This Graphic Explains All The Health Hazards Of Sitting For Too Long

By now, you already know that prolonged sitting is bad for your body. But what exactly goes on when you sit for hours every day? This graphic from the Washington Post explains.

This Interactive Guide Shows 100 Ways To Do Pushups With Video

You might think pushups are relatively straightforward. You would be wrong. There are at least a hundred different ways to do pushups, and this graphic shows you all of them. You can even click on them to get a YouTube demonstration of how to do each one.

This Graphic Is Everything You Need To Know About Gym Etiquette

Working out at a gym is good for you, but you share that space with other people. Even if you’ve learned how to use the equipment, you may not have learned how to be considerate of everyone else there to exercise too. This graphic breaks it all down nicely.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts For Your Favourite Services With This Huge List

Keyboard shortcuts rock. Beyond the well-known ones for Windows, Mac and Gmail, there are a lot of other shortcuts available in popular services like Evernote and Pocket. Buffer has compiled a master list of over 111 useful shortcuts.

The Best Serving Temperatures For Wine (And How To Chill It Quickly)

There’s no hard and fast rule that says what temperature your wine is best served at, so you should go with your taste preferences, but most of us like our wines at least a bit chilled. This infographic from our friends at VinePair will help you pick the right temperatures, and chill your bottles as quickly as possible.

This Infographic Shows What You Can (And Can't) Turn Into Compost

Composting is a great way of turning trash into treasure, but you may have trouble getting started. Fix has a handy infographic that tells you everything you need to know about composting.

This Graphic Is A Rough Guide To Bad (Or Badly Reported) Science

Science is amazing, but science reporting can be confusing at times and misleading at worst. The folks at Compound Interest put together this reference graphic that will help you qualify the impact of the study you’re reading.

This Graphic Walks You Through The Four-Minute Workout

We’ve mentioned how for people who are already active, a four-minute workout can go a long way towards keeping you active and in good condition. If you can’t remember what that workout entails, this graphic walks you through the exercises and how long to do each one.

iOS Vs Android: Which Platform Has Better Tablet Support?

Android and iOS both have mature app stores when it comes to phones. Support for tablets, however, are still evolving. We decided to take a look at how far tablet support on both platforms have come over the last three to four years of development.

Novel Ways To Order Coffee Overseas

Any Australian who has travelled knows that you can confuse most baristas by ordering that Aussie classic, the flat white. This infographic rounds up unusual coffee options from countries around the world.