Kick Bad Habits With Short-Term Sprints

Whether it’s caffeine or a killer sweet tooth, bad habits are tough to ditch. Short-term “sprints” over time can make kicking those bad habits more feasible and a lot less daunting.

Conquer An Unfinished Task By Dedicating Only Two Minutes To It

We all have those tasks we haven’t completed that seem to nag at us every day. It may seem like it will never get done, but you might just end up finding the rest of the time to complete it if you dedicate just a couple of minutes to it.

Manage Your Self-Doubt By Setting Goals And Expectations

Sometimes it may feel like everyone else is climbing the corporate ladder, getting book deals, and otherwise finding success while you struggle to get started. But everyone feels self-doubt about their work. It’s just a matter of managing that feeling and making progress, step by step.

Focus On The Process, Not The Milestones, For Better Success

When you’re trying to reach a goal, it’s comforting to focus on the milestones. However, a better target for your attention may be the incremental process improvements that will get you there.

Develop A Better Kind Of Mental Toughness By Living Like A Hydra

If you’re unfamiliar with the Hydra, it was a multi-headed beast in ancient Greek mythology that grew two heads for every one cut off. By creating a system of modes or mindsets for yourself to always fall back on — like the heads of a hydra — you’ll never feel like you’re not making progress towards your goals.

Learn More From Your Failures By Investigating Like A Detective

When you encounter a failure, you want to learn how it happened so you can prevent it in the future. Just like a crime, investigating the suspects can help you find the flaw in your system.

If You Want To Follow Your Dreams, You'll Have To Choose A Focus

A dozen great ideas are useless if you can’t follow them through. Even with endless ambition, having too many goals can pull you in too many directions, making it difficult to actually finish anything. Instead, you need to choose a small number of goals and focus your attention.

Ask Yourself 'What's Important Now?' To Focus On Your Biggest Goals

It can be easy to mimic our mentors or peers. However, our priorities and values aren’t always identical to theirs. Keep track of your own goals by regularly asking, “What’s important now?” to make better decisions on what you tackle next.

Work On Your 'Big Goal' Daily To Advance Your Career

Most of us have a long to-do list, and we also have long-term goals for a career. Even if you get busy, don’t let a day go by without working on the latter.

How Finding 'Overnight Success' Is Like Growing Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the strongest, most versatile plants in the world. It’s used for a large number of things, but, just like success, it doesn’t grow overnight. In fact, bamboo seedlings don’t even break ground for at least five years.