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Navbar Tuner Unlocks A Hidden Nav Bar Customiser In Android Nougat For Some Nexuses

Android Nougat: Google likes to play around with experimental features in Android betas. One such nixed feature is a powerful tool that lets you customise the little bar at the bottom of your screen with the Home and Back buttons. If you have a certain few Nexuses, you can get it back.

Google To Crack Down On Annoying Pop-Up Ads On Mobile Sites

There is a website I used to visit on a daily basis that has recently adopted pop-up ads and when they’re displayed on the mobile phone, it cripples my ability to view the main content. How I hate pop-up ads. Google seems to understand my consternation because it has just announced that websites with intrusive pop-up advertising will be demoted in its search engine rankings. Here’s what you need to know.

The Best New Features In Android 7 Nougat

Today, Google began rolling out its latest mobile operating system — Android 7 (AKA “Nougat”) — to select Nexus devices. Here are the major changes you need to know about.

Android Nougat Has Arrived, Rolling Out To Recent Nexus Devices Starting Today

Android: Today’s the big day, Android fans. After announcing Android N earlier this year, Google has given it a name and, as of today, released it to the Nexus devices. Say hello to Android Nougat.

Use OK, Google Voice Commands To Control Videos In YouTube 

Android: Google’s voice commands are incredibly powerful. However, you might not have noticed that you can use them while watching videos on YouTube. Simply say “OK, Google” and you can send a bunch of commands directly to the app.

Google Calls It A Day On Packaged Chrome Apps For Desktops

Google isn’t one to flog a dead horse. In fact, the company is happy to sink its projects if they’re failing to perform, despite how popular they appear to be. Packaged Chrome apps are next on Google’s hitlist, with the announcement yesterday that they’ll be phased out over the next 12-24 months.

Clever Keyboard Shortcuts For Facebook, Twitter, YouTube And More [Infographic]

Keeping your hands off the mouse and on the keyboard can be a big time saver, but only if you know the shortcuts that make navigating the web easy in the first place. This cheat sheet is packed with keyboard shortcuts for common features on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Google+ and even a few for Ello.

Go Back With Backspace Brings The Backspace Shortcut Back To Chrome

Chrome: In the newest version of Chrome, Google changed the backspace key’s behaviour so it no longer works as a keyboard shortcut to go back a page. Go Back with Backspace is a Google developed extension that brings that behaviour back.

Google Duo Vs Apple FaceTime: What's The Difference?

Google has released a video chatting app called Duo to rival Apple FaceTime. But unlike the case of Instagram ripping off Snapchat, Duo isn’t just a carbon copy of FaceTime. Here’s how Google has set Duo apart from Apple’s popular iOS video calling feature, for better or for worse.

Google Photos Brings Back The Rotate Video Feature It Removed For Some Reason

Android: Your phone does the best it can to figure out which way a video should be rotated, but sometimes it messes up. A long time ago, Google’s photos app had the ability to manually rotate an image. Now, the feature is back.

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