Make The Switch From iOS To Android With Google's New Guide

If you’re not excited about the new features in iOS 8, you might consider switching to Android. If that’s the case, Google just released a guide to help make the switch easier.

Google Adds A USB Key Option To Two-Factor Authentication

Google has already been pretty great about supporting two-factor authentication. Now, the company is adding another option: authentication with a secure USB key.

Want A Job At Google? Learn MATLAB

Google remains one of the most desirable tech employers, and we’ve covered tricks for getting hired there in the past. One potential entry point? Bone up on statistics and learn MATLAB.

Why Apple And Google Won't Care About Irish Tax Law Changes

Ireland has this week moved to change its tax law, closing the “double Irish” tax avoidance technique widely used by multinational enterprises including Google and Microsoft.

The Best Business Features In Android 5.0 Lollipop

The most-discussed feature of Android 5.0 Lollipop is likely to be Google’s shift to material design, but many of the under-the-hood changes will be especially beneficial to business users. These are the ones that stood out for us.

Nexus 6 Is Official, Australian Pre-Orders In November [Updated]

Google’s much-rumoured Nexus 6 Android phone is now official. The 5.96-inch phone, produced by Motorola, will be one of the first devices to run Android Lollipop (Android 5.0, previously known as Android L). The big question is: when will Australians see it?

Hangouts Comes To The Desktop With A Chat Heads-Style Interface

Windows/Chrome OS: Google’s Hangouts has become a great way to chat with your friends online, but chatting in a browser window is such a downer. Hangouts is finally available as a desktop Chrome app, so you can separate it from your precious tabs.

Search Individual Sites On Google By Searching For Their Name

Lifehacker veterans will know the “site:” operator you can use to only search Lifehacker within Google. Apparently, someone told Google about this trick, so now the company has built it right into search results itself.

The Rules Google Uses To Hire The Best People

Google is a highly desirable place to work, but how does the search giant make sure it attracts the best people? One factor is a well-defined set of rules about who to hire — and who to ignore.

Google Takeout Refresh Adds Google Drive Saves

Google’s Takeout service, which allows you to archive all your Google-centric data, has changed its interface and added Google Drive as a potential storage location.