Fix An Uneven Chair With A Wine Cork

Wobbly chairs are annoying. While a sugar packet might be a temporary solution, try using a wine cork for a more permanent fix. Wine corks, even those made of plastic, are the perfect shape for a chair leg.

Deep Clean Greasy Stove Grates With The Help Of Boiling Water

Over time, stove grates take on a greasy, cruddy film. If you want to make them look like new again, some really hot or boiling water can help cut through the build-up and make the cleaning chore easier.

Rotate Your Everyday Household Items For A Fresh Look And Even Wear

Odds are you have a few favourite items in your home: Your usual plates and favourite mug, or davoured sheets and blankets. The Kitchn has a simple way to keep your home from feeling stale (and beat the urge to buy new things) and to make sure everything wears evenly over time: Rotate those favourite items regularly.

The Simple Renovations You Can Do In A Rental Bathroom

If you live in a rental, your landlord may be reluctant to spend money on expensive upgrades, even if they’re necessary. But a few simple and cheap steps are all it takes to make a huge improvement.

Use A Plate Organiser In The Refrigerator To Add Extra Shelves

Corner cupboard organisers are great for, well, organising cupboards, but you can also use them in your fridge to make better use of space.

Store Baby Bibs Anywhere With Velcro Tape

Many baby bibs stay on with Velcro clasps. Weblog I’m an Organising Junkie recommends using Velcro tape to store your bibs in easy-access locations so you’re always ready for the incoming food storm.

Turn Old Yoghurt Containers Into Handy Measuring Cups

Don’t throw away a yoghurt cup when you’re done eating. These plastic cups are perfect for measuring ingredients, and they have a few other uses too.

Padded Frames Are Renter-Friendly Noise Killers

Renting an apartment usually comes with limits on decorating. If find that your wooden floors and high ceilings create echoes and vibrations, try framing your favourite art with padded frames to keep your neighbours and landlord happy.

Seed Balls Take The Hard Work Out Of Planting

Gardening is a pleasure for many people, but others find it something of a chore. If you fall into the latter camp, try creating seed balls for easy growing with minimal ground preparation.

This DIY Mini Wardrobe Saves Space, Is Made From IKEA Parts

If you’re out of space in the kid’s bedroom or need to outfit a wadrobe-free guest room, this free-standing solution is cheap and has enough space for a small wardrobe.