Hang These Graphics On Your Fridge To Never Waste Food Again

Every year, people waste lots of food — a serious and saddening issue. If you sometimes throw out food because they have spoiled, these printables can help.

This Infographic Teaches You How To Grow Dozens Of Vegetables

Since the dawn of civilisation, humanity has been growing food to stave off hunger. While most of us go to a store for this now, growing your own food can be as rewarding as it is delicious. If you’re not sure where to start, this chart will give you all the essential info.

Make Cut Flowers Last Longer With Hairspray

Sure, hairspray does a fine job of keeping hair in place. But did you know hairspray can also preserve fresh flowers and keep them from wilting?

How To Operate An Excavator

It should go without saying that something as serious as an excavator isn;t to be taken lightly. Here’s how you should approach operating one.

The Foods That Cool Your Mouth After Eating Something Spicy

So you misjudged that curry and now your mouth is on fire — what to do? You probably know that milk will stop the burning, but you have other options too. This infographic makes a handy guide.

Genes Change Your Risk For Disease, But They Aren't Necessarily Destiny

It’s easy to fall into the trap of talking about “the gene for” a disease, but the truth is that a lot of diseases are influenced both by genetics and by other factors in your life. This infographic from Mosaic explains what that means.

Keep Loose On Long Flights With These Simple Plane Exercises

Long haul flights can be really tough on you if you don’t approach them the right way. To keep your cramped body from getting too stiff at 10,000m, this graphic has seven exercises you can do on the plane to loosen up.

This Infographic Shows How To Care For Every Type Of Clothing Fabric

Washing your clothes according to fabric rather than colour can not only save you money, it could make laundering your clothes more efficient. Here’s a guide to washing and ironing various fabric types.

This Cheat Sheet Shows The Best Egg Substitutes For Baking

Whether you’re vegan, have an egg allergy, or are simply out of eggs, there are plenty of situations in which you might be looking to swap eggs for something else while baking. While sifting through the Internet (pun intended), we discovered a handy infographic worth bookmarking for those occasions.

This Infographic Tells You How Often To Clean Household Items

Some household items should be cleaned more frequently than others. If you have trouble keeping up with how often to clean stuff around your house, this basic, room-by-room infographic can help.