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Google Fit Now Tracks Your Runs, Plugs Into Sleep And Nutrition Apps

When Google Fit first came out, it was little more than a step counter, but now it’s stepping up its game. You can now track your runs, and plug into third-party apps that track things like sleep and nutrition.

Google Photos Can Now Free Up Space On Your Phone

Photos and videos tend to take up the bulk of our devices’ storage space. If you find you’re running out of space on your phone, Google Photos has a new feature that will let you bulk delete photos and videos that have already been stored online.

Google+ Gets A Revamp, Now Focusing On Communities And Collections

Just because we don’t want Google+ in every single service we use doesn’t mean the service didn’t have some promise. Now, it’s going to try to live up to that with a visual revamp that’s focusing on Collections and Communities.

Google Beefs Up Safe Browsing Service To Protect Against Beguiling Online Attacks

Google rolled out its Safe Browsing service eight years ago to protect internet users against traditional phishing attacks on the web. But the online security landscape has evolved since then and attacks are becoming much more sophisticated. That is why Google has fleshed out Safe Browsing to encompass deceptive social engineering attacks on the web.

Google Will Now Reward Local Guides For Contributing To Google Maps

Earlier this year, Google Maps added Local Guides, a feature that rewarded heavy contributors to Maps reviews and content with a nifty profile. Now, Local Guides will get real, better rewards.

Sign Up For The Chrome Beta On iOS

iOS: Fancy yourself a fan of Chrome on the iPhone and iPad? Like other versions of Chrome, you can check out new beta versions, you’ll just need to sign up with Google.

Google's AboutMe Page Manages What Information People Can See About You

Even if you don’t use Google+, you’ve probably entered a bunch of information into your Google profile from various places. Now you can manage it all in one spot in Google’s AboutMe section.

Google To End Chrome Support For Windows XP, Vista And Some Mac OS X Versions Early Next Year

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP early last year but a number of organisations are still using the outdated operating system. Google had said it would end Chrome support for XP by the end of 2015, but it looks like it has extended the deadline. The company has also provided details on when it’ll stop supporting Microsoft Vista and older versions of Mac OS X.

Google Maps Offline Mode Gets Navigation, Destination Search And More

Android: Google Maps is getting an update today that will add in a ton of information to downloaded offline maps. Beyond just being easier to download, you also get turn-by-turn navigation, location search, and more.

Cloud Wars Explained: Why Nobody Can Catch Up With Amazon

The market for cloud computing continues to defy all expectations. Even as the startup craze starts to cool in Silicon Valley, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google all reported bang-up earnings last quarter, not least because of their big bets on the cloud. What exactly are these companies selling? Who’s buying it? And why is one company that wasn’t even in enterprise technology a decade ago — Amazon — beating the pants off everyone else?

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