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Update Your Graphics Drivers: It Can Make A Big Difference In Games

We’ve told you before that you should keep your graphics drivers up-to-date if you’re a PC gamer. But how much do they actually increase performance? Linus Tech Tips does a little experiment to find out.

Performance Tests Show That 16GB Of RAM Is Overkill

Adding more memory isn’t the performance upgrade it used to be, but how much RAM is enough? TechSpot compared application performance on a system with 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB and concludes 16GB offers little advantage over 8GB of memory — even when programs use more than 8GB of memory.

How To Choose The Right Tech For Your Business: The Complete Guide

Whether you’re running an SMB or a larger enterprise, it’s imperative to have up-to-date equipment that does what you want, when you want it to. The 2015 Business Tech Guide is here to help: over seven in-depth chapters, we explain everything you need to know about essential IT software and hardware; from storage and networking to operating systems and laptops. Click on the chapter headers to read the full article!

How Desktop Apps Can Be Transformed Into Great Touchscreen Apps

A 2 in 1 gives you the ability to access both desktop and tablet apps, but how can developers build apps that take advantage of both platforms? Here are some of the tricks that they use.

How 2 In 1s Minimise Management Headaches For BYOD

We live in a world where bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is a fact of life for IT managers, but that doesn’t eliminate the need to secure and manage those devices. Here’s how using a 2 in 1 makes that easier.

Building Your Own PC Now Saves You More Money Than Ever

Many years ago, before we had an explosion in hardware power and affordability, you could save some decent money by putting together your own machine. But as prices have dropped and retailers have become more competitive, the savings for those who want to plug & play their own equipment has gone up and up.

Essential Accessories For 2 In 1 Owners

A 2 in 1 offers the versatility of working as either a laptop or a touchscreen tablet. Enhance the experience even more with these awesome accessories.

This Is How Much PCs Have Changed In 30 Years

Technology evolves so rapidly that we often spend more time complaining about what we can’t do rather than appreciating what we have. Comparing the specs for a 30-year-old notebook with a current model underscores that point.

The Best GPU Upgrades For Every Budget

Getting the best performance for your GPU dollar can be a tricky proposition. From high end to more affordable models, we have put together a list of the best upgrades.

Kogan Is Selling A $359 Windows Laptop

Netbooks might be a long-forgotten trend in our tablet-centric world, but there’s still a place for a device with a keyboard that can run standard Windows apps. Kogan’s new Atlas Laptop has somewhat basic specifications, but a basic price too: $359 (plus $19 for delivery).

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