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I'm Peter Weijmarshausen, CEO Of Shapeways, And This Is How I Work

You probably think of 3D printers as niche devices for DIY enthusiasts to create plastic objects that are a little rough around the edges. Shapeways is different. They use industrial machines to bring high resolution 3D printing to the masses.

I'm Marc Guggenheim, Writer And Executive Producer Of Arrow, And This Is How I Work

Marc Guggenheim is an accomplished showrunner and television producer, but he is, more than anything, a writer. His work spans many media — from television to film to novels and comic books. He’s even written for video games.

I'm Noah Rothbaum, Chief Cocktail Correspondent At The Daily Beast, And This Is How I Work

Noah Rothbaum is the right person to talk to when you need a drink. He’s the founding editor of, has written books about the booze business and is heading up a new food and drink vertical on The Daily Beast as Chief Cocktail Correspondent.

I'm Mary Roach, And This Is How I Work

Mary Roach wants to you to be uncomfortable, but intrigued. Her books examine the unexpected, curious minutiae of managing the human body and the science of how we deal with our own limitations.

I'm Erz Imam, Director Of Nesk, And This Is How I Work

Erz Imam is the director of Nesk, an innovative co-working space application from depo8 that allows startups to hire desks by the hour for better flexibility and increased revenue. Here are his productivity regime, favourite tools and work habits.

I'm Justin Rosenstein, Co-Founder Of Asana, And This Is How I Work

It should come as little surprise that the creator of Asana, a popular project management tool, dutifully tracks his own work with eager intent. Every little detail matters to Justin Rosenstein, from the minutiae of how his product works to the five glasses of water carefully lined in a row on his desk in preparation for the day.

I'm Mark Hawthorne, CEO Of Guzman y Gomez, And This Is How I Work

Mark Hawthorne is the CEO of Australian Tex-Mex fast food restaurant Guzman y Gomez (GYG) and the former managing director of McDonald’s in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Here are his productivity regime, favourite tools and work habits.

I'm Simone Giertz, Robot Inventor, And This Is How I Work

If you’ve recently seen a video of a robot elegantly doing something dumb, chances are it was the work of Simone Giertz. She has quickly become, as some put it, the queen of shitty robots.

How We Work 2016: The Complete Series

Over the last fortnight, Lifehacker’s editors, writers and contributors have shared their favourite productivity tips and techniques. We’ve gathered them all together here in one handy location.

How We Work, 2016: Andy Orin's Gear And Productivity Tips

Time sure flies when you’re hacking fun, doesn’t it? It’s once again that special time of year in which the Lifehacker staff tells you about our work habits and favourite tools that we use to get things done. I’m Andy, and this is how I work.

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