This Graphic Shows You How To Hang Pictures On Any Surface

Pictures can really brighten up a dull wall, but hanging them can be a challenge. It’s more than making sure the picture isn’t crooked, though. This graphic shows you how to hang anything on different types of walls.

Learn Proper Global Dining Etiquette With This Chart

Whether you’re abroad, or going out to a foreign restaurant locally, you need to be sensitive to the dining etiquette of the culture. This chart gives you a broad overview of table manners around the world.

Learn The Proper Uses Of Kitchen Knives With This Handy Graphic

Most of us have a knife block in our kitchen, but not everyone has the knowledge of a master chef. This graphic explains the proper use of each type of kitchen knife, along with a few useful tips.

This Flowchart Explains The Severity Of Different Types Of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a serious offence, but it can sometimes be hard to determine if you’ve actually plagiarised or not. This flow chart helps you determine if you’ve plagiarised, and explains the severity of each type of violation.

Make Your Own Nut Milk And Nut Butters With This Visual Guide

Nut milks and butters are great as dairy alternatives, but are expensive in the stores. Fortunately, Making these foods at home is easy. This chart gives you all the recipes for major nuts.

Know Some Unique Alcohol Drinking Customs With This Infographic

The next time you have friends over for drinks, you might show off a few new customs. Some of them might leave you scratching your head a bit, but this graphic tells you 25 different drinking customs around the world.

Choose The Right Mattress For Your Sex Style With This Guide

Not all mattresses are made equal. Likewise, not everyone has sex the same way. If you’re wondering whether a particular mattress can handle how you conduct your business, sleep blog Sleep Like the Dead has your back.

This Graphic Shows How To Remove Embarrassing Photos From Social Media

Even if you think you’re sharing or storing photos privately online, there’s always a chance that your pictures could inadvertently get into the wrong hands. Here’s how to completely remove photos you don’t want shared from Facebook, Google, Instagram and Twitter.

Know Which Countries Guarantee Drinkable Tap Water With This Graphic

You need drinking water no matter where you go, but not all parts of the world can always guarantee clean, safe tap water. This handy guide shows you where drinking from the tap is OK, and where you’re better off doing further research on the subject.

The Proper Way To Slice And Portion Different Types Of Cheese

If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it properly. Whether it’s for a party platter, a light snack, or as a luscious wine companion, this handy chart shows how to properly slice a bunch of different types of cheese.