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Why Holiday Property Investors Should Steer Clear Of Sydney

The Sydney property market is insanely hot right now, and the city attracts a lot of tourists. It doesn’t automatically follow that it’s a good idea to invest in holiday accommodation in Sydney, however.

How To Dodge Mortgage Insurance Fees When Applying For A Home Loan [Infographic]

Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) is a one-off fee payable when borrowing more than 80 per cent of a property’s value. It’s yet another expense that can make life difficult for cash-strapped home buyers; even for a modestly priced property. This “hustler’s guide” from Home Loan Experts outlines the various ways you can reduce — or completely avoid — your LMI fee.

What's The Most Unusual Financial Investment You've Ever Made?

Peter Ray is a private collector of war memorabilia based in Bilpin, NSW. The jewel of his collection is a Matilda II Mk IV infantry tank used by Australian army regiments during World War II. Purchased in 1980 for a mere $700, it currently commands a price tag of more than $400,000. Sometimes, weird investments have a way of paying off.

Stay Prepared For Lucky Breaks With An Opportunity Fund

We’ve always recommended having a good emergency fund set up for when things go wrong. However, not all of life’s surprises are bad. You should also consider setting up a fund for when opportunities find you.

Ask LH: Should I Switch My Superannuation To Lower-Risk Investments?

My superannuation plan is currently set to a high-growth plan, and it has performed quite well this year. What are the signs I should look out for to judge if it is a good time to switch to a safer investment plan and safeguard myself from loss?

Where Are Australia's Cheapest Capital City Houses And Units?

If you live in one of Australia’s major cities (we mostly do), it can seem impossible to find a house or unit that’s affordable and a reasonable distance from the centre. But it can be done. Here are the five most affordable suburbs for houses and units located within 20 kilometres of the CBD in Australia’s capital cities.

House Prices In Australia Still On The Way Down

House prices in Australia only dropped marginally in the last quarter, but the year-on-year picture is a little grimmer. The average decline in house prices between the last quarter of 2011 and the year before was 4.8 per cent, with Brisbane and Adelaide the worst-hit.

Which Suburbs Are Best For Property Investors?

Generous tax concessions and a widespread belief that investing in property is the safest choice mean that owning a rental property is a popular choice for Australians. But where should you buy a house to get the best returns?

How to Turn $450 a Month into $1 Million

If you started investing $448 a month at 30 years old, Yahoo Finance says that a reasonable 8% return would put your savings over the million dollar mark in 35 years. The problem, of course, is finding that extra $450. To help ferret out every quarter in your couch cushions, the article suggests seven different potential expenses that, with slight adjustments, could easily produce the extra cash you need to start down the road to a million.

Mint Tracks Your Investment Portfolio

Mint, the web-based financial management application that took us by storm a few months back, is adding investment tracking to their already impressive feature set. Mint’s investments, currently in beta, tracks everything from the performance of your Roth IRA to the value of your 401k, all from its attractive, easy-to-understand interface. As with Mint in general, you’ll need to be comfortable trusting your data in their hands (if you’re curious, you can read more about their security measures here). Mint investments is currently in private beta, but if you follow the link, they’ve set up a page for Lifehacker readers to sign up. You should get access to Mint’s investments sometime next week, and we’ve been assured that there’s no limits on signups. In the meantime, hit the jump for a closer look at Mint’s investments interface.

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