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This Chart Explains Every Use For Every Vacuum Cleaner Attachment You Own

I love my vacuum cleaner, but I have no idea what to do with some of those attachments. (I call the long tube extension “the spider catcher.”) Luckily, Real Simple has this graphic of pretty much every vacuum attachment that exists, from basic to super specific.

Protect Your Garden Beds From Critters With Netting And Masonry Ladders

When you’ve worked hard to cultivate a thriving garden, the last thing you want is critters to invade and eat everything you planted. This simple netting and masonry ladders setup will deter birds and rabbits, and it’s easy to make.

Make Ice Cubes Faster By Using Hot Water

Disaster strikes when you’re in the middle of a cocktail party and discover that, to your chagrin, you’ve forgotten to refill the ice tray. No worries, try this neat party trick: use hot water to quickly make some ice cubes.

Your Laundry Room Is Surprisingly Dirty

Some spots in your house, like the bathroom or kitchen sink, are obvious hangouts for bacteria. Your laundry room is another surprisingly bacteria-ridden spot, though.

What Household Skills Should Everyone Learn In Their 30s?

We asked you what household skills people should learn in their 20s, but what about those who are a little older and more experienced in living on their own? What household skills do you think everyone should know how to handle in their 30s?

Keep A Squeegee In Your Shower And You'll Never Have To Scrub It Again

Mildew, water stains and other buildup make a shower look dirty even when it’s relatively clean. You can give it a good scrubbing every couple of weeks to make it look nice, or save yourself the fuss and use this squeegee trick instead.

Ditch Your Frustrating Doona Cover And Try Triple Sheeting Instead

Doona covers are notoriously difficult to put on over a doona, but not using one gets things dirty a lot faster. This hotel trick foregoes a doona cover in favour of an extra, easier-to-maintain top sheet.

12 Classic Sauces And How To Make Them [Infographic]

We’ve talked about sauces that everyone should be able to make, and all of the meal options they can go into, but this graphic packs 12 of them into one handy graphic. Master a few or all of them, and your dinners will never be boring again.

Ask LH: What's The Most Effective Place To Position Toilet Cleaners?

Dear Lifehacker, I have a strange but real question: What is the optimal location to position toilet cubes or other cleaners on the side of toilets? Do they do anything other than change the colour of the water blue? Are the ones you stick to the side of the bowl any better than the hanging caged ones?

Clean And Freshen Your Pillows In Three Simple Steps

You bury your face in your pillows every night, so it’s a good idea to clean them every once in a while. Fortunately, it’s super easy to do. Just follow these three steps.

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