Ask LH: Should International Airport Restaurants Be Charging Me GST?

Hi Lifehacker, I was just reviewing receipts for a work expense claim and noticed that the meal and beverages that I purchased when in the international departures lounge of Melbourne Airport (after going through customs) included a small portion of GST. I was under the impression that once outside of customs, retailers should not charge GST. Is this actually the case?

Online Sales Could Be Subject To GST Under New Proposal

An OECD proposal would see a flat tax applied to low-cost consumer sales made online.

Lowering The GST Threshold For Online Sales Would Cost Australians A Fortune

One of the main arguments against lowering the level at which GST is applied to online sales is that the cost of actually collecting that tax is likely to be higher than the amount of revenue collected from it. A new study by Choice confirms that, and suggests that the cost of some items might almost double.

Why Adding GST To Online Sales Won't Create A Level Playing Field

The push to add GST to all online sales made to Australians — not just those which cost more than $1000 — appears to be gaining momentum. The argument is that we need to create a “level playing field” for Australian businesses, but when the price difference for some goods is already as high as 200 per cent, the idea that increasing overseas costs by 10 per cent by adding GST will cause a change in buying habits is frankly laughable.

Ask LH: Do Online Stores Have To Quote GST?

Dear Lifehacker, I was recently purchasing something at an Australian online store and noticed the prices listed next to the items did not include the GST. They added the amount of GST at the end when you were paying for it. Do websites based in Australia have to have advertise prices with the GST included, or can they be sneaky and add all the fees at the end? Thanks, Taxing Times

Ask LH: Do I Need To Register For GST?

Dear Lifehacker, I recently did a photoshoot for a company my cousin works for. The photos were entirely free and I provided them with a selection with my watermark on them. The company has since got in contact with me, asking to buy the rights to the images so they can edit them and use them in publications.

Ask LH: Do Casual Google Developers Need To Register With The ATO?

Dear Lifehacker, I am an enthusiastic Android user and I am looking at creating some Android apps to sell on the Play Store. I don’t plan to give up the day job, but instead develop some apps in my spare time. What are my tax implications? Do I need to register with the ATO? I’m also considering emigrating to be closer to my family in the next few years. What are the implications if I move countries? Would I need to de-register with the ATO then? Thanks, Forever Bamboozled By Tax

GST Exemption Isn’t Why We Shop Online From Overseas Sites

There are proposals afoot to include GST on purchases made from online overseas retailers. It may never happen, but even if it did, it’s unlikely to change Aussie shopping habits, for one very simple reason.

No GST On Overseas Online Shopping Just Yet

Agitation to “level the playing field” by imposing the Australian goods and services tax (GST) on most items we purchase online reached fever pitch last week with the release of the Low Value Parcel Processing Taskforce report, which recommended imposing the GST on all purchases worth $500 or more. But don’t panic: your Christmas shopping is safe for now.

Can Anyone Defend Imposing The GST On Overseas Online Sales?

It’s a line of argument that Gerry Harvey completely denuded of credibility: allegedly the main reason shoppers buy online is that the lack of GST on online purchases under $1000 makes them cheaper than local competitors. It takes about five seconds of work to demonstrate that that position is total rubbish, since the savings from overseas shopping on many products are way higher than the 10 per cent GST rate. So will anyone stand up to support it?