Here Are The Web's Best Error Screen Games

A common pitfall of internet use is clicking on broken links that lead nowhere. Sometimes dodgy coding is to blame, other times the linked-to webpage or subsite has since been removed. Whatever the cause, it can be bloody annoying. Occasionally though, the website in question will take some of the sting out by turning its 404 error page into an interactive experience. Here are 15 of the best; from digital art canvases to full-blown text adventures. (We’ve also included broken links so you can play them yourself.)

Why Disabling IPv6 Won't Speed Up Your Internet Connection

Support for IPv6 is enabled by default in most operating systems, and legend has it that disabling it will increase your internet speed. That’s not really true, and here’s why.

Find Out If You're Getting The NBN Any Time Soon

NBN Co. has published a revised checklist of every community in Australia where the NBN is either up and running or in the process of being built. If you’re still in the dark about NBN services in your suburb, this exhaustive list may provide a modicum of insight. Combines Loads Of Internet Troubleshooting Tools Into One Web Page

Web: When you are trying to troubleshoot internet connection issues, knowledge is power. consolidates 21 different tests on one handy page.

Which Australian State Has The Most Internet Users?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released its Household Use of Information Technology report for 2012-13. There’s oodles of interesting data in the latest issue, including which Australian state/territory has the highest percentage of internet-connected households. (The answer might surprise you.)

Have Your Kids Sign An Internet Contract

Letting your kids be on the internet can be scary. You can keep an eye on what they’re up to and there are ways to help keep them relatively safe online. However, you might also want to take a page from schools that provide internet access and have kids sign an appropriate-use contract too.

There's A 50%+ Chance Your Workplace Internet Comes From Telstra

Telstra dominates when it comes to broadband for individual users, but does it have the same degree of dominance for workplace connections? The answer, according to Roy Morgan Research, is “yes”, but by a smaller margin that varies depending on industry.

Are You A Good Digital Citizen?

The federal government has released a new “industry backed” guide to help us get more from and encourage positive use of the Internet. While there is some government-created material, it also pulls together resources from a number of sources. For example, “The Line” is a blog-style resource with contributions from Sydney Boys high School and Money Smart.

iiNet and Adam Internet Revamp Fetch Service

iiNet and Adam Internet have announced a facelift to their Fetch service which includes access to new channels such as Disney and the sports related ESPN which includes NBA, NFL, NASCAR, Poker and Major League Baseball.

Top 10 Ways To Deal With A Slow Internet Connection

Sometimes, slow internet is the universe’s way of telling you to go play outside — and sometimes it feels like a cruel joke to destroy your productivity. Here are 10 ways to troubleshoot, fix or just survive a slow internet connection.