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Burn an XP Service Pack 3 CD

Before you head to Aunt Martha’s house to do tech support over her dial-up connection, save yourself hours and burn a Service Pack 3 disc before you go. The gHacks blog offers direct links to SP3 burn-ready ISO’s and EXE’s in several languages. (Here’s English.)

Puppy Linux 4.0 Released

Puppy Linux 4.0 has been released, and the update to the popular Linux on a thumb drive distribution adds scanner and digital camera support and new applications like ePDFView, Pschedule, Pcdripper, and Pburn. See what happened when we took Puppy Linux (3.0) for a walk. [via]

Your Co-workers' Kids Help You Get Things Done

Developer David Heinemeier Hansson says he loves working with family people, because when there’s a daily deadline—like his co-workers having to get home to their kids—people’s jobs get done during the workday, period. [via]

TV vs. Net

A Nielsen Online study has found that Australians now spend more time online than watching TV. We spend an average of 13.7 hours per week web surfing, and 13.3 hours per week in front of the TV. Does that fit with your net and TV habits? The silly thing is I bet it doesn’t take into account people watching downloaded shows on their computers or streamed to their TV. My question is – how do people find 13.3 hours of TV worth watching each week? :)[via Laurel Papworth]

VMware Releases Fusion 2.0 Beta 1

VMware makes the first beta of Fusion 2.0 available to download and try for free. The next generation Windows-on-Mac virtualization software includes support for multiple displays (up to 10!), better printer drivers, networking, and USB support, and improvements to Unity (which runs Windows applications integrated within OS X). The beta is a free download for brave testers only—here are the release notes.

iPhone goes to Vodafone

News just in from Australian Macworld – Vodafone has announced it will be bringing Apple’s iPhone to Australia. Mixed feelings – at least it’s not Telstra, but couldn’t Apple have gone with a network that supplies, you know, decent network coverage? :) 

Moon Talk

Here’s some fun for the starry-eyed amongst us –  NASA has invited people to submit their names to be transported to the Moon onboard the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Visit the website to add your name, and you can print out a certificate of participation. Nice one for the kids. [via]

How to Charge Your Gadgets Around the World

The Wired How-To wiki offers a complete guide to staying plugged in while you globe-trot, pointing out this especially bookmark-worthy world electriciy guide, an index to plugs and voltages for dozens of countries around the world.

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