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XDA Labs Lets You Browse Forum Posts, Download Apps And Xposed Modules

Android: XDA has released a few versions of its apps over the years, but the recent ones are the most useful yet. With XDA Labs you can browse the forums, download apps and peruse a library of Xposed modules.

The Reddit Forum Furore Explained

Over the past few days, you may have heard about the self-imposed shutdown affecting the popular news and entertainment forum Reddit. Here’s what you need to know.

Share Your Wisdom: Our Guide To Business Forums

Want to meet fellow business people, share war stories and enhance your skills? Lifehacker rounds up the top online and real-world forums for small business people to get together.

How To Be A Model Internet Citizen

The internet gives us all a platform to make our voices heard. That’s incredibly powerful, but with that power comes responsibility. That’s right, like any citizenship, your internet privileges carry with them responsibilities. “But I’m no troll,” you say. That’s not enough; there’s more to being an upstanding citizen of the internet than just not trolling. Here’s how you to embrace the responsibilities of your citizenship and become a model internet citizen.

Enjin Is A Site And Forum Host For Gamers

Want to build an online community for your gaming buddies but don’t fancy grappling with setting up the software yourself? Enjin provides a hosting service designed specifically for gaming guilds and communities.

Web Apps Is A Q&A Forum For Web Application Enthusiasts

Q&A website Web Apps brings the novel forum-meets-social-news setup of the very popular programmer site Stack Overflow to the web application arena, providing advanced users of web applications with a forum to ask and answer questions about their favourite web apps.

How Can I Hide Trollish Comments?

Dear Lifehacker, I really like reading your blog and others around the net, but I’m getting really sick and tired of all the trolls. Is there any way to easily block all the offensive comments that seem to swarm blogs these days?

Productive Geek Is A Forum For Flexing Your Productivity Muscles

Commenting on Lifehacker offers a great way for readers to share tips and chat, but for rich, full-on how-to guides and the like, Productive Geek provides a solid forum.

Google Bundling Forum Posts In Search Results

Site forums are useful for asking and finding answers to specific problems, but the fact that the same query appears multiple times isn’t always evident. In its latest tweak to search results, Google is grouping together forum posts on similar topics from the same site.

eBay Will Retain Community Discussion Board

Not long after Lifehacker posted about imminent changes to eBay Australia’s discussion boards, we got an email from the company’s PR wallahs. The good news? Next week’s redesign of the discussion boards will include a general discussion board for non eBay-topics, branded “Community Spirit”. That’s a welcome development for eBay chat enthusiasts, although only time will tell how closely monitored discussions on that new board prove to be.

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