Reach Goals Faster By Reviewing And Reiterating Habits Every Three Days

The more time you spend wondering how best to approach something, the less time you have to actually learn the best way for you. You have to learn through failure, so you might as well fail faster.

Why Trying To Be 'Authentic' At Work May Be Holding You Back

You were probably asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” a thousand times as a kid. Young people are often advised to make a career decision early on and then pursue that idea, and after years of hearing the same advice, you’ve probably imagined your future professional life — what kind of job you will have, what kind of leader you will be — and now you’re working backwards to get that coveted life you’ve been dreaming of for so long. But that thought process can be a professional trap, limiting your possibilities.

Think Of Your Goal As A Compass, Not An Endpoint

It’s hard not to picture a goal as a destination, but that type of thinking can be demotivating. You’re either there having succeeded, or you’re not. By thinking of your goals as a compass, you can keep your focus on the direction you need to go.

Don't Focus On The Finish, Focus On Your Next Step

One of the biggest pitfalls of long-term goals is spending more time focusing on where you want to end up than you do on what you should be doing right now. Stay motivated by thinking only about the next step.

Identify 'Miswants' To Figure Out What You Really Find Fulfilling

It’s impossible to know for sure whether you’ll enjoy or appreciate something until you do it. A “miswant” occurs when we pursue something we think we want, but end up disliking. However, miswants can also give us clues as to what we’ll really find fulfilling.

Why Setting Large Fitness Goals May Backfire

You would be hard pressed to find someone in the gym who isn’t there to reach some kind of goal. Whether it be fitting into a pair of old jeans, getting a six-pack or losing 10kg, the universal belief seems to be that anchoring your work to a goal will better direct your efforts. But what if goal setting might be doing more harm than good?

'You Can Complete A Project By Dropping It'

It may feel like every project you take on is important, but when you give your time and energy to something, it takes it away from something else. Sometimes the best way to finish a project is to just drop it completely.

Why There Are No Right Or Wrong Career Moves

I frequently encounter people struggling with a career decision they believe they have to get “right” or disaster is surely imminent. “What if I take this job and I hate it?” they might say. But this idea of right and wrong in your career path is a fallacy. There are only choices, and with every choice comes an opportunity.

If You Don't Have A Passion, Rule Out What You Don't Like Instead

A lot of career advice seems to centre around pursuing your passion. This is great if you know what your passion is, but what if you don’t? It might help to think less about what you love and more about the things you don’t like.

You Can't Achieve Your Goals If You're Never Working Towards Them

Having goals isn’t the same thing as working towards them. Many of us have things we’d like to accomplish that just sit in the back of our mind. But if you never get out of your head and into the workshop, those goals will never go anywhere.