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Use The End Of The Year To Focus On Wrapping Up Your Goals

If you have any lingering goals you want to accomplish this year, now is a great time to renew your focus on them. The last few months of the year are prime to buckle down on them, end on a high note and start off next year strong.

Why You Shouldn't Pay Money To 'Delegate' Major Life Decisions

Sometimes it makes sense to invest in your education or business in order to progress your career and move forward. And sometimes, you’re just paying to put off your goals. Or, as author Ramit Sethi puts it, we pay to “delegate our life decisions to someone else.”

Introducing The Lifehacker Fitness Challenge: Let's Run Together

If you’ve been meaning to start running, or to take your running more seriously, today is your lucky day. We’re launching a new challenge that will unfold over the next seven weeks, with the goal of getting you ready to run your first, or fastest, 5K.

How Can I Overcome My Fear Of Failure?

In high school, our hockey coach was a demigod. Hockey at the school was so important it nearly transcended the concept of sports. Our coach was a natural teacher and dexterously wove in life lessons into nearly every hockey lesson. And there were a lot of hockey lessons.

It's Not Your Job To Tell Yourself 'No'

Have you ever told yourself no? I definitely have. I’m talking about thoughts like “Why bother applying? I doubt that school would ever accept me,” or “This business idea isn’t going to work. I’m too old/too young/too inexperienced”. Or maybe “He’d never date me. I might as well move on.” Or “My boss won’t promote me anyway. Why should I even ask?” From what I can tell, we all doubt ourselves from time to time. The problem, of course, is that telling yourself no prevents you from getting started at all. When you decide not to act, you deny yourself opportunities. Once I realised this, I started following a simple little rule that has helped me stick to things and persevere when I normally would have given up. Here’s how it works and why you should use it.

Avoid The 'Perfectionist Trap' And Stop Comparing Your Successes To Your Role Models

The ‘perfectionist trap’ happens when you see the successes of the people you look up to and aspire to them, forgetting (or not seeing) the hard work and failures required for them to get there. You try, you struggle, and assume you should give up. Don’t: they’re more like you than you know.

The Psychological Origins Of Procrastination And How To Stop Putting Things Off

We’ve all had the experience of wanting to get a project done but putting it off for later. Sometimes we wait because we just don’t care enough about the project, but other times we care a lot — and still end up doing something else. I, for one, end up cleaning my house when I have a lot of papers to grade, even though I know I need to grade them.

Make A 'Reverse Bucket List' When You've Hit A Plateau With Your Goals

We all have goals we’re working toward, and at some point, you may come to a financial plateau with those goals. During that time, it’s easy to get impatient and lose sight of what you already have. A “reverse bucket list” can come in handy during this plateau.

Get More Done By Focusing On Systems Instead Of Goals

We all have things that we want to achieve in our lives — getting into the better shape, building a successful business, raising a wonderful family, writing a best-selling book, winning a championship and so on.

My Hobby Transformed Everything I Know About Setting Goals

This goal of mine. It was pointless. Not arguably pointless, actually pointless. Undisputedly pointless. Nothing would change if I achieved it. My financial situation would remain the same. My career: the same. My relationship with loved ones: the same. Everything: the same.

The only thing that would change: me. And no-one really gives a damn about that, do they?

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