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Lay Out A More Decorative Bookcase By Taking A Few Photos

A messy, overcrowded bookcase can be distracting and look bad in the nicest of rooms. With a few photos, you can get a new perspective on your bookcase and class it up without sacrificing its utility.

Can You Open A Bottle Of Wine Without A Corkscrew?

Video: What do you do when you have a lovely bottle of wine but your corkscrew has gone missing? When teetotaling is not an option, there are countless unconventional ways that people claim you can open a bottle of wine. We put them to the test.

The Practical Life Skills Kids Should Learn At Every Age

It’s up to us parents to pass on the basic skills our kids will need to be successful adults, like being able to swim, do their own laundry or cook a healthy meal. The real question is when should you teach them? Here are age-by-age guidelines for skills kids should learn before they move out on their own.

Make A Fancy Wine Bottle Display With A Cardboard Box

So you just got a bunch of great wine for the party you’re hosting. You could simply set the bottles on a table, or you could build a fancy-looking wine pyramid and impress your guests. You can even use the box the wine bottles came in.

Soothe Heartburn With A Simple Bicarbonate Of Soda Concoction

Video: If that spicy meal you had for lunch is acting up, or you suffer from frequent acid reflux, a mixture of baking soda and water can ease the discomfort and pain.

This DIY Garage Door Opener And Camera Controls Your Door From Your Smartphone

This method lets you open the door from anywhere — whether you’re home or not, and watch a live feed from your garage on your phone. It’s perfect for letting the kids in when they get home, or just checking to see if everything is ok.

This Three-Ingredient Curry Chicken Is An Easy, Perfect Weeknight Dinner

Cooking delicious and healthy doesn’t need to take a lot of time. These curry chicken thighs are easy, tasty and only require three ingredients: curry powder, Greek yoghurt and of course, the chicken. (OK, maybe some salt and oil too.)

Spruce Up A Room In No Time With The Speed Decluttering Game

Decluttering your entire home can take a while. If you’re pressed for time, but still want to give a room a quick tidying up, the speed decluttering game can help keep the mess at bay.

17 Simple Rules For Getting Organised And Decluttered

What would it take to get your life decluttered and organised? That might be a tall order for many of us, but the truth is, we could do it in bursts and spurts, using a handful of easy-to-follow rules.

Ask LH: Is It Possible To Remove Mould From Painted Canvas?

Dear Lifehacker, I have a picture printed onto canvas behind a glass frame on the wall of our outdoor area. The problem is that the glass gets condensation which has caused the picture to become slightly mouldy. How do I get rid of this mould without damaging my canvas print? And how do I stop it from happening again?

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