Cloud Patches: Azure App Service, Google Cloud Launcher

The latest updates and additions for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

DashCast Streams Dashboard-Style Web Pages To Your Chromecast

Chrome: Google Chrome can send any web page to your Chromecast. If you want to close the tab on your computer, though, the content won’t refresh. DashCast updates the page so you’ll have the latest content.

Get Yourself A $29 Google Chromecast From Dick Smith

Chromecast was already a decent buy at its recommended price, but if you can get it at a discount, the deal gets even sweeter. If you’re willing to go through a few hoops, you can pick up Google’s streaming dongle for a mere $29.05 from Dick Smith.

Google Will Use Pointer Events In Chromium

If you’re a Google Chrome user on a Windows tablet, you may have noticed that scrolling can be a little quirky with just touch inputs. Google’s plan to fix this involves borrowing a feature already in Internet Explorer.

Scan Images Into Text With Google Keep's OCR Feature

Chrome: If you’re a regular Google Keep user, you might have missed a (relatively) new feature in the app. If you paste an image into a note, Google lets you convert the image into editable text.

Android Wear Can Now Find Android Smartphones

An update to Android Wear means that it can now find your Android Smartphone simply by asking it.

You Can Now Use Google's Voice Commands To Send Hangouts Messages

Android: Google’s awesome voice commands have been able to send text messages for a while. With a recent update, however, you can finally do the same with Hangouts instant messages.

Chrome Update Speeds Javascript Load Times

The latest builds of Chrome for both desktop and mobile claim to improve Javascript loading times.

Cloud Patches: Azure Enterprise Agreements, CloudTrail Automation

The latest updates and additions for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Here's A Fix For Chrome's Slow Loading Of Animated GIFs

Google is currently on the case, pushing updates to the stable version of Chrome, but in the meantime, if you’re finding that GIFs bring your browser to its knees, there’s a simple tweak you can apply to make it run significantly better.