home screens

The Misunderstood Home Screen

Apple may have brought an end to skeuomorphism once and for all with iOS 7. However, if you still like a bit of realism in your home screen, DeviantArt user kimilite has you covered.

The Suavity Home Screen

Mycolorscreen user ToxicThunder attempts to channel Frank Sinatra to bring a suave and elegant home screen to Android.

The Circles Android Home Screen

While interfaces are moving towards a more square, grid-based look, Deviantart user dandylion7 opted for something round and organic. Here’s what you’ll need if you’d like to get this theme for your Android device.

The 'Stay Hungry' iOS Home Screen

Lifehacker reader Andreaslarsendk has shown off this simple, vector home screen for iOS with an inspirational reminder. If you want to get this look on your iPhone or iPad, here’s what you’ll need.

The Android Home Screen With Shelves

Shooting for a simple and elegant look, chrisbanks2 created this great-looking home screen that turns your apps into items on a shelf and widgets into posters on a wall. If you want to make your phone more homey, here’s how to put it together.

The Symmetry Home Screen

Aiming for something bright, consolidated and robust, BadBrad created this beautiful Android theme that give you a lot of controls on just one home screen.

The Retro LCD Android Home Screen

Designer z3u5 has shown off this fantastic retro LCD home screen, complete with icon pack, digital font, and even a cracked display “dock”.

The Ubuntu Android Home Screen

Lifehacker reader Ollie Terrance wanted to get the look and feel of Ubuntu phone on his Android device. With a little help from Buzz Launcher and Widget Locker, that’s exactly what he did.

The Applelicious iOS Home Screen

Lifehacker reader sky_n_sand wanted a new iOS theme that still had that Apple look and feel. He decided to make one himself with a new icon pack and UI elements.

The Flat iOS Home Screen

Lifehacker reader Stealtheh wanted to make his iPhone home screen a bit more minimalistic, so he took a flat icon theme and a few other tweaks to clean it up. Here’s how it turned out.