Boost Your Chances Of A Hotel Upgrade By Checking In Late In The Day

A nicer room can make your trip a lot better and you can often get one by just asking. Travel+Leisure recommends checking in later in the day to increase your odds, when the hotel staff have a better idea of their room inventory for the night.

Avoid Losing Stuff In Hotel Rooms By Laying Out A Towel As A Home Base

The unfamiliar environment of a hotel room makes it easy to misplace important stuff like your keys, wallet or phone. Keep it all organised by laying a hand towel on a convenient surface and make a habit of placing all important items in this one spot.

Skip The Third-Party Sites To Get Cheaper Hotel Rates

Third party sites like Kayak can be helpful when trying to figure out where to stay. But The Daily Beast warns that using a third party site to book may result in higher rates.

Find Out A Sold-Out Hotel's Cancellation Penalty Date To Score A Room

Sometimes you want to stay at a certain hotel only to find out it is completely booked. Wendy Parrin at Conde Nast Traveller recommends finding out the hotel’s cancellation policy and snagging a room that someone else lets go.

Where Aussies Can Rent The Cheapest Hotel Rooms Around The World

Want to book a holiday without spending a fortune on your hotel room? Here’s what you’ll pay right now for hotel rooms around Australia and around the world, including a searchable interactive map.

When Hotels Are Cheaper In 25 Major Cities

Choosing the right time to travel can make a big difference to how much you spend. This infographic identifies the cheapest months to stay in 25 major cities around the world.

Ask Google Now For Directions 'To My Hotel' Or Nearby Restaurants

With Google Now, you can say “Navigate to Home” and it knows where that is. Now, Google has added the ability to use that same feature for your hotel, if you have an itinerary in your email.

Save Money On Hotels By Avoiding The Business Travel 'Rush Hour'

The next time you’re travelling for pleasure, book a hotel outside of the business district on weekdays, and in the business district on weekends, to get the best rates.

Make A DIY Coffee Plunger From Hotel Room Materials

Stuck at a hotel and don’t want to use the kettle for a basic cup of instant? Instructables user Josh Campbell shows you how to make a French Press using stuff you’ll (mostly) find right in your room.

Hotel WiFi Test Ranks Hotels By Wi-Fi Speed And Quality

For many of us, decent Wi-Fi ranks right up there with location and price when it comes to choosing a hotel. Hotel WiFi Test makes it easy to choose a hotel with quality, fast wireless internet access for guests.