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Review Sceptic Makes It Easy To Spot Fake Hotel Reviews

Fake reviews are everywhere online. If you want to check whether a particular hotel’s reviews are real before you book it, the Review Sceptic tool can help.

The Best Way To Get The Elevator Door To Close Faster

Your elevator arrives at a floor, the doors open, and nobody is there. You hammer on the door close button, but it doesn’t seem to work no matter how many times you press it. There’s a better way to get those doors shut and you on your way.

10 Expert Hotel Hacks For A More Affordable Holiday

As’s regional director for Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, Katherine Cole knows a thing or two about the hotel industry. Travelling on a fortnightly basis to all corners of the globe, she’s stayed at hundreds of hotels and has learned a few tricks along the way. We asked Cole to share her top hotel hacks with Lifehacker readers, from the best time to book your hotel to the hidden costs you need to watch out for.

Nine Quiet Exercises You Can Do In Your Hotel Room Without Any Equipment [Infographic]

Travel can take a toll on you mentally and physically, especially when you skip out on your normal exercise routine. If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, these simple exercises require no equipment, and are quiet enough to do in any hotel room.

Ensure Your Airbnb Host Can Legally Host You Before Your Trip

If you want to ditch the hotel for a more interesting (and possibly cheaper) experience, Airbnb and its ilk can be great. If your host isn’t legally allowed to sublet, however, you could end up on the street while visiting a new city.

HotelQuickly Extends Booking Timeframe To Seven Days

HotelQuickly is a great way to score cheap accomodation in a hurry, but the strict 48-hour window makes it difficult to plan trips reliably. Thankfully, the service has extended its booking timeframe to seven days in response to customer demand. Hurrah!

What Hotel Star Ratings Actually Mean

You’re taking a vacation, and you’ve booked a luxurious, five-star hotel. Their rating is even displayed on the building, so you know it’s fancy. But as it turns out, a hotel’s star rating might not be as meaningful as you think.

Never Forget Your Phone Charger At A Hotel With This Suitcase Trick

You’re on your way to the airport and it hits you: you left your phone charger in the hotel room. It’s too late to go back for it now. This simple trick will make sure you never leave it behind again.

The Complete Guide To Hotel Room Exercise [Infographic]

If you’re a frequent work traveller who likes to keep fit, finding suitable facilities can be a real pain in the bum. Whenever a hotel isn’t equipped with a gym (a frequent occurrence when work is paying) you’re essentially forced between heading to an outside fitness centre or putting your exercise on hold. But there’s also another way — with a little ingenuity it’s possible to get a full workout inside your hotel room. This infographic explains how it’s done.

All The Rooms Compares Hotels With Alternatives Like Airbnb

We’ve praised hotel alternatives like Airbnb. But regular ol’ hotels are still a solid lodging option. Before booking a potentially cheaper alternative for your trip, it’s smart to compare prices with traditional hotel rooms nearby. All the Rooms makes it easy to do this in one spot.

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