Intel's New Developer Kit Can Build Android And Windows Apps

Much of the news from the annual Mobile World Congress gathering in Barcelona concentrates on shiny new devices, but there’s also plenty happening in the developer space. Intel used the event to launch its new Integrated Native Developer Experience (INDE), which aims to make it possible to build Android and Windows apps using the same broad code base.

All Mozilla Wants For Christmas Is For You To Make A HTML5/WebGL Game

Christmas is usually a busy time, but if you think you’ll have a fair chunk of unproductive days to spare and think you’re a gun at making games in HTML5, you could try to put something together for Mozilla’s game dev competition. Don’t worry, prizes are involved and some decent ones at that.

This Easter Egg Recreates Hover For Windows 95

Hover was originally included as a bonus game on the CD-ROM version of Windows 95. Microsoft has recreated it as an updated online game to demonstrate the capabilities of Internet Explorer 11 — but that game also includes a hidden Easter Egg that recreates the Windows 95 version.

Aussie Developers: Android And iOS Neck-And-Neck

Which mobile platforms do Aussie developers favour? A survey of 221 Australian developers by Embarcadero Technologies suggests iOS is retaining its edge despite the rapid growth of Android. Plus: one factor causing HTML5 development to stall.

Amazon App Store Now Sells HTML5 Apps

HTML5 is often touted as the best alternative to developing platform-specific apps, but options for selling HTML5-based apps are somewhat thin on the ground. Amazon is looking to change that by adding the option for developers to sell HTML5 apps via its app store.

Ask LH: What's The Best Way To Stream TV To My Android Device?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m now so reliant on my mobile devices that I only rarely use my laptop. It is far more convenient to use the phone or tablet to look up something. But one challenge I’ve encountered is viewing TV show episodes on an Android device. The problem is that they virtually all use Flash. Is there an elegant solution that would work for all channels without installing channel-specific applications? Thanks, Eager Viewer

Under The Hood Of Google's Cube Slam Game

Google’s latest ‘Chrome experiment’ is Cube Slam, a two-player online game which incorporates video chat. As well as being a massive potential distraction, it’s also a neat demonstration of the WebRTC standard being used for real-time communication in an HTML5 environment.

This Train Map Is Not An Image, Just Pure Code

This version of London’s iconic tube map looks just like the official PDF of the transport network. In fact, it is created entirely from HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The Awesome New Technology That You'll See On The Web This Year

The web becomes more and more capable each day, finding ways to replace what you do on your desktop. In the very near future you’ll talk to your web apps, enjoy complex animation without the drain of Flash, and maybe even plug in your guitar. These features and more already exist, and they’re coming to the broad internet this year.

This HTML5 Bug Lets Web Sites Fill Your Hard Drive (With Cat Pictures)

HTML5 lets code run in your browser. Code often wants to store data. A student developer has demonstrated how a poor implementation of one small part of the HTML5 standard means it is quite easy to build a site that fills your hard drive while displaying pictures of cats.