Taste Test: Yoder Y Series BBQ Smoker

Last month, we checked out Yoder’s YS640 Hardwood Pellet Cooker, a pellet fired BBQ unit that can be used for smoking, baking and grilling. If you’re looking to host a different kind of BBQ over the long weekend, a pellet smoker could be the way to go. Here are a handful of recipes we tried, ranging from jalapeño poppers to succulent hanger steak.

Use A Muffin Tray To Cook Stuffed Capsciums Without The Mess

Stuffed capsicums are a delicious way to cram an entire meal into a self-contained edible container. However, when they cook, they can often deform. Keep the mess contained by cooking them in muffin trays.

How To Find Out Which Foods Are Making You Sick

Although food allergies are still rare (affecting about 5 per cent of the population), food intolerances are quite common. I see patients for food intolerances every day with symptoms like constipation, difficulty swallowing, heart burn, bloating and headaches. But how do you figure out which foods might be affecting you?

Don't Bother Soaking Grains For Time Savings Or Flavour

Conventional cooking wisdom tells us to soak grains like barley or steel-cut oats overnight to cook them more quickly and produce better results. Serious Eats’ tests, however, suggest you can skip that step and cook them straight from dry.

Turn Ice Cream Into Muffins With Just One Extra Ingredient

Want a yummy muffin without the effort of measuring and combining multiple ingredients? All you need is vanilla ice cream and self-rising flour.

Puree Tomatoes And Other Vegetables With A Metal Sieve

Blender on the fritz and you can’t use it to puree your vegetables? A metal sieve with a wire mesh can come to the rescue.

A Scientific Approach To Minimising Bacon Shrinkage

Bacon is delicious, and keeping it from shrinking when cooking is a popular topic. Instructables user craftclarity wanted a more scientific, rigorous approach to keeping bacon from shrinking, so he put a number of popular tricks to the test. Which was the best? The good old oven.

Neutralise Paint Fumes With An Onion

After painting a room of your house, you might struggle to get rid of the unpleasant fumes. Not to worry! As the Huffington Post points out, you just need to cut up an onion.

Double-Boil Instant Ramen To Reduce The Amount Of Unhealthy Palm Oil

Instant ramen is a cheap and easy to way to get a hot meal on the table — there’s no denying that. Its nutritional value, however, is questionable. Here’s a trick to make it a little better for you.

Use Less Water And Rely On Steam For Perfect Soft-Boiled Eggs

Cooking soft-boiled eggs is usually a matter of careful timing and not too much heat. It can be hit-or-miss, so the folks at America’s Test Kitchen wanted a more repeatable method that worked every time. The secret? Way less water than you think — about a centimetre, tops.