Gmail Makes It Easier To Insert Phone Photo Uploads

Want to include a recent photo in that email you’re sending from the Gmail web client? That process has become a little easier, with Google adding a new ‘Insert photo’ button that accesses the photos most recently uploaded from your phone.

Silence Long 'Reply All' Threads With Gmail's Mute Feature

We’ve all been there: You get caught in an email thread where everyone is hitting the “reply all” button. Even though the email is no longer relevant to you, the replies keep filling up your inbox. Gmail can help you mute these conversations.

Checker Plus Reads Gmail Messages, Marks As Read From Notifications

Chrome: Google’s browser has a pretty nifty notification system. While Gmail can provide some basic notifications through Chrome, Checker Plus lets you automatically read emails out loud and mark them as read from the notification.

Get More Gmail Search Results Per Page With This Bookmarklet

By default, Gmail returns 20 results per page when you perform a search. If you’d like to bump that up to 50 and spend less time paging through results, you can change one simple parameter in the URL or, better yet, use a simple bookmarklet.

Create A Common Gmail Account To Sync Contacts In Everyone's Phones

To keep your partner, housemates or office colleagues always updated with commonly used contacts, create a group Gmail account. Smartphones can add it as a secondary account and sync the contacts, so everyone’s phone is always updated.

MarkAsRead Adds A Read Button To Gmail Notifications

Android: One of the coolest features Google added to Android’s notifications recently was the ability to archive email directly from the notification shade. Some things, however, don’t need to be archived. If you’d prefer to just mark the email as read, MarkAsRead gives you the option.

Gmail Is Adding A Thumbnail View To The Promotions Tab, Sign Up Here

If you use Gmail’s tabbed interface and have the Promotions tab enabled, that tab could get a little prettier in the near future. Gmail is currently field-testing a thumbnail view of the Promotions tab and you can sign up to try it out.

Schedule Outgoing Gmail Messages With This Google Sheets Script

We’ve featured tools like Boomerang that allow you to send scheduled emails from Gmail before. However, it’s possible to do the same thing without any additional apps. Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration shows us how to do this with a Google Sheets script.

Gmail Is Now A Little More Secure

Gmail is now a little more secure: HTTPS encryption will be used regardless of which device or network you’re using to send messages.

Supercharge Your Gmail Filters With These System Labels

One of the best things about Gmail is its robust filtering system. It’s easy to route very specific types of messages to different folders or relegate them to the archive easily. Now, you can supercharge Gmail’s default options with these system labels that let you search unsearchable folders or root out specific types of messages.