Killer Interview Question: List 10 Non-Traditional Uses For Pencils

Another addition to the killer interview questions collection: List 10 non-traditional uses for pencils.

Killer Interview Question: How Many Hours Do You Usually Work A Week -- And Why?

Another addition to the killer interview questions collection: how many hours do you usually work a week — and why?.

Prepare These 15 Stories For Your Next Job Interview

Storytelling is perhaps the best way to present information so it’s memorable and relatable, and it can make you stand out especially in job interviews. Career expert Liz Ryan of Human Workspace drew up this poster to help you arm yourself with stories before your next interview.

Why You Should Always Insist On A Written Job Offer

When you get that call or email offering a new job, your first instinct may be to say yes. You should reconsider and make sure all the details are in writing before you accept that offer.

Look Out For A Hidden Test At Your Next Job Interview

Job interviews, on the surface, seem like a simple exchange of questions and answers. Some employers include hidden tests, though, that can tank your job opportunities if you handle them badly.

How To Ace A Job Interview Over Email Or Skype

As remote working environments become more common, the interview process often involves never meeting your recruiter in person — instead, you’ll do the interview over email or video chat. And because the medium is different from talking face-to-face, you need to adapt and use new strategies to ace that interview and land the job.

Ask To Split The Cost Of Your Next Interview If You Have To Travel

Sometimes you get a potentially great job opportunity, but you have to travel to go to an interview. Consider asking the interviewer to split some of the costs before agreeing to attend.

Muse U Offers Career Training Classes And Resources

When you’re trying to build a career, it can be hard to figure out where to start. Muse U aims to provide a starting point for new and seasoned ladder-climbers alike.

Killer Interview Question: Explain A Database In Three Sentences

A particularly quirky addition to the killer interview questions collection: Explain a database in three sentences to your eight-year-old nephew.

Craft A 'Problem Statement' For Successful Cold Calls

When you have to talk to someone you don’t know about a job, what you say at the start matters. Copywriter and marketer Johnson Kee shares his secret for cold calls: Make the company think about its problems by offering solutions.