has been made free by the self-learning website and is downloadable now on Android and iOS.

Clean Text For iOS Helps Fix Your Formatting

iOS: One of the annoying things about working with text on your phone or iPad is that properly formatting it can be a bother, especially when you’re copying and pasting between apps and get line breaks where you don’t want them. Clean Text for iOS aims to fix that.

iPhone Notes App Vesper Is Shutting Down, Here's How To Save Your Data

iOS: Vesper was released in 2013, and its claim to fame was that the development team included Apple pundit John Gruber and developer Brent Simmons. While it didn’t offer anything new, it was a solid notes app that a lot of people loved. Now it’s shutting down, and with that news comes a new export feature.

Discord Is The Voice Chat App I've Always Wanted

Discord is a newcomer to the chat scene, but it’s made a big splash. The app provides voice and text chat for groups, with an emphasis on gaming. However, it’s so sweet that I’ve already started using it for everyday chat.

A Guide To Building Your First Mobile App [Infographic]

Most of us have an idea for a mobile app that we just know would sell like hot cakes — if only we knew how to build it. This in-depth guide from Biznessapps walks you through every step of the process; from creating wireframes and storyboards to releasing it into the wild.

Manually Clear Out The Cache In Google Maps For iPhone And Free Up Space

iOS: The offline mode in Google Maps is great, but when you add in the data the app automatically caches and cookies, it can take up a lot of space. Thankfully, OS X Daily reminds us that there’s a way to clear out that cache, it’s just tucked away in a very weird place.

Google Starts Rolling Out Duo, Its Super Simple One-To-One Video Messaging App

Android/iOS: Earlier this year, Google announced a couple of new messaging apps (like it does every year, it seems). One of them is a one-to-one video chat app called Duo. Now, it’s finally rolling out to users.

Castro 2 Is A Podcast Manager That Focuses On Episode-Based Queues

iOS: When it first launched, we were fans of the simplicity of Castro, which was great for people who only listened to a handful of podcasts. Now, with Castro 2, the app rethinks organisation again, this time putting the focus on episodes instead of subscriptions.

Microsoft Merges Its Authenticator Apps Into One, Adds One-Button Approval

Android/iOS: Microsoft has had separate two-factor authenticator apps for its consumer and enterprise users for a while. Now, it’s combining the two into the new Microsoft Authenticator and adding a few new features while they’re at it.

Get A Head Start With Xamarin's Cross-Platform Tools With This Detailed Explainer

So, Xamarin is now bundled with Visual Studio and licensed in such a way that you can use it for whatever you like, but that doesn’t help the budding cross-platform developer get a handle on the “how”. If you’re looking for a head start, Microsoft has an excellent video just for you.

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