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The Impact Of A Slow Website On Your Business Is Worse Than You Think [Infographic]

A sluggish or unresponsive website might be a “first world problem” — but it’s one that web users take very seriously. If your company relies on online commerce, speed and reliability are absolutely imperative — a slightly slower load time can result in customers taking their business elsewhere, never to return. This infographic looks at the different ways a slow website can burn a hole in your pocket.

Monitor The Consistency Of Your Broadband Speeds With A Raspberry Pi And IFTTT

We all know you can pop over to a site like Speedtest to check your internet speeds, but most of us only bother when there’s a perceivable problem. If you want to create an actual database of your speeds throughout the day, Make shows off a logging system that uses a Raspberry Pi and If This Then That.

This Graph Shows Just How Dead Print Media Is

The Australian media industry relies primarily on advertising dollars to stay afloat. This is bad news for traditional/print media platforms, which have seen their ad spend plummet dramatically over the past few years — and it’s only going to get worse. This graph from investment banking firm Morgan Stanley paints an extremely grim forecast for print’s future.

The Godfather Of Interactive Computing: J. C. R. 'Lick' Licklider

The American computer pioneer often known simply as “Lick” imagined many of the concepts that are now core to the way we use and interact with technology. He provided both ideas and funding for graphical computing, point-and-click interfaces, digital libraries and banking or shopping online. From IBM to the US military’s advanced research agency (DARPA) and MIT, his vision in the 1960s ultimately inspired the Internet and even parts of Unix. Here’s what you may not know about J.C.R Licklider, pioneer of cybernetics, psychoacoustics and artificial intelligence.

The Science Of Internet Trolls, Explained In A Simple Video

Everyone on planet Earth, and likely a few aliens by this point, have encountered some rage-inducing internet user that gets off on making you mad. This video explains what makes them tick.

The Cyber Security Issues You Should Be Watching For In 2016 [Infographic]

With our increasingly digital lives, security is something that everyone should be thinking about. Malicious mobile apps in particular are on the rise, along with compromised cloud data accounts. But being aware of the issues is the first step to protect yourself.

Malcolm's Mess: How The Coalition's NBN Came Unstuck

It’s been a tough few weeks for the Prime Minister’s record on the national broadband network (NBN), though you might have missed it amid all the talk about “innovation” and “the ideas boom”. Back in April 2013, then shadow communications minister Malcolm Turnbull unveiled a plan to bury Labor’s fibre-to-the-premise (FTTP) NBN with a three-word slogan: Fast. Affordable. Sooner.

This Site Teaches You To Prepare For And Deal With Online Harassment

The internet is one of the world’s greatest inventions. It’s also sometimes used by some real jerks to do some pretty crappy stuff. If you’ve ever had to deal with online harassment, or are just worried you might, Speak Up & Stay Safe(r) teaches the basics of dealing with jerks online.

This Is How Mundane Events Turn Into Overblown Controversies

Everyone is so angry these days, right? Not necessarily. While there are plenty of legitimate things to be angry about, here’s how sites can turn a relatively mundane event into a “controversy” everyone comments on.

How To Completely Destroy The Internet

Remember when Anonymous threatened to destroy the entire internet? We laughed and ultimately their words were just hacker hubris. But it got us thinking — could someone actually destroy the internet? We did some digging, and guess what: with enough effort, the entire thing can be shattered. Physically. Completely. Here’s how to kill the internet.

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