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Transform Old Pallets Into A Cheap, Sturdy Bike Rack

Having a dedicated rack to store your bike is great, but they can be pretty expensive. Instead, make one yourself with a few free wooden pallets, the right tools, and an afternoon of work.

This DIY Sonic Tripwire Alarm Is A Loud, Perfect Early Warning System

Worried someone might intrude on your evil lair? This DIY sonic tripware alarm is easy to build, decently loud, and is perfect for simple hide-and-seek games or establishing a perimeter around whatever you’d like to keep safe.

Ask A Real Estate Agent Which Home Upgrades Earn The Most Back In Your Area

When you’re selling your home, simple upgrades can mean thousands of dollars when you close, and no one can tell you which upgrades will make the most return on your investment more than a real estate agent who works in your area. Ask them what they have seen, and what’s in high demand in your neighbourhood.

Conserve Water At Home With This Stylish Toilet Top Sink

If you’re interested in conserving some water at home, this custom sink re-routes the fresh, clean water that fills your toilet tank so you can wash your hands with the same water each time you flush.

All The First Aid Stuff That's Changed Since You First Learned It

When was the last time you took a first aid class? The ’80s? ’90s? Like everything in the medical field, first aid is constantly evolving, and what you may have learned to do as a first responder 10 years ago could be completely wrong today. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest changes over the last few years.

Use Lip Balm To Protect Oddly-Shaped Windows While Painting

Most of us use painter’s tape when painting around windows or window frames, and it works, unless you have an oddly-shaped window or frame (like a circular or cut-glass window.) In that case, a thin layer of lip balm at the edges of the glass lets you paint freely and just wipe away the excess.

Make Your Own Customisable LED Candles

LED candles are a nice way to light up your house during the festive season, but they’re a little boring on their own. Over on Adafruit, they show off how to make your own set that totally customisable.

Hang A Heavy Mirror And Keep It Centered On Your Wall

Hanging something really heavy, like a mirror, may seem more difficult than hanging a small painting. With the right anchors, though, it’s pretty simple. Here’s a tip to keep your newly-hung mirror from going askew.

How Do You Split Chores With Your Roommates?

Finding a way to split up the chores that works for you and your roommates is key to having a clean home without resentment or arguments. What do you do to divide up chores?

Internet Recipes Are A Starting Point, Not A Bible

Learning to cook usually starts with finding some recipes on the web and trying them out in the kitchen. That’s great, but don’t stop there. Internet recipes are a great starting point, but they have limitations. Here are some of them, and how you can move on from them and get really creative in the kitchen.

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