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Here's Where You Can (Legally) Watch Your Fave TV Shows This Year

With Netflix, Stan and Presto now firmly established in the Australian streaming market, we have more options than ever to legally watch the TV shows that our country has long had a reputation for pirating. Whether or not you subscribe to every service that hosts your favourite shows is another matter entirely…

Foxtel: The End Is Nigh. Here's Why

Entertainment streaming services like Stan and Netflix offer access to a wide range of content cheaply and at the viewers’ preferred time. So where does this leave traditional Pay TV models like Foxtel? Whatever strategy is employs, its road into the future is going to be treacherous — and costly.

How Often Do Australia's Streaming Services Refresh Their Content?

It’s not only the size of the streaming library that counts, but also how often new content joins (or leaves) a streaming service. But how do the various competing streaming services compare?

Ask LH: Can I Watch International Soccer Without Paying For Foxtel?

Hey Lifehacker, Now that the real football season has come to an end (“soccer” as most folk here call it), I am looking at my options for the upcoming season. I subscribed to Foxtel Play fit to get my EPL, Championship and A-League fix, but I’m not particularly keen on paying for a bunch of additional channels that I will never watch.

Telstra Has Dumped That Ridiculous Time Restriction For Mobile Foxtel

When Telstra relaunched its Mobile Foxtel TV-channels-on-your-phone product last week, we noted that its limit of 30 minutes viewing a day and 200 total minutes viewing a month rendered it a terrible and pointless product. After we mentioned that, Telstra told us it never intended those restrictions to be included, and it has now altered the terms and conditions so that viewing via its Android and iOS apps isn’t subject to limits.

Telstra's Mobile Foxtel Relaunches, Still Bad Value

Telstra has tweaked its Mobile Foxtel TV-to-smartphone offering several times in recent years, but it remains something of a niche offering. The latest “relaunch” makes some tweaks to the service, but there’s still a nasty sting in the conditions which makes it essentially impossible to recommend.

Presto Adds A Lot More TV Content Via Seven

Presto’s strength in streaming has long been its movies, but equally its TV offerings have been somewhat meagre. That’s set to change with the approval of its joint venture deal with Seven West Media.

Who Offers The Most Hours Of Streaming Movies And TV In Australia?

Subscription streaming services like Netflix and Stan generally refuse to disclose how many hours of content they offer, but those numbers can be a useful raw metric for deciding who provides the best value. Streaming search app Gyde has toted up the numbers on the five main services in Australia right now. Who comes out on top?

Ask LH: How Can I Share Streaming Services With Others?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m thinking about subscribing to Netflix, Stan and Presto, but I’m wondering about the best way to share services with others. In my case we have four adults in the house and my preference would be for each to have their own account and password. Is that possible?

Foxtel Will Run Orange Is The New Black Series 3 Marathon

Netflix isn’t the only game in town when it comes to binge watching.

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