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How To Completely Destroy The Internet

Remember when Anonymous threatened to destroy the entire internet? We laughed and ultimately their words were just hacker hubris. But it got us thinking — could someone actually destroy the internet? We did some digging, and guess what: with enough effort, the entire thing can be shattered. Physically. Completely. Here’s how to kill the internet.

Why Did You Cut Pay TV?

Cutting Pay TV has never been easier or more popular than it is now. There are tons of good reasons to stop your subscription: fewer ads, an easier experience, or maybe it’s just cheaper. What’s yours?

Which Internet Service Providers Have The Best (And Worst) Customer Service?

Consumer advocacy group Choice has released results from its Internet Service Provider (ISP) Satisfaction Survey which shows the best – and worst – ISPs when it comes to keeping their customers happy. Here’s the verdict.

62 Popular Myths And Misconceptions That Refuse To Die [Infographic]

As the old adage goes, you shouldn’t believe everything you see — especially on the internet. This infographic from Information Is Beautiful gathers 62 widespread misconceptions, myths and fallacies that the world stubbornly refuses to let go of. How many did you think were true?

Privacy In The Time Of 'Internet Of Things'

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is the new darling of the technology world thanks to our love of being tethered to our electronic devices. Watches, fridges and even dog collars are connected to the internet these days and these devices are generating an unrelenting wave of data. This has inevitably led to some privacy concerns over how the data is collected and used. How is one of the world’s biggest cloud companies dealing with this IoT conundrum? We find out.

MyNetFone Brings Out Internet Plan Specifically For Renters

The number of renters in Australia is increasing as the local housing market makes owning a home a pipe dream for a large number of people. When you don’t have a permanent place to settle down in, procuring a landline internet connection is a pain in the neck with most contracts locking you in for two years lest you want to pay a high premium to use the service. MyNetFone aims to solve this problem by bringing out an broadband plan aimed squarely at renters.

How Do Our Broadband Speeds Compare To The Rest Of The World?

Ask the average Aussie to rank our nation’s internet, and most will give a pretty damning assessment. The general consensus is that we pay too much money and receive slower speeds compared to the rest of the world. (Don’t even get us started on the neutered NBN.) But is our internet really that bad? The following infographic compares global internet quality across a range of categories including speed, cost, censorship and ease of access. Australia’s overall report card might surprise you…

Super Logout Logs You Out Of Dozens Of Services At Once

Logging out of your account when you’re done using a computer other than your own is just good security. If you use multiple accounts and want to simplify the process, Super Logout can log you out of over 30 major services at once.

Telstra's New 4GX Device Will See You Browsing At Up To 600Mbps

Hot on the heels of its 450Mbps Category 9 devices, Telstra is already rushing to outdo itself. The Aussie telco today revealed the world’s first Category 11 mobile hotspot, offering blistering speeds of up to 600mbps.

What Now For The NBN?

This week, Malcolm Turnbull was sworn in as Australia’s 29th Prime Minister, promising an agile, innovative and creative future driven by technology. So what does this mean for our National Broadband Network? We take a look at the chief challenges the new Communications Minister will face in dealing with the NBN.

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