Ask Forced-Choice Questions To Tilt Interviews In Your Favour

During a job interview, the recruiter will ask if you have any questions. Use that to your advantage by asking questions which make you seem like the perfect fit for the job.

Dress For Your Interview By Checking The Company's LinkedIn Profiles

When you go to a job interview, you might not be sure how to dress. Check the online profiles of the employees to get an idea about the company’s culture.

Never Say 'I Was Bored' When Quitting A Job

When you resign from a job, it’s tempting to let fly with all the things that sucked about your just-about-to-be-former employer. But resist the urge — and don’t proclaim that you were bored or under-utilised.

Send A 'Pain Letter' To Get Noticed By A Hiring Manager

If you’ve ever applied for a corporate job and had to go through an online application process, you know it can be rather impersonal, and you’ll lose the ability to stand out among applicants. Try sending a letter directly to the hiring manager telling them you understand their challenges.

Killer Interview Question: What's The Most Creative Way To Break A Clock?

Another strange addition to the killer interview questions collection: What’s the most creative way to break a clock?.

Involve Everyone During Group Job Interviews

Sometimes, you’ll find that job interviews consist of multiple members of the company asking you questions. Even if one interviewer does most of the talking, consider asking the quieter interviewer to speak up.

Killer Interview Question: What Has The Most Satisfying Moment In Your Life Been?

A broad but challenging addition to our killer interview questions collection: What has the most satisfying moment in your life been?.

The Best Place To Sit For Every Kind Of Business Meeting [Infographic]

The business world can often feel like a game of musical chairs — sometimes literally. This infographic from furniture website SeatsandStools explains the optimum seating position for a range of business situations: from job interviews to formal lunches. Follow these tips to avoid sitting in it! Sorry.

Learn The Secrets Of Pronoun Usage To Avoid A Bad Boss

The next time your potential supervisor interviews you, listen to the pronouns they use to decode their management style — and avoid a potentially bad boss.

Ask A Question After Connecting With Someone For Better Networking

When you connect with someone at a networking event or online, it’s not always clear what to do next. Ask a question to keep the conversation going.