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I'm Belle Beth Cooper, Writer And Entrepreneur, And This Is How I Work

If you peruse technology publications that occasionally dip their toes into our life hacking end of the pool, you’ll likely seen the work of Belle Beth Cooper. Her writing can be found all over the web; she has a lucid voice in describing self-improvement, coding, and the pursuit of writing itself.

I'm Jane McGonigal, Game Designer And Author, And This Is How I Work

Jane McGonigal is a game designer — but she isn’t exactly working on the next Mario. Rather, she brings an academic perspective to gaming and looks at how games can improve our lives and solve real problems.

I'm John Scalzi And This Is How I Work

John Scalzi is a Hugo award-winning author of science fiction. He’s also an occasional columnist, a regular (and often hilarious) blogger, an active Tweeter, television consultant, and more. And when people mention Scalzi’s name, it’s usually followed by “how does he write so much?”

I'm Linus Sebastian Of LinusTechTips, And This Is How I Work

If you’re the kind of person that takes pleasure in building a computer — choosing the case, finding the best processor (and cooling system so that you can overclock it), doting over all of the components to maximise your rig and topping it off with LED lighting — then you should probably know Linus Sebastian.

I'm Alton Brown, And This Is How I Work

Alton Brown is a chef, a television host, a storyteller and author, and a witty explainer of the fundamentals of cooking. He’s the embodiment of Lifehacker’s culinary aspirations and unsurprisingly we regularly feature his work.

I'm Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), And This Is How I Work

Six years ago Marques Brownlee was just a kid talking about technology to his webcam and sharing his thoughts on YouTube. Now, with 2.6 million subscribers, his well-produced MKBHD videos are among the most popular sources of gadget commentary online.

I'm Veronica Belmont, And This Is How I Work

Even if you just pay cursory attention to tech culture online, Veronica Belmont is likely a familiar face. For almost ten years Veronica has been hosting and producing podcasts and videos with CNET, on Revision3’s Tekzilla and now Engadget’s Dear Veronica — along with a dozen other projects.

I'm Mike Senese, Executive Editor Of Make, And This Is How I Work

For ten years Make: Magazine has been sharing stories of people making incredible projects, from flying robots to whittled spoons to bee keeping, and has been a central pillar of the maker movement. Helping to ferry that enthusiasm along is Mike Senese.

I'm Laszlo Bock, Head Of Google's People Ops, And This Is How I Work

Google has around 50,000 employees. That’s 50,000 resumes, interviews and hires to manage and guide as cogs in the large machine that has shaped so many aspects of the internet as we know it today. Tasked with recruiting, analysing, and retaining that talent is Laszlo Bock.

Behind The App: The Story Of Notepad++

The humble text editor is an indispensable tool for many developers, web designers, writers, and people simply looking for a quick way to jot down notes. But there are much better options than notepad.exe; one of our favourites is Notepad++.

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