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Google Analytics Opt-Out Extension Keeps Your Data Out Of Google's Tracking Service

Firefox/Chrome/Internet Explorer: With a browser extension, users can control their privacy and stop their data from being sent to Google Analytics, a Google service which monitors and tracks traffic and visitor data for websites.

Firefox 3 The Most Popular Browser In Europe

According to web analytics firm StatCounter, Firefox 3 has ousted Internet Explorer 7 as the most used web browser use in Europe. Good news, but it’s not exactly as rosy as it sounds: Bookmarks Plug-In Now Available for Internet Explorer

Windows/Internet Explorer only: Yahoo has released a beta version of their browser plug-in for social bookmarking tool for Internet Explorer. It’ll look pretty familiar to anyone who’s used their Bookmarks Firefox add-on (original post), with toolbar buttons for quick bookmarking and tag browsing, and complete integration and syncing with local bookmarks. It’s still faster and more convenient than heading to or utilising tag-required bookmarklets, however. The add-on runs on Internet Explorer 6, 7, and even the IE8 beta on Windows XP and Vista.

Keep IE7 Removable

Microsoft warns Internet Explorer 6 stragglers users that upgrading to Service Pack 3 with IE7 installed eliminates the ability to uninstall IE7, so wait until after SP3 installs to put it on. (Phew.) [via]

IE7 Drops Windows Validation

Microsoft removed the Windows Genuine Advantage validation requirement from Internet Explorer 7 late last week and re-released it as a “High Priority” update. It might just be a move to increase IE7’s share of the browser market, but those trying to run the browser on virtual machines, or side-by-side with IE 6, might avoid a few headaches. Those unhappy with the unexpected upgrade can still remove IE7 in the Control Panel through “Add/Remove Programs.”

IEBlog [via Slashdot]

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