Killer Interview Question: Which Public Figure Embodies Your Personal Values?

Another addition to the killer interview questions collection: which public figure embodies your personal values?

Ask How To Contribute To The Company's Mission During A Job Interview 

You want to stand out at a job interview. The goal is to show a potential employer that, not only can you get the job done, you’re also the best candidate. One way to assert your work ethic is to ask how your work will contribute to the company’s mission.

How To Keep A Bad Interviewer From Derailing Your Job Chances

Sometimes when you land a job interview, you end up talking with someone who might not be the best interviewer. Whether you get a taciturn interviewer or an inexperienced manager who focuses on the wrong things, knowing how to handle the rogue person on the other side of the table can be essential to landing the job.

Guide A Clueless Interviewer By Asking A Few Key Questions

Some managers are great interviewers…and some are lousy. If you encounter the latter, you might get the job if you ask the interviewer the right questions.

If Your Interviewer Has A Negative Attitude, Don't Copy It

In business and in life, copying someone’s behaviour can build a rapport. In an interview setting, that might work against you if the interviewer is annoyed.

Prepare For A Job Interview By Writing Three Replies To Each Question

Usually, you have a pretty good idea of what questions will be asked in a job interview. In preparing your answers, it helps to write them down. You might also want to have a few different answers on hand.

Killer Interview Question: What's The Most Frustrating Part Of Working Here?

A reverse take on our usual killer interview questions collection, with an interesting query you could throw at a potential boss: What’s the most frustrating part of working here?.

Embrace The Word 'We' In A Job Interview To Show You're A Team Player

In a job interview, you often end up talking about projects you’ve worked on in the past. When describing these projects, using the word “we” can show potential employers that you’re a team player.