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The Three Basic Questions To Ask When Tuning Up Your Investment Portfolio

We’re all for “set and forget” investment portfolios, but keep in mind: That’s not literal. You shouldn’t completely forget about your investment accounts, because every now and then, they need a tune-up. Here are the three questions you should ask when rebalancing your portfolio.

Stop Hitting The Panic Button On Your Investments

Every time you hear that the market’s taking a downward turn, you get the itch to sell your stocks, cash out your investments and hide in a hole, right? Turns out panic almost never helps investments.

10 Things You Should Do Before You Start Investing

People often get excited about the possibility of getting a nice return on their money through investing, so as soon as they have a little bit of cash in hand, they’re ready to invest. They want to make their money work for them, and that’s completely understandable. But not everyone is ready to jump in.

This Is What The Australian Stock Market Looks Like After A Week-Long Pummeling

The Australian market closed with more losses today, ending a bad week for Aussie shareholders. The S&P/ASX 200 index is a market-capitalization weighted and float-adjusted stock market index of Australian stocks listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. This week, the index fell 4.2% and has fallen a whopping 10% since the start of 2016.

The Acorns App Turns Your Loose Change Into Financial Investments

The popular US finance app Acorns is now available in Australia. Like the nut it is named after, the app takes something small — your leftover change — and attempts to grow it into something much bigger. This is achieved by automatically investing the money into a diversified portfolio of exchange traded funds (ETFs) whenever you make an online purchase. Here’s how it works.

Why Holiday Property Investors Should Steer Clear Of Sydney

The Sydney property market is insanely hot right now, and the city attracts a lot of tourists. It doesn’t automatically follow that it’s a good idea to invest in holiday accommodation in Sydney, however.

How To Dodge Mortgage Insurance Fees When Applying For A Home Loan [Infographic]

Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) is a one-off fee payable when borrowing more than 80 per cent of a property’s value. It’s yet another expense that can make life difficult for cash-strapped home buyers; even for a modestly priced property. This “hustler’s guide” from Home Loan Experts outlines the various ways you can reduce — or completely avoid — your LMI fee.

What's The Most Unusual Financial Investment You've Ever Made?

Peter Ray is a private collector of war memorabilia based in Bilpin, NSW. The jewel of his collection is a Matilda II Mk IV infantry tank used by Australian army regiments during World War II. Purchased in 1980 for a mere $700, it currently commands a price tag of more than $400,000. Sometimes, weird investments have a way of paying off.

Stay Prepared For Lucky Breaks With An Opportunity Fund

We’ve always recommended having a good emergency fund set up for when things go wrong. However, not all of life’s surprises are bad. You should also consider setting up a fund for when opportunities find you.

Ask LH: Should I Switch My Superannuation To Lower-Risk Investments?

My superannuation plan is currently set to a high-growth plan, and it has performed quite well this year. What are the signs I should look out for to judge if it is a good time to switch to a safer investment plan and safeguard myself from loss?

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