Do A Trial Run Of Your Video Interview To Make A Good Impression

Video calls allow us to work remotely or interview for jobs in far away locations. But you still need to make a good impression, and US News suggests a trial run before any important video calls to make sure everything — background, ambient noise, even your audio quality — are just right.

Do A Little Corporate Digging To Find Out Why You Didn't Get The Job

If you get a lot of interviews but no job offers or call-backs, it’s natural to wonder where you’re falling short. The folks at US News Money have a few suggestions, but one is particularly interesting: Use your tech savviness to do a little digging on who actually got the job.

The Personality Traits Employers Look For Most In Job Candidates

Your personality and how you fit into a company’s culture could be even more important than the skills you possess. One survey of employers found the top personality traits they look for when hiring — and some of them are ones interviewers can spot as soon as you walk through the door.

The Most Valuable Traits In A Potential Employee, According To Google

Figuring out how to distinguish yourself in a crowded field and land a job is a lifelong career just by itself. If you’re trying to figure out the types of traits that top-tier employers are looking for, you could always ask. Google, at least, seems happy to answer.

The Top 5 Things Hiring Managers Look For On Social Media

The key to landing any job is to present yourself professionally, and these days that includes how you come across online as well. How can you ensure your social media presence helps you score a job?

A Technique For The 'What's Your Greatest Weakness' Question

It’s a job interview festival of suck: What’s your greatest weakness? Although arguably pointless, it’s often asked. In the past, we’ve suggested mentioning an irrelevant skill. Another option? Identify a weakness from the past you’ve overcome and explain how you did that.

Killer Interview Question: What Would Your Previous Boss Change About You?

Another addition to the killer interview questions list to prepare for: what would your previous boss want to change about you?.

What To Ask Yourself Before Accepting A Job Offer You Don't Love

Imagine you’ve just finished interviewing with several employers. Out of all of the interviews, you received one job offer. It wasn’t exactly what you wanted. Do you accept it?

Killer Interview Question: Which Three Words Would Colleagues Use To Describe You?

A double-headed addition the killer interview questions collection: which three words would colleagues use to describe you?. And for an extra twist: which three words would your boss choose?

Killer Interview Question: How Much Money Would You Want To Run This Betting Game?

Another addition to the killer interview questions collection: how much would we have to pay you to run this betting game?