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Upcoming Chrome Update Will Suspend Flash Ads By Default

With the steady adoption of newer web technologies by browser vendors, Adobe Flash is inching ever closer to its electronic demise. Come 1 September, Google will be giving it a little push, when Chrome will start pausing Flash-based advertisements by default.

Google Teaches App Developers How To Disable Apple's Ad-Blocking Security Feature

With the impending rollout of iOS 9, Apple will be implementing its App Transport Security (ATS) feature which brings in new standards for apps to ensure they are safe to run on iPhones. Problem is that it takes time for developers to comply with the ATS standards. As such, ATS will block in-apps ads for those that don’t meet the new standards, which will impact revenue for developers. Google has now come out with a short-term fix for this.

Add 'Reviews' To Movie Searches On Google To Get Snippets Of Critic Reviews

When you’re trying to pick a movie to watch, you might want a quick glance at what critics say about it. Now, you can do that with Google by just adding in the word “reviews” after your search.

Google For iOS Adds Always-On 'OK Google' With New Search Possibilities

iOS: Google’s updated the Google app with some new features, including a handy, always-on “OK Google” option that gives you detailed answers from the page you’re on.

What Does Alphabet Spell For Google?

Yesterday, Google birthed Alphabet Inc. which became the umbrella organisation for a collection of companies. Google is now one of the subsidiaries under Alphabet’s wing and has acquired a new CEO, Sundar Pichai. That’s a lot of change for one of the most influential companies in the world. Here’s more on what the overhaul means for Google.

Lifehacker Pack For Android 2015: The Essential Android Apps

In just a few short years, Android has grown from a small project within Google to the most prolific mobile operating system on the planet. The app ecosystem has grown right along with it. In our annual Lifehacker Pack for Android, we chose the best, most useful and most essential apps you could ever need on your phone.

Google Maps For iOS Adds Night Mode

iPhone: The iPhone version of Google Maps was updated today with a handy new night mode feature alongside the ability to label places and edit photo captions.

How To Try Out Google's YouTube Gaming App On Your Android Device

Google was left seething after video game streaming juggernaut Twitch refused its buyout offer in favour of Amazon. Not one to take it facing down, Google began working on its YouTube Gaming mobile app to compete against Twitch. Android users can now give it a test-drive.

Samsung And Nexus Devices Will Now Get Monthly Security Updates

Last week, a pretty nasty Android security vulnerability was discovered, leaving most folks wondering if their devices would ever get fixed. Now, Google and Samsung have announced a new program that will roll out security updates every month.

Enable This Flag To View Chrome Downloads As Card Notifications

Chrome (Dev): If you’re downloading a file in Chrome, you have to watch the little bar at the bottom for a vague green circle to fill. If you’d rather get a bit more information (and you’re running the Chrome Dev channel), you can enable this flag to put your downloads in Google’s notification tray.

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