home screens

The Timeline Home Screen

Android: Your phone can display so much information and let you do so many things, it can be hard to keep track of it all. This home screen puts everything you need on one, easy-to-read home screen.

The Oceanfront Android Home Screen

Android: Today’s featured home screen comes from reader floridagizzi. The design features a simplified three-screen home with spaces for work, relaxation and a central “Start” section.

Yahoo Makes Its Smart Home Screen Available To Everyone

Android: We had barely finished handing out invites for Aviate when Yahoo bought the company behind the intelligent home screen that adapts to your habits. Now it’s back, sans the invite requirement, for Android phones.

The Trace Of Orange Home Screen

Android: Today’s home screen puts everything you need on just a few screens. In addition to the usual stable of shortcuts along the bottom, this theme includes space for your most used applications.

The Soft Green Home Screen

Android: We feature a lot of bold, if harsh home screens here. This design, courtesy of My Color Screen user Jobe1785 goes for a calmer look, with easy-on-the-eyes translucent panels and lightweight icons.

The Sidebar Widgets Home Screen

Android: If you have a large phone and tiny hands, reaching all the way across your phone can be a pain in the thumbs. This home screen from My Color Screen user JRS05 puts everything you need on one side for easy access (sorry lefties).

The Sliding Vertical Home Screen

Instead of creating a bunch of screens with your most-used apps, My Color Screen user Peszek created a simple home screen with four columns that expand to show appsand information. Just tap on a category and it will show you apps in that category, as well as a popout widget with information on that category.

The Minecraft Home Screen

Android: Minecraft is a game that nearly rivals LEGO for unleashing the power of your imagination. Naturally, it’s a perfect fit for your home screen.

The Conceptual Home Screen

Android: This home screen from My Color Screen contributor ogkillergreen uses clean, easy-to-read widgets to give you just the essential information you need at a glance.

The Space Android Home Screen

Android: If you’ve been obsessed with the new Cosmos series, or you’re just playing Portal 2 for the jillionth time, a space-themed home screen would not go amiss. My Color Screen user Pedro Gelli has you covered.