Ask Lifehacker: Do I Have To Report Income On My App Sales?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m developing a paid app to be published on Google Play (my first paid app). I am wondering what do I have to know about? For example, tax and the likes, I cannot seem to find a lot of guidance on this aspects online, would you be able to help me? (And yes, I am in Australia.)

Click The Listen Link Twice For A Slow Pronunciation In Google Translate

Clicking the “listen” button in Google Translate is a great way to listen to a translation, but it’s often hard to understand what it says. Google Operating System points out that when you click it again, it speaks slower.

Google's Street View Goes Vertical

It’s not precisely a street, but you can now scale Yosemite’s El Capitan rock wall in Google Street View. It appears that the big G also has ambitions on Uluru.

Google's Notification System Isn't Just For Google+ Anymore

The Google+ notification system, which appears nearly everywhere that you’re logged into Google, is getting a major change. Now, you can get notifications for Google Photos or YouTube. You can even filter which ones you want to see.

Google Adds Stock Android Clock To Google Play

Google has pulled another app out of its OS install and made it available via Google Play.

How Google Manages Networking In Its Data Centres

We know Google has enormous data centres. A new blog post from the search giant reveals a key strategy in how it manages networking within those centres: by ignoring standards.

Find Quotes Quickly With The Quote Operator In Google

Want to find something quickly to attribute to a particular famous person? Google’s got an easy search operator for that.

Two Ways To 'Respeak' Incorrect Words In Google Voice Search

Android: When you’re typing on a smartphone, you can double-tap a word to correct a mistake. Google Voice search is no different: if it misunderstands a word, you can say it again without repeating your entire phrase.

Google Reverts To Old Chrome Bookmark Manager

Google has backflipped on its revised bookmark manager for Chrome, reinstating the classic version instead.

My Smartphone Doesn't Need To Be Revolutionary

In the last month, both Apple and Google had press conferences showing off their new operating systems. Both were met with a resounding “meh” followed by outcries that Apple’s just an imitator these days. Here’s an unpopular opinion: I don’t care.