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Thongs in the rain solve a very specific problem: water invading your boots and taking up residence there. Once your stuff gets wet, it does not dry out, at least not on any prompt timeline. I've spent many futile afternoons with my shoes waterlogged and my otherwise protected feet soaking in a dumb swamp prison. You might have also inadvertently owned yourself in the same way.


Chicken under a brick isn't a new dish, and it's most often prepared on the grill, but this method from Bon Appetit combines everything I love about a 30 minute roast chicken: the time saved, the crispy skin, and of course, the hands-off preparation. In just a little time, you have a meal for the family.


Peeling and deveining prawns isn't rocket science, but far too many of us consider it a hassle and just buy cooked prawns instead. In this video, chef David Lefevre shows us how to do is cleanly, and how to make a flavorful court boullion to poach those prawns in, all at the same time.


It's our responsibility to keep the oceans clean and, so far, we suck at it. Most of us don't know we harm the ocean with ordinary things we do every day. Best of all, they're things that are easy to stop doing, or to do better.


If you're stocking a home bar for the first time, or you're wondering why you never seem to have just the right ingredients to mix good, staple drinks at home, this video will help you out. In it, bartenders from around the globe explain exactly what your home bar needs, from base spirits to mixers.


While they're not medicated in any way, these DIY lemon ginger cough drops are simple to make, a little sweet, and the ginger and honey will help soothe a sore throat ever so slightly. Enjoy with a cup of tea, or in between mentholated cough drops and cough medicine if you need something stronger.