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Copyright Infringement Saw GitHub Shut Down 8200 Projects During 2015

It’s easy to forget that GitHub can host any sort of content, not just source code and data for your personal or business projects. This means GitHub can unintentionally become a server of copyright-infringing material, a fact the company takes seriously — it shut down over 8200 projects during 2015, with nearly 6000 closed in September alone.

GitHub Catches Up With Competitors, Offers Unlimited Private Repositories

GitHub has been slowly and steadily improving its platform. Just this year it’s introduced browser file uploads, commit “reactions” and user blocking. These were nice, but didn’t add much to the service’s appeal. Unlimited private repositories however? That’s not bad.

GitHub Now Lets You Block Troublesome Users From Public Repositories

GitHub is a git repository service widely used to host open source software projects. The beauty of open source projects on GitHub is that people can collaborate to edit and improve the code. Trouble is, with multiple people working on the same project, it can get a bit chaotic and one uncooperative coder can ruin it for everybody. This is why GitHub is now letting project owners of public repositories block abusive users.

GitHub Adds Facebook-Like Reactions To Its Web Interface

Hot on the heels of adding browser file uploading, GitHub has taken the wraps off another feature for its web-facing presence — reactions. Yes, you can now better share you feelings regarding issues, comments and pull requests on GitHub using good old emoticons.

GitHub Adds Browser File Uploading To Hosted Repositories

New GitHub features are always welcome, though some a certainly more useful than others. On the “less handy” end of the spectrum is the recent addition of file uploading via the browser to your GitHub-hosted repositories.

GitHub Enterprise 2.5 Brings Additional Support To Growing Development Teams

Code repository hosting service GitHub has updated its enterprise offering to provide more support for development teams within large companies. GitHub Enterprise 2.5 is focused on making it easier for teams to add new users to their software projects, facilitating secure collaboration and weeding out performance issues that crop up when working with large groups of developers.

Inside GitHub's Culture War That's Ripping The US$2 Billion Startup Apart

We’ve been hearing about a lot of drama going on at US$2 billion startup GitHub, the hugely important and popular site used by millions of computer programmers where 10 or more executives have departed in recent months. The more we write about the inner turmoil, the more people step forward to share details and opinions.

How To Write Better Commit Messages For Version Control

Writing concise, yet descriptive commit messages for version control is a difficult art to perfect. While you’re on the path of getting those notes down to their efficient best, here are a few questions to ask yourself before doing that push.

Which Programming Language Do You Prefer?

Code hosting website, GitHub, has published a graph which shows just how popular different programming languages are on the site since its launch in 2008. The results revealed some interesting trends and how different languages have picked up momentum in recent years.

GitHub Launches New Windows And Mac Apps With Simplified Workflows

Windows/Mac: GitHub has released new desktop apps for both Windows and Mac that aim to make cross-platform work between the two a lot easier.

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