Presto's Free Trial Now Runs For Two Months

We’re going to see a lot of these kinds of deals as streaming services battle for customers. Presto only launched its 30-day free trial this month, but now it’s offering a two-month free test.

Foxtel Really Wants You To Pay For Game Of Thrones

With Netflix kicking down the door for affordable streaming prices in Australia, Foxtel is more desperate to woo new customers than ever. One of its chief carrots is the popular HBO series Game Of Thrones which remains exclusive to the pay TV network during its initial run. In a bid to entice fans of the show, Foxtel Play is knocking $20 off its monthly Premium Movies & Drama package — just in time for Game Of Thrones season five. The process is a bit finicky, however.

Telstra Giving Six Free Months Of Presto To T-Box Owners

We’re going to see a lot of subscription services announcements this week, largely triggered by Netflix’s official launch on November 24. Getting in ahead of the Netflix noise, Telstra is offering Foxtel’s Presto streaming service free to all Telstra T-Box customers for six months.

Foxtel IQ3: When To Buy It And When To Avoid It

Foxtel officially launches its new IQ3 player/recorder today. What new features does it offer, and is it worth paying for the upgrade? Lifehacker investigates.

Foxtel's IQ3 Goes On Sale Next Monday

It has been a fair wait for Foxtel’s next generation subscription TV box, and there’s plenty of incoming competition, but if you’re keen, Foxtel will sell you an IQ3 box as of next week.

Foxtel Broadband: Why It's A Bad Deal

Does it make sense to buy your broadband and home phone line from Foxtel? Planhacker crunches the numbers and says “probably not”.

Foxtel's Presto TV Streaming Is Overpriced And Lacking Content

Late last year, Foxtel announced plans to expand its Presto streaming service to include TV as well as movies — a clear attempt to make its mark before the launch of Netflix and Stan. Overnight, Foxtel has quietly launched the service — so what does it cost and what do you get?

Where You Can (And Can't) Watch Your Fave TV Shows This Year

The US non-ratings season is nearly over, which means all your favourite TV shows will soon be returning to television screens. However, whether you’ll actually get to watch them depends on the entertainment services you subscribe to. With that in mind, here are five of the most popular shows in Australia — as voted by our readers — along with the only places you can (legally) access them.

Australians Mostly Pay For TV To Watch Sport

With Netflix, Stan and Presto Entertainment all set to launch in the early part of 2015, there’s a lot of focus on which shows will be available on each service. In that context, ratings data from 2014 provides a sobering reminder that when they pay for TV, Australian viewers care far more about sport than they do about drama or comedy.

Foxtel Is Adding TV Shows To Presto To Try And Ward Off Netflix

So this isn’t exactly surprising: Foxtel has announced plans to add TV programming to its Presto on-demand streaming service. The obvious motive behind such a change? The imminent arrival of Netflix in March and Stan the month before that.