home screens

The Darkside Android Home Screen

Android: While it’s neither tempting Skywalkers nor battling Superman, this Darkside theme is attention-grabbing and fun to use. It uses a distinct dial-style interface to group elements together.

The Expand Home Screen

Android: Themer has a ton of neat home screen themes, and Expand is no exception. This design features four collapsible sections with all the links, shortcuts and widgets you’ll ever need.

The Mavericks Home Screen

Android: If you like your like your Android phone with a side of Apple-ish deviance, My Color Screen user Leche Style shares a home screen that takes inspiration from OS X Mavericks.

The Chrome OS KitKat Home Screen

Android: Chrome OS may still be trying to find its legs, but the UI looks pretty nifty. That’s why MyColorScreen user karmascorer co-opted the interface for their Android phone.

The Pie Android Home Screen

If you’re sick of grids, the Pie UI home screen brings you something in a round flavour. It starts by separating out groups of apps into their own slices.

The Landscape Home Screen

We see a lot of home screens that have some new way of doing something, but every once in a while, you just want something that looks nice. My Color Screen user eCaravanier provides just that.

The Holo Slider Android Home Screen

Ever since Google introduced the slide out hamburger-style navigation panel, it’s been taking the Android app world by storm. Now, you can get the feature on your home screen with some handy application shortcuts.

The Bluetech Android Home Screen

The old days of dials and bright digital displays aren’t lost on My Color Screen user Garyarts, who created this sleek design.

The Wave Home Screen

Today’s home screen goes for a more modern take on the persistent launcher bar. As shown in the video above, the left half of the shortcuts on the bottom of the screen stay in place while the rest change out when you swap home screens.

The Target Android Home Screen

A good interface gives you quick access to information while looking good. This home screen design by werksmannschaft hits all those points.