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Inflightfeed Tells You What To Expect From In-Flight Food, Depending On The Airline

Airline food is, for the most part, an afterthought. No one boards a flight expecting a culinary experience, but some airlines serve better food than others. In fact, sometimes that food is downright delicious. Inflightfeed is a blog dedicated to reviewing all the different meals offered on 150 different airlines around the world.

How I Stop Myself From Eating Too Much At Restaurants

I didn’t live through the Great Depression even though I sometimes eat as if I did. Despite a desire to keep thin I have a bad habit of clearing every last greasy morsel of rice or supposedly decorative garnish that’s put in front of me. Kicking this habit has helped me feel better about myself.

Make Your Own Restaurant-Worthy Sushi Ginger, Right Down To The Colour

My love for sushi ginger borders on obsessive, and have been known to go out to sushi just to satisfy my pickled ginger craving. This is unnecessary though, because you can make delicious, perfect gari in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Napkin Talks You Through Recipes So You Can Focus On Cooking

iOS: There are plenty of useful recipe apps out there, the only problem is, it can be mildly annoying to cook and check your phone after each step. Napkin eliminates this annoyance with voice-guided recipes.

Make Super Delicious Fried Eggs With The Last Bit Of Tomato Paste

Tomato paste adds a super concentrated boost of flavour to everything it graces, and a teaspoon is all it takes to turn your morning egg into something truly savoury and special.

To Get The Tastiest Parmesan Cheese, Buy Close To The Rind

You may think that as long as you’re buying real Parmigiano-Reggiano, your getting the best parm your money can buy, but it turns out that cheese closest to the rind is the tastiest.

Bake Better Chicken Breasts With The Dry-Poaching Technique

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts don’t have a lot of fat in them, so they’re a challenge to cook (unless you like dry or tasteless chicken). With a piece of parchment paper, however, this problem is solved.

Make This Tangy Citrus Dessert With A Simple Ratio

Bright, tangy fruits are necessary for getting through the cold winter months, and citrus curd has a way of bringing sunshine to the darkest of days. Lemon is classic, but this ratio lets you make delicious curd out of limes, oranges, or any citrus fruit.

DIY Bread Cones: A Perfect Edible Container For Your Favourite Fillings

Why eat out of a bowl when you can eat out of an edible, fluffy bread cone? Great for on the go or for game day gatherings, bread cones can be filled with anything you want.

Five Of The Most Common Mistakes People Make When Trying To Lose Weight

No matter what kind of approach you’re taking to lose weight, there are a few common mistakes that will always undo all of your hard work. Here are five frequent mistakes you need to avoid.

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