How To Balance A Fun Life With Your Financial Goals

When you’re paying off a debt or reaching some other financial goal, you usually have to cut back on restaurants, movies and other fun stuff. After a while, that can get old. But working hard to reach your financial goals doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life. You just have to find a balance.

Schedule To-Dos In Advance Only When You're Certain To Complete Them

Although skipping a task deadline that you’d set for yourself might seem harmless, the small failures can slowly drain you of motivation to stick with your original plan. Don’t bite off more than you can chew in a single day.

Dilbert's Scott Adams On Willpower: Have Systems, Not Goals

We tend to look at willpower as this magical force inside of us that we either have or we don’t. In a recent interview, Scott Adams — Dilbert creator and frequent advice giver — explains that willpower is actually a finite resource, and there’s a way to get what you need done without draining it all.

Prevent Future Anxiety By Practising Misfortune Now

In times of comfort, we usually enjoy the ride for as long as possible. Instead, we should prepare for when things sour. By experiencing the worst-case scenario, you realise you can get through it. This knowledge, reminiscent of stoicism, will soothe your anxieties.

Tell Two Or Three Close Friends About Your Goals To Stay Accountable

Accomplishing your goals is tough, so it helps to have some support to keep you accountable. On the other hand, using too many people as support can hinder your motivation, so find two or three people to balance between the extremes.

Regret Isn't A Mark Of Failure, It's A Reminder To Do Better

Although we dream of living without them, regrets are unavoidable. Regret can be a terrible feeling, but it also helps us improve by reminding us of what we did badly, and what we need to do better.

Prevent Debt Accumulation By Avoiding Assumptions About Future Income

When you have debt, it’s easy to put off paying it down when it’s a relatively small amount. The problem is that debt can hurt you a lot in the long run if you constantly assume that you’ll make more money later on to pay it off.

Maximise The Use Of Your Time With The 'Magic Bank Account' Approach

The biggest thing that gets in the way of our productivity is often ourselves. You can motivate yourself by thinking of the time you get each day as a “magic bank account” that refills each day, but if you don’t use what’s in it, you lose it.

'Change For Change's Sake Doesn't Always Equal Progress'

If you constantly change your to-do app, route to work or line at the supermarket, you probably know that at some point you’re just spinning your wheels. Have an end goal in mind whenever you make a change to ensure progress.

What To Do When You're Discouraged With Your Money Goals

Vowing to improve your money situation can be an exciting decision. Reaching those goals is exciting, too. But there’s a long stretch in between those two points that can really test your stamina. Many people start to feel discouraged when they’re paying off credit cards, saving for retirement or tackling their student loan. If your financial patience is being tested, here’s how to deal with it and stay on track.