home screens

The Voice-Controlled Android Home Screen

Most of our featured home screens show off great-looking interfaces. Today’s home screen is quite the opposite: the entire interface takes place via voice commands.

Use The App Switcher To Decide Which Apps Are Worth Your Home Screen

Organising your home screen is a personal process, but sometimes you just can’t figure out what works best for you. If you’re having trouble figuring out what’s really worth having on the main home screen, Finer Things in Tech recommends swiping through your iPhone’s app switcher.

The Google Grid Home Screen

Android: It’s silly to pretend that Android isn’t a huge vehicle for Google services. My Color Screen user yihaomizhijia doesn’t bother hiding it with the Google Grid.

Methodic Adds Smart, Time-Sensitive Shortcuts To Your Home Screen

Android: Most of us have a set of shortcuts we put on our home screen that we use most often, but we don’t use every shortcut equally. Methodic instead offers smart shortcuts based on which apps you use most.

The Colourful Home Screen

Brightening up the interface with a splash of colour, My Color Screen user mitico303 created this vivid vector view of Android.

The Brown Agenda Android Home Screen

Aiming for some sort of Stone Age throwback, My Color Screen user TraktoR6666 created this agenda-styled interface for Android. Here’s how you can get the same look on your device.

The VPR Android Home Screen

Android: Deviant art user Artrias put together this modern home screen design. It has matching top and bottom text-based launcher bars.

The Task-Centric Home Screen

Organising your home screen around apps is the default choice for most of us. My Color Screen user Zo Arquenix opted for a different system, taking a task-based approach.

The White Home Screen

Android: Sometimes, less is more. That’s the approach My Color Screen user udikas took when creating this white, minimalist home screen.

The Sideswipe Home Screen

Android: Grids of icons are so passé. Mycolorscreen user Bowker678 opted for a different look with a side bar with quick access to common apps.