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Career Spotlight: What I Do As A Manufacturing Engineer

When a device works well, you probably put little thought into how it was made, let alone how thousands upon thousands of them were made. There is plenty of public emphasis put on design — but figuring out how to replicate something at scale is an engineering feat unto itself.

Interview Survival Tips: Arm Yourself With Casual Converstion Topics

It’d be nice if we could summon confidence at a moment’s notice, but sometimes that wellspring of courage can be hard to find. Arguably, going to an interview is one of the more important experiences that requires a plentiful supply of conviction. If you’re not the most extroverted of people, here’s some advice that might help.

When Going For A Job Interview, Be Prepared To Ask Questions Too

Successfully navigating a job interview is rarely easy. You’re expected to give informative and honest answers on the spot while simultaneously proving you’re a likeable person who is a good cultural fit for the company. By the time you get to the end, you just want to get the hell out of there and wait hopefully by the phone. Instead, try wrapping up the interview with some intelligent questions of your own — you’d be surprised how much this can help your chances.

If Your Job Interview Is Going Too Smoothly, You Probably Won't Get The Job

A common complaint among job seekers: It felt like you nailed the interview, but weeks later you still haven’t heard from the company. Subtle signs during the interview could tip you off that the hiring manager has already decided you’re not the right fit, such as when you’re only asked simple questions.

Consider A Company's Perks When Answering Questions In A Job Interview

When you have a job interview, research is important. You want to make sure you fully understand the requirements, company background, and salary. The Muse also suggests researching the company’s benefits to get an idea of what their values are.

Career Spotlight: What I Do As A Botanist

Plants are such a ubiquitous aspect of life — its very foundation, really — that you may rarely think about their scientific research. Botany has the potential to bear fruit in so many fields that affect our day to day lives, from medicine to agriculture to environmental sciences.

Killer Interview Question: Give An Example Of An Analytically Difficult Problem You've Solved

This week’s KIQ comes from Laszlo Bock, Google’s senior vice president of people operations. It’s a typical example of the behavioural-based questions the technology giant has begun to embrace in recent years. In other words, no more pointless riddles about filling jumbo jets with golf balls.

Killer Interview Question: What Does My LinkedIn Profile Tell You About Me?

This week’s KIQ comes from LinkedIn’s Managing Director of Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia, Cliff Rosenberg. Rosenberg is a big fan of this interview question — and not just because it’s conveniently on-brand. Rather, it instantly lets him know whether a candidate has done any homework before showing up for the interview.

Killer Interview Question: What Is Your Spirit Animal?

Not all interview questions need to be super serious — in past KIQs we’ve looked at dealing with time bombs, surviving the zombie apocalypse and the best way to unload a jumbo jet full of jellybeans. Here’s a question in a similarly fun vein from HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes.

Being A Generalist Could Make You A Better Employee

It’s often thought that having a precision focused skill set is the way to get ahead, because you can show off how clever you are, but those with a wide spread of skills may make better employees.

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