If Your Interviewer Has A Negative Attitude, Don't Copy It

In business and in life, copying someone’s behaviour can build a rapport. In an interview setting, that might work against you if the interviewer is annoyed.

Prepare For A Job Interview By Writing Three Replies To Each Question

Usually, you have a pretty good idea of what questions will be asked in a job interview. In preparing your answers, it helps to write them down. You might also want to have a few different answers on hand.

Killer Interview Question: What's The Most Frustrating Part Of Working Here?

A reverse take on our usual killer interview questions collection, with an interesting query you could throw at a potential boss: What’s the most frustrating part of working here?.

Embrace The Word 'We' In A Job Interview To Show You're A Team Player

In a job interview, you often end up talking about projects you’ve worked on in the past. When describing these projects, using the word “we” can show potential employers that you’re a team player.

Use Job Interviews As A Chance To Scope Out A Company's Culture

Finding a good company culture can be just as important to your job satisfaction as the work you do. The next time you have a job interview, check out the offices as you walk through to get an idea of what working there might be like.

How To Answer 'Why Do You Want To Work At This Company?'

When you’re preparing for an interview, there are a few questions that you absolutely must know how to answer (like “tell me about yourself”) because they’re common and will guide most of the interview. But “why this company?” might be the trickiest, because it’s not about you.

Killer Interview Question: What Did You Achieve On Your Happiest Day At Work?

Another addition to our killer interview questions collection: What did you achieve on your happiest day at work?.

Answer Interview Questions With The 'Present-Past-Future' Formula

Simple interview questions like “Tell me about yourself” aren’t always easy to answer. Telling a story that mentions the present, past, and future gives hiring managers the information they need to evaluate you.

Killer Interview Question: What Is Your Spiritual Practice?

An unusual addition to the killer interview questions collection: What is your spiritual practice?.

What Hiring Managers Actually Want To Know About You

When an interviewer asks you about yourself, of course they want to learn about your previous experience and qualifications, but that’s only part of it. They’re really trying to gauge a variety of factors when considering you for a job, like how well you’ll fit with the company and more.