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Figure Out What You Really Love To Do With The 'Laptop Test'

You’ll find no shortage of tips from many of the most successful and powerful people on how to find your “passion”, or what you truly love to do. Here’s a simpler way: gauge how you feel about opening your laptop.

Attach Your Spending Desire To A Financial Goal

Where can you save on your home? via Shutterstock

If you want to buy a home, most experts suggest saving at least 20% for the down payment. It’s a simple goal for a big purchase, but it’s meant to protect you financially. You can use the same concept for other purchases, too.

Five Big Reasons Why It's So Hard To Make Financial Progress

While I love writing and talking about all of the benefits of financial independence and financial progress, I’ll be the first to admit that the path is difficult. Although the ideas behind personal finance are easy, actually putting them into practice is incredibly hard. So how do we overcome the challenges?

When Your Inner Critic Becomes Too Negative, Replace It With A More Polite Voice

Your inner critic can motivate you to improve your skills and get stuff done, but usually, negative self-talk ends up working against you. We’ve told you to beat your inner critic by visualising it, and the School of Life offers another solid suggestion: replace it with a gentler voice, whether that’s a friend, a therapist or even some motivating text.

Prioritise Your Tasks By Motivation Instead Of Time With Activity Blocks

Loss of motivation can kill your productivity, but if you can switch things up while you work, you’ll keep yourself fresh and focused. Prioritising and scheduling tasks into activity blocks that aren’t constrained by time can help.

Google Calendar Now Automatically Finds Time In Your Schedule For Your Goals

Android/iOS: Having a goal to work out more is fine, but it’s hard to prioritise when other things come up. Google Calendar can now help by letting you set goals that will automatically work around your schedule.

Inspire Your Work By Doing It In Inspiring Locations

Inspiration can be tough to come by. If you’re struggling to find inspiration on a project, try working on it somewhere that inspires you.

Define Success For Yourself Before You Start Taking Advice On How To Succeed

Before you even finish high school, you were probably bombarded with people telling you how to achieve “success”. Without your own definition, though, that advice is meaningless.

'Stay On The Bus'

Not matter what kind of work you do, you probably have a desire to do things differently and make your mark on the world. If you’re not careful, however, you can get caught up in trying to innovate and never actually get anywhere.

Keep A Weekly Accomplishments List To Motivate Yourself

Many of us have a daily list of things we want to get done in the office. Yet when the week is done, we still feel unproductive. To combat this, try keeping a weekly accomplishment list to record what you’ve done.

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