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Oracle Loses Java 'Fair Use' Case Against Google, Again

The software development community can breathe a small sigh of relief; the legal stoush between Oracle and Google over the Android operating system’s use of Java application programming interfaces (APIs) is pretty much over after the US courts sided with Google, yet again. The ruling is a huge step in confirming that APIs are protected by “fair use” under the copyright law. Here’s some more background and details on the latest court decision.

Chromebooks Are Now Outselling Macs

According to the latest figures from IDC, Chromebooks sales overtook Macs for the first time ever last quarter, with over two million Google-powered laptops sold in the US alone. (Apple “only” sold 1.76 million laptops in the same period.) The sales boost could not have come at a better time for Google, which is finally arming Chrome OS with a treasure-trove of apps from its Google Play store. In other words, we can expect the sales gap to widen as Chromebooks become fully-fledged computers — particularly in the business sector.

You Can Now Customise Google's Keyboard With Themes And Background Pictures

Android: Google’s keyboard is a pretty great default, but it still lacks some features of third-party offerings, like themes. The latest update to the keyboard changes that.

Chrome Will Finally Stop Going Back A Page When You Accidentally Hit Backspace

If you’ve ever lost a form you’re filling out because the Backspace key sends you to the previous page, get ready to be happy. In the newest Canary builds of Chrome, Google has added the ability to stop using the Backspace key as a Back browser button.

The Play Store Is Coming To Chrome OS, Bringing A Ton Of Android Apps

Today, Google made a lot of Chrome OS users very happy. The full suite of Android apps will officially be coming to Chrome OS soon, starting with a few select devices.

All The Important Stuff Google Announced At I/O 2016

Today, Google dropped a news clusterbomb, launching Android VR, a new Google Assistant and an Amazon Echo-like Google Home hub. Here’s all the coolest stuff from today’s keynote.

Watch Google's I/O 2016 Keynote Live, Right Here

Today, Google is delivering its annual I/O keynote live in California. On top of the usual excitement, this keynote will be delivered in 360 degree, VR-capable video! Here’s how to tune in.

Google Chrome To Block Flash By Default

It has been a slow and agonising death for Adobe’s Flash plugin on the web. Riddled with issues including some major security flaws in the past, it has rapidly lost favour with websites, web browsers and technology vendors. Now Google has unveiled a detailed plan on how it will be phasing out Flash on its popular Chrome browser.

Google Releases Spaces, A Shared Notebook For Your Projects

Android/iOS/Web: Today, Google announced a brand new tool called Spaces that allows multiple users to create a shared workspace for projects. It allows you to grab photos, videos and links while discussing a topic all in one place.

Non-Nexus Phones Can Now Download Google's Sweet Phone App [Updated]

Android: Last year, Google released its smart dialler app to the Play Store. At the time, they only worked on Nexus devices. Now, however, a ton of recent phones can use them as well.

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