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Clear Out Clutter By Thinking Of Every Possession As A Relationship

Most of us have way too many things. It’s only after decluttering that we realise the psychological effect of all our possessions, as if we have thousands of relationships tugging at us at all times.

Remove Odours From Your Entire Home By Simmering Vinegar

We’ve talked about how leaving out a bowl of vinegar can deodorise a room, but what if there’s a smell that’s taken over your entire house? Simmering that vinegar on the stove can maximise its reach and odor-eating power.

Use Signs To Enforce House Rules With Young Kids

Young children love rules and thrive with structure, but it’s not always easy for them to remember them. One super simple trick can create the habits you want in your kids at an early age: put up signs in the problem areas of your home.

Five Useful Cooking Techniques No One Teaches You

Most of us learn to cook through trial and error, cooking shows, or being forced to feed ourselves when no one else will do it. So naturally, no one’s born knowing how to sauté chicken, or blanch vegetables. Here are some basic (but useful) cooking techniques chefs use every day, but the rest of us rarely pick up.

Measure Your Actual Bed Frame Before Shopping For A Doona

It’s easy to forget, but there’s more to dressing up a bed than just the mattress size. Checking other measurements on your bed before you go shopping for a doona can save you some grief.

Repurpose An Old Dresser Drawer For Convenient Under-Bed Storage

Under your bed is one of the best places to find extra storage when space is tight. If you have an old dresser you’re getting rid of, you can reuse the drawers to boost your bedroom storage with just a little work.

Add Baking Soda Or Vinegar To The Washing Machine To Avoid Allergy Problems

Many of us have sensitive skin and might actually have allergic reactions to laundry soap. To avoid this, try adding a cup of vinegar or baking soda to the wash.

Build A Smart Plant Pot That Alerts You When It Needs Help

For some of us, plants are hard to keep alive and while there are all sorts of tech tricks to keeping plants alive, most of them are rather gaudy. Over on Instructables, Akin Yildiz shares a way to make a smart plant pot that alerts you when it needs water, or it’s too cold or hot.

The Difference Between A Blender, Food Processor, And An Immersion Blender

If you want to get creative in the kitchen, add a machine that can help you transform whole ingredients into sauces, soups, and chopped bits. Here’s the difference between blenders, food processors and immersion blenders so you can decide which works best for you.

Organise Rolls Of Tape With A Paper Towel Holder

Have a junk drawer or shelf with lots of rolls of tape? Get organised quickly with a vertical paper towel holder.

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