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How To Stop Google+ Contacts Emailing You On Gmail

Google has tweaked Gmail so that anyone who can find you on Google+ can send you an email, even if they don’t have your email address. If you don’t fancy being spammed by the wider Google+ community, there’s a setting to switch the option off.

How To Stop Google+ From Taking Over All Of Your Google Apps

If you haven’t noticed, Google is making a serious play to make sure everyone signs up for and uses Google+. Whether it’s to comment on YouTube, post photos, or even share a Google Map or driving directions with someone else, you need to go through Google+. Not all is lost, though! Let’s look at where you can escape the clutches of Google+, and where you have no choice but to submit.

YouTube Overhauls Comments, Hopes They'll Be Less Horrible

YouTube’s comment system is getting a big overhaul from today, integrating with Google+ to create conversations and better moderation.

Google+ Adds Auto Awesome Movies, Great Video-Editing Features

Google+’s brilliant auto enhancement feature for photos (including automatic animated GIF creation) is now coming to videos uploaded to Google+. You can also expect sweet new video editing features.

Turn Off Google's Ad Endorsements

Another day, another checkbox that affects your online privacy. This time it’s Google and its ad endorsements, which could see your image being bandied about Google’s various services, giving your smiling approval to something you gave a +1 to or left a review for.

How To Post To Facebook, Twitter And Google+ At The Same Time

Google doesn’t make it easy to crosspost from other networks to Google+, but that’s OK — turn it around and use Google+ as the feed for your other social networks instead! Here’s how to funnel all of your Google+ posts (or just the posts you want) over to Facebook or Twitter using IFTTT.

Google+ Edits Photos With Snapseed's Powerful Tools

Chrome: Today, Google announced that it is integrating Snapseed’s collection of photo editing tools directly into Google+. Just click “Edit” while viewing your own photos and away you go. Neat!

Trick Chrome Into Installing The Google+ Photos App On Windows Or Mac

Chrome/Windows/Mac: The Google+ Photos app for Chrome is designed only for Google’s Chromebook Pixel. However, with this little hack, you can install it on your computer for convenient automated backups of your photos and more.

Google+ Has An Upgraded API For Google Apps Integration

Google+ is the red-headed stepchild of social networking, but like any good parent, Google keeps plugging away. Along with the upgrades to the Google+ Android client we reported on earlier, Google has also opened up the Google+ API, which enables integration of Google+ with Google Apps environments and with other third-party apps.

Google+ Gets Synced Notifications And A New Side Panel On Android, iOS

Android/iOS: Google announced today that it iss updating the notification system for Google+. The rollout begins with Android and the web, with iOS to follow.

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