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A Guide To Glasses And Frame Measurements [Infographic]

Whether you’re on your first pair of glasses or your tenth, you may still be put off by phrases like “temple arms” and “lens height,” especially if you’re interested in shopping for your own frames. This visual guide shows you what all those terms mean so you can buy confidently.

How To Prevent Common Running Injuries [Infographic]

You probably don’t think of running as a dangerous exercise, but it’s an intense activity and injuries are common, especially for beginners who push themselves too hard. This graphic from Strength Running shows how you can prevent running injuries.

Electricity Plug Types In Each Country Explained [Infographic]

When you travel internationally, you should always throw a plug adaptor into your bag. This graphic is a quick reference to common plug types and the countries in which they’re used. This way you’ll know which type of adaptor to pack for your trip.

How To Find Rare And Legendary Monsters In Pokemon GO [Infographic]

Pokemon GO fever might have died down a little, but it still remains the world’s most popular and profitable mobile gaming app by a significant margin. If you’re still trying to collect ’em all, this infographic provides some handy hunting tips for the rarest pocket monsters of the bunch.

The Basics Of Design Thought Process Explained In Five Steps [Infographic]

Creative design is a complex process that can be applied from everything to making products to creating company logos. If you’re struggling with where to start, this graphic outlines the five basic steps.

The Cultural History Of Beardy Men [Infographic]

Beards are so hot right now. But just like an outdated movie catch phrase, their time in the sun usually wanes. Throughout the centuries, the concept of facial hair as a fashion statement has rose and fallen in hirsute waves; dropping out of favour one decade and bristling back into prominence the next. This infographic charts the fascinating history and cultural/religious significance of the beard — from 3100 BC to the present day.

Improve Your Hirability With These Quick Resume Fixes [Infographic]

According to numerous studies, the average job recruiter spends less than ten seconds perusing a resume before moving onto the next candidate. If you don’t grab their attention in those fleeting moments, the job opportunity is gone. If you never seem to get a callback, it probably means your resume needs some work. Thankfully, there are a number of quick fixes you can employ to help it stand out. This infographic breaks down what you need to know.

Here's How Many Australian Premises Will Be Getting FTTP By 2020

nbn has released its Corporate Plan for 2017-2010. If the government-owned corporation can be believed, the national broadband network is on track to connect 8 million active end users by 2020. But how many of these will be fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) compared to fibre-to-the-node (FTTN), hybrid fibre co-axial (HFC) and fixed wireless/satellite? This chart breaks down the numbers, along with how much each technology actually costs.

Here's Everything That Happens To Your Gut After Eating A Big Mac [Infographic]

Are you planning to head to McDonald’s for a cheeky Big Mac for Burger Day? You might want to run your eyes over this infographic first — it explains all the ways an Aussie Big Mac affects your body one hour after scoffing it down. (Surprise, surprise: It turns out they aren’t particularly good for you.)

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