Google Translate Adds 20 New Languages

Google’s Translate has added support for an additional 20 languages to its repository, meaning it can now do real-time, data-connection-free translation of just about anything you see.

Arrow Launcher Is An Action-Based Android Launcher From Microsoft

The variety of alternative launchers is one of the best advantages of Android. Although we might not have expected one from Microsoft, the company has recently released a beta launcher. It comes with a built-in to-do list, quick shortcuts to contacts, and other handy features.

Google Will Finally Start Breaking Up YouTube And Google+

Long ago, Google required anyone who comments on YouTube to have a Google+ profile. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. Now, Google is beginning the process of breaking YouTube — as well as many of its other properties — away from your Google+ profile.

Interstitial App Install Pesters Don't Work

If you’re designing a mobile page and you have an app for the site, the temptation to throw that detail into the reader’s face is rather compelling. The app is better and the readers will appreciate it, right?

Google Drive Adds Plugin For MS Office

Google would undoubtedly prefer you used Docs, but if you’ve got Word, Excel or Powerpoint files stored in your Google drive, a simple plug-in now allows you to edit them on the go.

Inbox By Gmail Adds More Intelligent Snooze Alerts For Emails With Dates

One of Inbox by Gmail‘s best features (aside from a silly name) is the ability to “snooze” emails until later. Now that feature is getting better for emails that include a date or time, like restaurant reservations, flights, or hotel confirmations.

What To Do When Google Chrome Refuses To Update

Chrome’s auto-update system is for the most part unobtrusive — you see the three-bar symbol in the top-right corner go from green, to orange and finally red, until you restart the browser. So, you cycle the program and Chrome fails to fire up again and when you do it manually, nothing has changed. The problem is easy enough to fix however, without rebooting.

Google Play Books Can Now Sync Notes To Google Drive

Google Play Books has been our top pick for ereader on Android for a while. Now, it’s getting a little better. The newest version of Play Books allows you to sync your notes, highlights and bookmarks to a separate folder in Google Drive.

Google's Free Online Science Program Ensures Your Kids Keep Learning

Google has partnered with NASA, National Geographic, Khan Academy and other major organisations to teach kids science this year. It’s called Camp Google, and the first week takes kids underwater.

Google Chrome Steps Up Its Malware Detection

Google’s Chrome browser is about to get even more noisy in its quest to keep your computer malware-free.