Why Thinking Too Long-Term Can Sabotage Your Success

Short-term thinking gets a bad rap when we talk about time management, but if you focus purely on your long-term goals, you might be on the road to burnout. Neglecting your immediate, short-term needs can just stress you out more, despite your meticulous planning.

The Money Conversations To Have When Your Relationship Gets Serious

Couples fight more about money than anything else. You and your partner could be totally compatible in every way, but sparks can still fly when it comes to money. Getting on the same page financially can be tough. To make things easier, talk about a few important topics when the relationship starts to get serious.

'Beware Of Looking For Goals: Look For A Way Of Life'

Hunter S. Thompson is probably one of the last people you’d turn to for life advice, but the above quote from a letter he wrote to his friend, Hume Logan, nails what goals are supposed to be about surprisingly well.

Decouple Your Feelings From Your Actions For Fitness Success

I spent the first 20 years of my life “feeling bad” about my thoughts. Obese me would drive by a McDonald’s and experience immense guilt for feeling hungry. Similarly, after a perfect week of dieting, the temptation to raid my fridge led to feelings of moral failure. But feelings aren’t what matter — actions do.

Maintain The Confidence To Succeed With A 'Failure Expectation' Plan

Failure happens to the best of us, but it can still be completely ego-crushing. And when your ego is crushed, it’s easy to give up. Don’t let failure take down your goals. Prepare for it with a “failure expectation” plan.

Talent Does Not Decide Whether You Succeed

It can be easy to ground ourselves with the notion that we don’t have — or weren’t born with — the talent to succeed. While some people may naturally have the upper hand in some skilsets, being successful at something really comes down to dedicating yourself to develop and master skills. Talent is just a starting point.

Trick Yourself Into Meeting Self-Set Deadlines By Keeping Them Urgent

Setting a deadline for yourself can be helpful or completely useless, depending on how you treat it. You can give yourself a higher chance of actually meeting your own deadlines by setting them near the present.

Prioritise Your Goals With This Simple Two-Question Test

If it seems like you have too many things that you want to do, some prioritising can help a lot. You can whittle away less important things by asking yourself a couple questions regarding how dedicated you really are.

Evaluate Your Life Each Day With One Basic Question: Did Today Matter?

It’s easy to zone out and get trapped in the day-to-day mindset, but if you’re really trying to take your life in a certain direction, you need to make progress. With a short, but sweet question you can help yourself maintain focus on moving forward.

Practise Your Skill's Fundamentals, Even When You Think You Know Them

When you’re practising a skill, the basics eventually start to feel rote. You’ve used the skills from your first lesson over and over, so it feels boring practising them. The fact that you use them constantly, however, is why you need to keep practising them.