Build Some Fans Into Your Entertainment Centre For Better Cooling

Entertainment cabinets are great for housing your media hardware, but those cupboards can get pretty hot. In this video, LinusTechTips shows us how to install custom cooling in your entertainment centre.

Remove Dinnerware Scratches With Cream Of Tartar

As your plates and bowls get used over time, knives, forks and spoons turn a bright sheen into a scratched-up mess. Dive into your pantry to find some cream of tartar, and you can rub those ugly marks away.

Ask LH: How Can I Remove Mould From A Picture Frame?

Hey Lifehacker, I have a picture printed onto canvas and behind a glass frame on the wall of our outdoor area. The problem is that when it gets cold the glass gets condensation on it and over time the picture has started to become mouldy. How do I get rid of the mould without damaging my canvas print? And how do I stop it from happening again?

Clean And Sanitise Reusable Water Bottles With Denture Tablets

Reusable water bottles are handy and a great money savey, but even with the help of soapy water and a bottle brush, they can be difficult to clean. When you’re finished with the brush, fill your reusable bottle with water and pop in a couple of denture cleaning tablets. Let it sit overnight, and the bottle will be as good as new.

Add Custom Shelving To The Empty Space Above Your Closet

If you have limited space inside your closet, it’s time to look to some of the unused space above it. The Family Handyman has a quick plan for custom shelving that you can put above everything else.

Turn A Shelf Into A Clothes-Hanging Rack With PVC Pipe

If you have an ordinary shelf in your bedroom or closet, and you want it to pull double-duty as one you can also hang clothes from, a little PVC piping is all it takes to do the job. The folks from The Family Handyman show us how it’s done.

Create An Eye-Catching Pendant Lampshade With An Old Colander

You can breathe new life into all manner of old things you have lying around the house, and Handimania shows how you can transform an unused metal colander into a pendant lamp.

The Pros And Cons Of Different Types Of Home Flooring

If you’re looking to renovate a home or taking a look at new places to live, you should know the pros and cons of various flooring types. This visual guide covers nine different flooring types and how they rate when it comes to cost, durability, difficulty of installation, and how easy they are to clean.

Ask LH: What's The Most Effective Place To Position Toilet Cleaners?

Dear Lifehacker, I have a strange but real question: What is the optimal location to position toilet cubes or other cleaners on the side of toilets? Do they do anything other than change the colour of the water blue? Are the ones you stick to the side of the bowl any better than the hanging caged ones?

The Best Colours To Paint A Bedroom For A Good Night's Sleep

You need about seven hours of sleep to be productive. You can increase the chances of getting those by sleeping in a bedroom that is coloured blue, yellow, green, silver or orange.