Avoid Impulse Spending With A Big, Ongoing List Of Fun Projects

It’s easy to spend money when you have some time to yourself. You open the old laptop, browse for a bit, and suddenly, a box of Amazon goodies should be here by tomorrow. To combat boredom spending, keep yourself busy with an ongoing list of fun projects.

Set Impossible Goals To Get Over Self-Doubt

If you’re feeling a little insecure at work, it’s easier to set up obtainable goals so you’re always achieving something. However, while it might sound counterintuitive, over at Fast Company, marketing strategist Ted Karczewski suggests that one way to counter self-doubt is to give yourself impossible goals.

How To Use Your Temptations To Build Better Habits

Building habits is like training a dog — you want to reward yourself for a job well done. But there’s nothing that says you have to enjoy that reward after your “good behaviour”. Another technique, called “Temptation bundling”, lets you enjoy your reward while you build that habit, and it can be a very powerful tool.

Remove Unnecessary Pressure From Your Life With An 'Anti-Bucket List'

A bucket list can be a great way to track all the things you want to accomplish in your life, but it can also generate a lot of pressure that you don’t need. You can balance things out by creating an “anti-bucket list”,

'Good Enough' Isn't Always Good Enough

Once upon a time, perfectionism was the mark of good work, but the truly productive people of the world have come to learn it’s best to settle for “good enough”. That’s fine when you’re making small decisions, such as picking which toothbrush to buy. As a lifestyle choice, it’s rubbish that keeps you from being great.

Three Tell-Tale Signs You've Found What Truly Motivates You

Finding motivation can be a constant struggle when it comes to work, but it can be a little easier when you find your motivators. These are the three signs you’ve found what really keeps you moving forward.

Keep Yourself Motivated By Setting An Inspirational Browser Homepage

There are a lot of useful ways to setup your browser homepage or start page, but sometimes what you need is a positive boost. A special quote or photo can do the trick.

Plan More Effectively With The 'Tenth Man Rule'

When it comes to planning, you want to have every aspect covered. The “tenth man rule” has someone play the part of contrarian to make it even more effective.

Treat Paying Down Debt Like Working Out To Make It A Habit

Paying down debt can feel like a never-ending task, but dealing with it is a habit like any other. You can use similar habits to the ones you use to work out to start dealing with your debt.

The Surprising Benefits (And Pitfalls) Of Being A 'Jack Of All Trades'

People look down on the multitalented — even the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none” has a bit of a negative caveat. But there are a lot hidden perks that come with being a Jack. These are the best reasons you might want to reconsider the notion that a Jack of All Trades can’t be equally as successful.