Focus On The First $10,000 When You Start Saving Money

Saving for the long-term is intimidating. If you’re starting out, don’t overwhelm yourself too much. Just focus on getting the first $10,000.

Put A Dollar Value On Goals To Make Them More Actionable

Goals are great, but they can be vague. A goal like “get out of debt”, for example, tells you nothing about how you plan to get there. We’ve discussed how it’s more productive to focus on the process. Putting a dollar value on your goals helps with that.

Compare Yourself To The 'Old You' Instead Of Others To Stay Positive

When you’re working hard to change a habit, develop a skill or achieve a personal goal, it’s hard not to compare yourself to others. Doing so can bring you down or breed hateful thoughts, however, so you’re better off comparing yourself to someone you know you’ve surpassed: the old you.

Decide On 'One Question' To Ask Before Making Any Work Decision

Struggling with decision fatigue can zap your willpower. One way to make sure you’re always working towards your goals it to keep a solid “first question” in mind for every choice you face.

Use The 'Two Note Strategy' To Plan And Reflect On Your Day

Many of us have a list of affirmations to start the day or check how our day went. Use some post-it notes to make sure you do both.

Get Into A Good Workflow Using Video Game Principles As Inspiration

When you’re playing a video game, you become completely absorbed in what you’re doing, and you’re completing tasks while time is flying by. Using some of the principles game designers use, you can apply that same concept of flow to your work.

The Biggest Failures Of Successful People (And How They Got Back Up)

When you mess up, drop the ball, screw the pooch or have an epic fail, it can feel like the world is ending and your career is kaput. First, take a deep breath and rest easy. You’re not the first person to encounter failure. In fact, some of the most successful, influential and inspiring people in the world have encountered some pretty major failure.

Turn Obstacles Into To-Dos To Get Your Projects Off The Ground

There’s a psychological barrier when we’re planning projects that says obstacles are in our way, preventing us from getting things done. There’s an alternative interpretation, however: obstacles are just another to-do.

Persevy Is A Pomodoro Tool To Help You Learn Skills Or Change Habits

There are lots of tools to help you learn new things or build better habits, but Persevy is the first one we’ve seen leverage the power of the Pomodoro productivity method to get you there. Choose something you want to learn (or add it yourself), then let the tool guide you through the work sessions to master it.

Learn From The Failures Of Successful People To Make Better Decisions

It’s great to learn from your mistakes, and it’s even better to learn from someone else’s. Failure stories can be quite useful. But financial expert Ramit Sethi argues that you shouldn’t listen to just anyone’s failure advice — you should listen to those who have failed, but then succeeded.