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'Dry Brine' Chops For Juicy, Succulent Meat Without The Time, Mess Or Waste

I love brining meat — it produces super juicy and flavourful results, but you usually need a ton of salt, sometimes spices and, of course, water — not to mention a place in the fridge to store everything. This “dry brine” method cuts all of that down, and cuts down the time, to get the same delicious results.

This Video Teaches The Crucial Knife Skills You Need In The Kitchen

Your kitchen knife is quite literally the sharpest tool in your culinary shed, so you should know how to care for and use it. From proper maintenance, cleaning, and using fancy French cutting techniques, this HowStuffWorks video will help sharpen your knife handling skills.

A Simple Rule Of Thumb That Will Help Keep Your Succulents Alive

Even if your green thumb has wilted away, this super easy tip will help you keep your succulents alive.

Build A Smart Mirror With Gesture Control

Smart mirrors are surprisingly easy to build with a spare screen and two-way mirror, but DIYer Tobias Weis steps things up a bit by adding in gesture controls.

Three Different Tiny Muffin Tin Recipes, And How Well They Work

Putting things in muffin tins to make bite-sized versions of a dish is a popular kitchen hack, but some recipes work better than others. Lucky Peach tried three: a spaghetti and meatball muffin, a spinach dip bowl and an apple pie, all to see which took well to the idea. Here’s what they discovered.

The Science Of Baking, In One Graphic

Baking is a science as well an art, and the key to better baking is understanding the chemical forces at play. Thankfully this graphic explains all of those things.

Make Your Bed Like A Pro With This Video From The Four Seasons Hotel In Paris

A well-made bed is a joy to jump into, plus it makes your bedroom look nice. Who better to learn from than a housekeeper at the esteemed Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris?

Clean And Freshen Your Mattress In 3 Simple Steps

Even if you’re pretty good about washing your bed sheets, it’s easy to forget that your mattress can use a good cleaning every now and again too. This simple three-step method will make your mattress seem like new again.

Hang Shower Caddies On Hooks For Instant Bathroom Storage

Shower caddies usually hang from your shower head to add useful bathroom storage, but you can also use them out of the shower too. Just add a few Command adhesive hooks to your wall and hang a caddy anywhere you need extra space.

These Videos Show The Best Way To Wrap Cheese

Wrap your cheese properly and you can keep it fresh for much longer than if you just kept it in plastic wrap (which isn’t a good idea). Cheese paper company Formaticum’s videos show us how to wrap cheeses of different shapes.

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