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Windows 8 And Internet Explorer 8, 9, And 10 Are No Longer Supported, Upgrade Now

It’s the end of the line for Windows 8.0 and Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10. With Microsoft pulling support on them today, it’s upgrade-or-get-hacked time.

Microsoft Edge Has One Big Disadvantage In The Browser Wars

Microsoft Edge, the new browser Microsoft is rolling out for Windows 10, has generally been well-received. But there’s a simple reason why it will take a long time before it really competes with its browser rivals.

Internet Explorer Adds Separate Developer Channel Release

Chrome has its canary channel and Firefox has its nightly builds. Now Internet Explorer is joining the frequent updater trend, with a new Developer Channel that will run separately to the mainstream IE release.

Get Free VM Images For Internet Explorer Testing

Compatibility testing for older versions of Internet Explorer can be a nuisance, and doubly so if you’re on a non-Windows platform. Handily, Microsoft provides free virtual machine (VM) images of Windows running specific IE versions that you can use in your hypervisor of choice, and the recent addition of IE 11 to the set seems a good reason to revisit that option.

Why IE And Google Apps Won't Play Nice

Using Google Apps in your enterprise? If you’re running Internet Explorer as the main corporate browser, then you’re potentially in for a world of pain if you are running IE9 or earlier.

This Easter Egg Recreates Hover For Windows 95

Hover was originally included as a bonus game on the CD-ROM version of Windows 95. Microsoft has recreated it as an updated online game to demonstrate the capabilities of Internet Explorer 11 — but that game also includes a hidden Easter Egg that recreates the Windows 95 version.

Google Retiring Its Internet Explorer Plug-In

For companies forced to use older versions of Internet Explorer to access badly-written online apps, the Chrome frame plug-in, which modernised older versions of IE, was a handy option. However, that option won’t be available much longer: Google is retiring the product in January 2014.

This HTML5 Bug Lets Web Sites Fill Your Hard Drive (With Cat Pictures)

HTML5 lets code run in your browser. Code often wants to store data. A student developer has demonstrated how a poor implementation of one small part of the HTML5 standard means it is quite easy to build a site that fills your hard drive while displaying pictures of cats.

Team Foundation Server Drops Support For IE8

Having to ensure that your code works across multiple browsers is often a painful task, especially when you’re trying to deal with older versions of Internet Explorer that have survived everyone’s best attempts to force users to upgrade. But take heart: even Microsoft eventually gives up on supporting older versions of IE with its own products, as a recent update to its software lifecycle management product Team Foundation Server makes clear.

modern.IE Tests Your Sites For Internet Explorer Compatibility

Internet Explorer remains a widely-used browser, but testing for compatibility can be a pain if you’re on a non-Windows machine or prefer to stay inside another browser. The recently-launched modern.IE site helps test sites for IE compatibility, letting you enter any site address and receive suggestions on how to ensure it renders in IE.

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