Magpie Self-Hosts All Your Notes, Syncs With GitHub, BitBucket

Sick of storing all your notes on someone else’s server? Magpie is a simple, web-based notes app you can host yourself that features notebooks, notes and PDF scraping.

The Microsoft Office Open XML SDK Is Now Open Source

Open XML is the format which Microsoft Office has used to store Office documents since Office 2007, If you’re a developer trying to exploit those formats, the task may now be a little easier: Microsoft has made its Open XML software development kit (SDK) an open source project.

Master GitHub Shortcuts And Commands With This Cheat Sheet

Whether you’re learning to code or you’re a seasoned developer, GitHub is a great tool to manage your projects. With these shortcuts and tips, you’ll save time and energy looking up how to do common tasks, create task lists, see author comment histories and highlight code.

Atom, The Text Editor From GitHub, Goes Free And Open-Source

Mac (Windows/Linux coming soon): Atom, the text editor from the folks at GitHub and one of your favourites, is now open source and free to download and use. The team is still working on Windows and Linux versions, but the Mac version is out of closed beta and available to all.

If You're Not Posting Code To GitHub, You Won't Be Hired

GitHub is an awesome way to manage code, but its usefulness doesn’t end there. If you want to pursue a career as a developer, it’s a vital way of demonstrating your skills.

Choose The Best Licence For Your Open Source Project

Making the decision to open source your code can be challenging enough without getting into the technicalities of which licence to publish your work under. That’s where a site like Choose A License steps in, providing you with an easy way to determine the restrictions under which your code can be used, modified and distributed.

How To Turn GitHub Into A To-Do List

I’m a huge fan of to-do lists. They help me stay organised, prioritise my day, and add structure to an otherwise chaotic schedule. I recently discovered what appears to be the best yet simplest way to keep a to-do list: a GitHub Gist.