Productivity 101: A Primer To The Getting Things Done (GTD) Philosophy

Getting Things Done, or GTD, is a system for getting organised and staying productive. It may seem complicated on the outside, but the end goal is to spend less time doing the things you have to do so you have more time for the things you want to do. Let’s break it down and see how you can apply a simplified version to your life.

Make A Mind Map To Keep On Top Of Everything In Your Life

Mind maps are wonderful tools for organising information and boosting creativity. GTD guru David Allen says that he now maps out his “world” because his lists of projects and actions alone didn’t keep him as much on top of everything as he needed.

Use The Two-Minute Rule To Stop Procrastinating And Get Things Done

The two-minute rule has its roots in GTD: If you can do it in less than two minutes, do it now (assuming you have no other, bigger priorities at the moment.) Over at the Buffer blog, James Clear adds another rule: When you start a new habit, divide your goals into two-minute bites so they’re easy to do at any time.

This GTD Workflow Is How I Finally Got My Email Inbox Under Control

I have a confession to make: I hate emails. So much so that they just pile up, sometimes burying ones that are actually important. That all changed this weekend when I copied this GTD Gmail setup from startup founder Andreas Klinger.

The History Of The To-Do List (And How To Make Yours More Effective)

When I was a kid, I read a book called The Listmaker. It’s about a young girl who uses lists to organise and make sense of her life. At the time, I didn’t read any more into it besides the fact that this was an odd hobby for a pre-teen girl to spend so much time on. Now, although I don’t remember the book that well, I do see much more significance in the humble list — especially after researching where they come from and why we make lists.

DashPlus Is A Powerful GTD-Style To-Do App With Gestures

iPhone: To-do apps are everywhere, but finding one that’s feature-packed, easy to use and based on the GTD system is tough. DashPlus is based on Patrick Rhone’s Dash/Plus system, but fans of the GTD method might want to take a look at it as well.

Turn Apple's Reminders Into A Quality GTD App

Love it or hate it, Apple’s Reminders app is built so deeply into iOS and OS X that it’s impossible to ignore. If you want to stick inside Apple’s ecosystem but use Reminders as an actual GTD-style app, blogger Sven Fechner shows you how.

Set A Deadline For That Fun Thing You Always Wanted To Do

We all have some experience we know we want to have but never get around to. Get moving on those things the same way you get work done: with deadlines.

The Pros And Cons Of Working While Exercising

Thanks to attachments and fully integrated exercise desk equipment, you don’t have to stop working while working out. While doubling up on your productivity could save you a lot of time, it may also cause more problems than it solves.

David Allen Explains How GTD Can Make You More Engaged With Life

In this TED-Ed talk, David Allen, creator of the Getting Things Done (GTD) productivity method, explains how you can use GTD to be productive and more engaged with your work — and play. The end result isn’t just that you’re more organised, but that you don’t stress out as much.