Google News And Weather Brings Glanceable Updates To Your Home Screen

Android: Hop in your wayback machine. Google has updated its already-sweet News and Weather widget and released it to the Play Store. Yes, the one that was last seen with the Galaxy Nexus.

Check Out Google's Teapot Easter Egg Error Page

Customised 404 error pages for web sites are a sensible idea. You arguably don’t need a customised 418 page, but that didn’t stop Google creating one — complete with an animated teapot.

Use Google Search To Show Future Events From Your Calendar And Email

So here’s a handy Google feature I’d somehow failed to notice: if you’re signed in to your Google account and you search for the phrase “calendar November”, Google will show events that it knows about based on your email, calendar entries and behaviour.

Google Adds Office Editing To Docs And Sheets For iOS, Releases Slides

iOS: Google has released updates for its Google Docs and Google Sheets apps for iOS that make it possible to open, edit and save Microsoft Office documents. Google Slides for iOS also makes it debut.

Create A Chrome Search Shortcut With A Right Click

Chrome: Many of you probably know how to search a specific site within the Chrome Omnibox using keyword bookmarks. You may not know that you can actually do it from lots of sites with a simple right click.

Ask LH: How Can I Access iMessage On Android?

Hey Lifehacker, I recently decided to buy a Nexus 5 but find I still have to carry an iPhone with me because a lot of work and social banter is conducted within iMessage and its group messaging function. Is there an Android-ready version of iMessage out there?

Google+ Android App Adds Chromecast Support

Android: Google has released an update to its Google+ app, and it brings support for casting your stream to your Chromecast. If you like the idea of lying back on the sofa while your Google+ updates roll by on the big screen, now you can.

Chromebook Sales Are Growing, But Business Buyers Are Resisting

Chromebooks are more than a fad: according to Gartner, 5.2 million of the low-powered, ChromeOS-driven devices will be sold this year. What we’re not seeing is massive deployments within enterprises and workplaces.

Google's Awards Search Knowledge Graph Has A Strange Logies Flaw

Google has enhanced its search results if you look up awards ceremonies to show a Knowledge Graph box featuring recent winners. It’s a neat idea, but it has a weird flaw when it comes to Australia’s Logies.

Google Fit SDK Now In Preview

Been itching to build some fitness apps using Google’s Android-based Google Fit framework? There’s now a preview software development kit (SDK) for you to play with.