home screens

The Holo Slider Android Home Screen

Ever since Google introduced the slide out hamburger-style navigation panel, it’s been taking the Android app world by storm. Now, you can get the feature on your home screen with some handy application shortcuts.

The Bluetech Android Home Screen

The old days of dials and bright digital displays aren’t lost on My Color Screen user Garyarts, who created this sleek design.

The Wave Home Screen

Today’s home screen goes for a more modern take on the persistent launcher bar. As shown in the video above, the left half of the shortcuts on the bottom of the screen stay in place while the rest change out when you swap home screens.

The Target Android Home Screen

A good interface gives you quick access to information while looking good. This home screen design by werksmannschaft hits all those points.

The Flat Cards Android Home Screen

Cards are all the rage these days, but these are a bit different from the type we’re used to seeing. My Color Screen user Semati put together this look that takes modern cues but also brings its own flair.

The Popup Profile Android Home Screen

We treat our home screens as basic app launchers, but there’s something to be said for making the space your own. My Color Screen user Amal Cns took this approach to make the above design.

The Voice-Controlled Android Home Screen

Most of our featured home screens show off great-looking interfaces. Today’s home screen is quite the opposite: the entire interface takes place via voice commands.

Use The App Switcher To Decide Which Apps Are Worth Your Home Screen

Organising your home screen is a personal process, but sometimes you just can’t figure out what works best for you. If you’re having trouble figuring out what’s really worth having on the main home screen, Finer Things in Tech recommends swiping through your iPhone’s app switcher.

The Google Grid Home Screen

Android: It’s silly to pretend that Android isn’t a huge vehicle for Google services. My Color Screen user yihaomizhijia doesn’t bother hiding it with the Google Grid.

Methodic Adds Smart, Time-Sensitive Shortcuts To Your Home Screen

Android: Most of us have a set of shortcuts we put on our home screen that we use most often, but we don’t use every shortcut equally. Methodic instead offers smart shortcuts based on which apps you use most.