Monster's 'Ultra HD' Cables: Essential AV Gear Or An Overpriced Crock?

Monster’s new “Ultra HD Platinum” HDMI range is being billed as an essential purchase for anyone requiring the high-speed bandwidth demands of 4K video. On the downside, a single cable can set you back as much as $349. Is there any way this eye-watering markup could possibly be worth the money? Or will a $5 cable off eBay serve you just as well? Yesterday, Monster put its money where its mouth is in a live HDMI bit error face-off. Here are the results.

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Ask LH: Should I Buy Expensive HDMI Cables?

Dear Lifehacker, I am thinking about a UHD TV as my next TV. But the big name stores all tell me I need to throw away any HDMI cable I have now that is more than two years old because the technology has moved so rapidly. In my experience, they work or they don’t. Do I need new cables now? Should I wait until I get the TV?

Ask LH: Can I Convert HDMI Sound?

Dear Lifehacker, I have a new HD TV without any sound output other than HDMI. What are my options for hooking up a budget 50W(RMS) amplifier and bookshelf speakers? Are there any decent converters that can extract audio from an HDMI source and output via a 3.5mm headphone jack? Thanks, Not Quite an Audiophile

Windows 8 Ultimate Buyers Guide: Which Specs Are Most Important?

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Don't Give Harvey Norman Extra Money For Monster HDMI Cables

A simple lesson in why you should never buy an HDMI cable from a conventional retailer, especially if that retailer is called Harvey Norman. Catch Of The Day is selling a 2M HDMI cable from professional cable over-charger Monster for $14.99 (plus postage). The cheapest 2M Monster HDMI cable from Harvey Norman costs $139, and it will sell you a pricier variant for $249.

ALDI HDMI Deal: Good But Not Great

ALDI is have yet another tech-centric special buy offering this Wednesday, with products including a 46-inch LCD TV for $549 and an iPod-compatible micro-stereo for $119. Those are reasonable deals, but its 2 metre HDMI cable for $6.99 isn’t so hard to beat.