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What To Do When You've Hit A Plateau With Your Money Goals

You know how to handle your money: you’ve got a budget, a plan to save, and you’re kicking your debt. But now what? This is the time where a lot of people with good money sense fall off the wagon. If you’ve hit a plateau with your financial goals, it’s important to stay on track and motivated. Here’s how.

Improve Your Creative Process By Figuring Out Your Weakness

We all work a little differently depending on our personality, and that goes for creative work, too. Knowing your habits, behaviours and weaknesses can help you optimise your creativity.

Financial Independence Means Having The Ability To Change Your Mind

When you plan your long-term financial life, what does the end goal look like? Do you have it all planned out to a T? While you’re planning, remember to include the possibility you’ll change your mind.

Why Fear Of Missing Out Is A Good Thing

The fear of missing out (or FOMO) is the feeling of envy and insecurity you have when other people are having positive, exciting experiences in their lives and you’re not. It can make you feel depressed, cost you money, and stress you out — but it can also be an incredible motivational tool. Here’s why having some FOMO is a good thing.

Start A Money Club To Improve Your Financial Life

If your financial situation is out of order, you’re probably intimidated by it and unsure of where to start. It’s a lot easier to take on that challenge with a group of supportive peers. If you have friends interested in improving their finances too, you might suggest starting a money club to boost your financial literacy.

Money Challenges Are A Simple Way To Get Started With Personal Finance

Money challenges seem to be popular at the beginning of the year, probably because we’re all still nursing our holiday spending hangovers. These challenges might be gimmicky, but they’re still a great first step for getting started with personal finance.

Acknowledge The Stockdale Paradox To Optimistically Deal With Problems

The optimist smells the roses and the realist looks for the funeral. Being optimistic and realistic are opposites, right? According to the Stockdale paradox, it’s necessary to recognise both views to accomplish your goals.

Levelling Up Your Life: What Would Your Level 50 Look Like?

Think of role-playing games where we spend hours levelling up our character so we can slay dragons and complete world-changing missions. You start out with just a cloth tunic and a rusted dagger, but eventually you build yourself into an unstoppable force. Why not approach your life goals the same way?

Reboot A Dropped Habit By Committing To Only The First Part Each Time

Maintaining momentum is essential for keeping up good habits, but sometimes life gets in the way and stops you dead in your tracks. To get back to your old routine, ease your way into things by making the simplest of commitments.

'Never Touch Things Twice'

Keeping productive is as much about maintaining your momentum as it is about managing your use of time. You’re better off finishing everything you start, not saving halfway done tasks for later.

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