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Google's Safe Browsing Now Protects Against Deceptive Software Downloads

Late last year, Google beefed up its Safe Browsing service that protects internet users from various tricks attackers use to gain access to their computers. Google has now bolstered Safe Browsing further by warning users of embedded content like ads that pretend to be from a legitimate company to get users to download dodgy unwanted software. Here’s what you need to know.

Some Users Can Now Subscribe To Podcasts On Google Play Music

Google has been experimenting with the idea of adding podcasts to its Play Music service for a while, but now it seems the company is finally flipping the switch. For some users anyway.

Add YouTube Videos To Your Watch Later List From Android Notifications

Android: If you subscribe to channels on YouTube, you may have periodically gotten a notification about a new video. Not very helpful if you’re in the middle of a meeting. Now, YouTube finally allows you to add them to your Watch Later list.

Chrome For IOS Is Now As Fast And Stable As Safari

iOS: Way back in the old days of iOS 8, Apple allowed third-party browsers access to a bit of software that allowed them to be just as fast as Safari. Google Chrome has finally taken advantage of that.

Google's New Weather Card Has More Information Than You'll Ever Need

Android: Searching for “weather” on your phone has always been a quick way to find out how cold it is outside. Now, though, Google’s added a wealth of new information to its updated weather card.

Google Play Games Is The Latest Casualty In The Great Google+ Divorce

Remember when Google+ came out and at first it was kinda cool, but then Google shoved it in places it didn’t belong? Well, Google started backing down. The next step is Android games, which should mercifully become less integrated with Google+.

Microsoft Has Requested Edge's JavaScript Engine Be Incorporated Into Node.js

Microsoft recently open sourced Chakra, the JavaScript engine of its Edge browser. That was significant news in itself, but the company has taken it a step further by issuing a massive pull request for Node.js to allow the popular runtime to built against Chakra.

You Can Now Loop Videos Directly In YouTube

If you wanted to loop videos on YouTube, you used to need extra software. Now, it’s built right into YouTube itself.

Google Adds Lots Of New Weather Data To Search Results On Android

The weather’s getting brutal as summer heats up. Just in time, Google now adds more detailed weather information for all those times you ask, “What’s the weather?”

Record A Screencast With Nothing But YouTube

If you’re the family tech support, you probably have to record the occasional screencast to show people how to troubleshoot. Chances are, you don’t need special screencasting software just for that. Digital Inspiration shows a clever way to just use YouTube.

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