Rapidly 'Wind' Your Cables For Tangle-Free Headphones

We already have an in-depth guide to wrapping headphones, but we’re always open to new approaches. Corey Van Dyke offers up a tangle-free method we haven’t seen before — and it’s quite cool and incredibly easy.

Build A Wireless Charging System For Your Headphones

Sick of plugging in your gaming headphones to charge them? DIYer Valentin was, so he built a wireless charging system so he’d have a place to hang his headphones and let them charge.

Make Tangled Earbuds A Thing Of The Past With A Gum Container

Earbuds have a habit of getting tangled when you toss them in a bag. Fortunately, you can keep them organised with a standard chewing gum container.

Repair A Broken Headphone Plug

The danger of buying expensive headphones is that you run the risk of breaking a flimsy piece of rubber and metal, no matter how good the sound quality is. It turns out you can also fix the broken plug for a couple of bucks.

Add Custom Headphone Clips With Sugru

Want to stop your favourite headphones falling out? Instructables user concoctory shows how to use Sugru to create your own clips.

Hang Headphones Off The Side Of Your Desk With This Metal Stand

A good pair of headphones can help you focus while you’re working, but they take up valuable desk space, and can fall and get run over by your chair. This DIY headphone stand makes sure they’re out of the way, but still safe and easy to reach.

Ask LH: How Do I Choose The Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones?

Dear Lifehacker, I work in a noisy office, and would love some noise-cancelling headphones. What’s the difference between noise cancelling and noise isolation? How do I choose the best ones for me? Should I just buy a pair of Bose QuietComforts, or are there specific ones you’d recommend?

Five Best Exercise Headphones

The best headphones for sitting at your computer or in your home listening to music may not be the best headphones to put in your ears while you’re jogging around town. Activity will make them fall out and noise isolation or closed ear models will make it hard to hear your surroundings, but you still want good audio quality for your money. Here are the five best workout headphone options, based on your nominations.

'Open' And 'Closed' Headphones Explained

When you’re buying a new pair of headphones, you have a lot to consider. One of the more important (and more confusing) aspects is the decision between open and closed. Video weblog Techquickie explains the main differences in this two minute video.

Five Best Digital-To-Analogue Converters (DACs)

A good digital-to-analogue converter (or DAC) can make all the difference when listening to music, especially through headphones. We’ve talked before in more detail about why they’re so great and how to choose a good one