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The Easiest Way To Make Your Own Ricotta Cheese At Home

The creamy texture of ricotta cheese makes it perfect for lasagna, flavorful toast, and even dips. Here’s a super simple way to make it at home with ingredients you probably already have in the kitchen.

Supercharge Your Veggie Burger By Giving It The Chicken Parm Treatment

Veggie burgers make for a quick and easy meat-free meal, but they can be a little underwhelming in the flavour department. To give them some extra oomph, consider parming it up.

Season Eggs Before Cooking For A More Tender, Fluffy Scramble

Scrambled eggs can either be fluffy and fantastic or sad and rubbery. To make sure they stay on the tender side of things, Cook’s Illustrated recommends whisking in salt before the eggs even touch the pan.

Revive Leftover French Fries By Turning Them Into A Potato Waffle

Fries just aren’t as good when you reheat them, but that doesn’t mean you should trash the leftovers. Grab your waffle maker and transform them into a crispy base for all kinds of tasty toppings, like cheese, meat, or even a fried egg.

Make Tasty, Chewy Muesli Bars In The Microwave

Muesli bars (“flapjacks” if you’re British) make a great, chewy, on-the-go breakfast or snack, and these fruit-packed babies can be made in mere minutes using the microwave.

Top Wintry Soups With Granola For Crunchy, Nutty Goodness

Croutons are pretty much flawless, but if you’re looking to shake up your seasonal soups, consider topping them with that prince of a breakfast item: Granola.

Make Tiny, Tasty Ice Cream Cones Out Of Cookies

Store-bought ice cream cones can be flavourless and cardboard-like, but this method from Food 52 allows you to make tiny, extremely tasty, adorable little cones from your favourite tuile, brandy snap, or lace cookie batter.

Add A Shot Of Syrup For Incredible Milkshakes (And Other Food Tips From Diner Cooks)

Diner food isn’t exactly Michelin Star cuisine, but that doesn’t make it not delicious, or we can’t learn great at-home cooking tips from diner cooks. The Kitchn runs down a bunch, but one stood out to us: Add a shot of chocolate or vanilla syrup to your homemade milkshakes to take them to a new level.

Make Delicious 'Hot Pockets' With Frozen Roti

As someone who grew up in 1990’s America, I am no stranger to the Hot Pocket. I would love to tell you that I’ve grown out of them completely, but every once in a while I am hit with a nostalgic craving for the microwavable, pepperoni-packed bread vessel. Here’s how to make your own.

Dislodge A Fish Bone Caught In Your Throat With A Milkshake

The best way to avoid swallowing fish bones is to pick them out before cooking, but sometimes you’ll miss one. If it gets stuck in your throat, this sweet trick will help it move along.

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