This Graphic Shows You The Easiest Way To Make Homemade Ramen

When you think of ramen, you probably think of those cheap packets students eat — which is fine, but real, fresh ramen is a different — and much more delicious — matter. This graphic from the folks at Lucky Peach shows you how to make your own.

Look For Specificity In Recipes To Separate The Good From The Bad

Look for a recipe for just about anything online and you’ll see so many results that it’s basically impossible to pick out the right one to follow. Besides sticking to a few reliable sites, The Kitchn suggests looking for specificity to differentiate the terrible recipes from the bad.

MyFitnessPal Adds Premium Version With More Diet Detail, Custom Goals

MyFitnessPal, one of our favourite fitness and nutrition tracking tool, has always offered a free version. The service just added a new premium account tier with more discrete options for your goals, more ways to keep track of the macronutrients in the foods you eat, diet and meal suggestions, and — of course — no ads.

This Table Shows You The Restricted Diet Options For Major International Airlines

While free airline meals are becoming rarer these days across the word, international flights will often still serve them. If you have dietary restrictions, you can use the following table to review all your options for major airlines.

Roast Cauliflower Leaves Instead Of Letting Them Go To Waste

You always want to get everything you can from your ingredients. Try roasting the cauliflower leaves that come with the head rather than throwing them away.

How To Make A Vinaigrette That Goes With Everything

We’ve already established that there’s no need to spend money on store-bought salad dressing when you can make a bunch of your own using a few guidelines. But if you learn just one all-purpose dressing, make it this perfect lemon vinaigrette.

Make An Impromptu Slow Cooker Meal With This Basic Formula

Sometimes you don’t have the time or patience for a recipe (or you just have some leftover ingredients). This chart shows you a simple formula to put together any slow cooker meal.

Hang These Graphics On Your Fridge To Never Waste Food Again

Every year, people waste lots of food — a serious and saddening issue. If you sometimes throw out food because they have spoiled, these printables can help.

Ask LH: How Safe Are Artificial Sweeteners, Really?

Dear Lifehacker,

Everyone is saying artificial sweeteners like aspartame are bad for you, and now Diet Pepsi is removing it. Should I worry about how much diet soft drink I’ve been drinking? What health hazard have I been exposing myself to all these years? And should I worry about the new sweetener that’s replacing it?

Thicken Soup With Blended White Beans For A Gluten-Free Alternative

Some soups are much better when they have a thicker texture. Adding some blended white beans can thicken things up without off-setting the flavour, and they’re perfect for gluten-free and vegan recipes.