The Proper Way To Make Your Bed, The Navy SEAL Way

Crisp hospital corners and tightly pulled covers are the cornerstones of a well-made bed, as every military cadet soon learns. Make your bed well enough to bounce a quarter off of with this illustrated guide, care of Esquire and Admiral William McRaven.

Clean Vacuum Attachments And Light Fixtures With A Dishwasher

We all know that dishwashers clean dishes, but they can clean much more. The folks at Parts Select have a big graphic that lists what other things you can put in the dishwasher.

Create An 'Emergency Clean Up Kit' For Party Mishaps

During this time of year, many of us have guests over for parties. Spills and other mishaps happen, and you don’t want accidents to ruin the party. Create an “emergency kit” before the party starts so you can fix the problem at a moment’s notice.

Turn An Old French Door Into A Picture Frame Coat Rack

This looks like a great project for an entryway: Repurpose a French door into a photo gallery and coat rack.

This Shoebox Filing System Organises Your Miscellaneous Objects

Clutter is tough to manage, but a simple solution like this shoebox wall looks great and puts things in their place. Much like museums, using similar boxes for similar items makes them easy to store without looking terrible.

Secure Loose Drawstring Garbage Bags With An Adhesive Wall Hook

Sometimes, it’s a pain to get a garbage bag to fit your rubbish bin perfectly. If you just can’t seem to get your drawstring garbage bags to fit, attaching a wall hook to the side can keep your bag from getting pulled all the way in.

Restore Vintage Cast Iron With Oven Cleaner

A good cast iron pan will serve you well for a lifetime — and with care, can be handed down, too. If you find one that’s rusted and forgotten in a charity store, it’s not too hard to bring back to life. All you need is a little oven cleaner.

This Video Puts 16 Holiday Life Hacks To The Test

The holidays are the perfect time for life hacks. People are decorating, baking and wrapping gifts, so a few tips for making it all a little easier are a no-brainer. This video puts 16 of the most popular tips and tricks to the test.

Make A New Candle With All Of Your Used Ones In A Few Simple Steps

If you regularly use candles, save your spent ones and use whatever wax is left to make one more usable franken-candle. All you need is a few basic items to ensure that leftover wax won’t go to waste.

This Arduino Alert System Sends You A Text When The Laundry Is Done

We’ve all missed the buzzer and forgotten a load of laundry once or twice. While setting an alarm is easy enough, this Arduino-powered alert system sendS you a text when it’s time to grab your clothes.