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Read At 400 Words Per Minute In Your Browser With Squirt

If you’re a slow reader, then reaching 400 words per minute or more might seem like an impossible task. That’s not taking into considering reading comprehension — what good is being fast if you’re not absorbing anything? One way to improve your abilities is computer-assisted speed reading, something you can get right now in your browser with a bookmarklet called “Squirt”.

No Browser Left Standing At This Year's Pwn2Own Hacking Contest

All three major browsers — Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox — fell to hackers at this year’s Pwn2Own, held late last week in Vancouver. And it wasn’t just Microsoft, Google and Mozilla who were left on the battlefield, with Adobe’s Flash and Reader products also failing to hold up against attacks.

Web Browser Battery Usage Compared

Window weblog 7Tutorials has done another round of its web browser battery usage tests. The results are pretty much the same as usual: Internet Explorer keeps your computer running longer.

Get Free VM Images For Internet Explorer Testing

Compatibility testing for older versions of Internet Explorer can be a nuisance, and doubly so if you’re on a non-Windows platform. Handily, Microsoft provides free virtual machine (VM) images of Windows running specific IE versions that you can use in your hypervisor of choice, and the recent addition of IE 11 to the set seems a good reason to revisit that option.

Why IE And Google Apps Won't Play Nice

Using Google Apps in your enterprise? If you’re running Internet Explorer as the main corporate browser, then you’re potentially in for a world of pain if you are running IE9 or earlier.

LastPass Updates With A New Design And Shared Passwords

Windows/Mac/Linux/Android/iOS: Password management tool LastPass updated to version 3.0 today. It includes a new design and layout that makes it easier to use, new mobile apps, and support for shared passwords among family members.

Getting Rid Of Internet Explorer 11 In Windows 7, 8 And 8.1

You’re using Windows 7 or later and happy with Chrome, Firefox or one of several other browsers and while Internet Explorer doesn’t get in the way, just knowing it’s sitting on your hard drive, consuming space, is driving you up the wall. Don’t fret — here’s how you can quickly pluck it from your operating system.

Hardware Acceleration Is Causing Visual Issues In Internet Explorer

Most browsers now support hardware acceleration, improving rendering performance and generally providing a snappier experience. Unfortunately for the more recent versions of Internet Explorer, this functionality is still being tweaked. If you’re experiencing flickering elements, black areas and other oddities, the solution could be as easy as disabling hardware acceleration.

AdBlock Plus Available For Internet Explorer

AdBlock Plus, the most popular ad-blocking extension around, is now available for Internet Explorer. It’s still in the experimental stages, but it works quite well.

PowerInbox Adds Your Social Network Feeds To Your Email Sidebar

Social networks have a nasty habit of yanking you out of what you’re doing. PowerInbox lets you keep up with what’s happening without leaving your email tab.