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Google Blocks Background Flash Content In Chrome

The slow death of Adobe Flash marches on. Google has announced it will be blocking non-essential Flash content that runs in the background of webpages in September. Mozilla has already started doing this with its Firefox browser this month. Here’s what you need to know.

Learn HTML5 Basics With This Epic Cheat Sheet

HTML5 is a markup language that is now at the heart of the development process of most websites and web applications. Here’s a HTML5 cheat sheet that will certainly come in handy for beginners as well as seasoned veterans.

Users Frequently Can't Tell If They're Using A Native App Or HTML5

There has been much hand-wringing about the merits of using HTML5 versus building native apps for mobile device. Whatever the technical arguments, it’s important not to lose sight of one key fact: many end users can’t tell the difference.

Mobile Apps Still Beat Mobile Sites: Gartner

There’s no doubt that building a functional mobile site avoids the pain of having to build specific apps for multiple phone platforms. The big problem? End users would still much rather have an app.

Why The War Between Native And Web Apps Is A Myth

Want to develop for mobile? Conventional wisdom holds that you have two basic choices: a native app (works well but needs lots of resources) and web apps (work everywhere but can’t use platform features). The reality is less elegant.

Five Myths About HTML5 You Shouldn't Believe

HTML5 is essential for developing modern web sites and frequently touted as a future path for mobile app development, but its reputation is often clouded by hype. Here are five myths about HTML5 you shouldn’t believe.

Intel's New Developer Kit Can Build Android And Windows Apps

Much of the news from the annual Mobile World Congress gathering in Barcelona concentrates on shiny new devices, but there’s also plenty happening in the developer space. Intel used the event to launch its new Integrated Native Developer Experience (INDE), which aims to make it possible to build Android and Windows apps using the same broad code base.

All Mozilla Wants For Christmas Is For You To Make A HTML5/WebGL Game

Christmas is usually a busy time, but if you think you’ll have a fair chunk of unproductive days to spare and think you’re a gun at making games in HTML5, you could try to put something together for Mozilla’s game dev competition. Don’t worry, prizes are involved and some decent ones at that.

This Easter Egg Recreates Hover For Windows 95

Hover was originally included as a bonus game on the CD-ROM version of Windows 95. Microsoft has recreated it as an updated online game to demonstrate the capabilities of Internet Explorer 11 — but that game also includes a hidden Easter Egg that recreates the Windows 95 version.

Aussie Developers: Android And iOS Neck-And-Neck

Which mobile platforms do Aussie developers favour? A survey of 221 Australian developers by Embarcadero Technologies suggests iOS is retaining its edge despite the rapid growth of Android. Plus: one factor causing HTML5 development to stall.

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