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Would You Pay $100 For Five Of The Best Potato Chips On Earth?

If you’re going to shell out $100 for potato chips, each crisp should be more filling than Elvish lembas bread, or pack so much flavour it’d put Willy Wonka’s entire catalogue to shame. I supposes the Swedish-based St Erik’s Brewery is aiming for the latter with this limited run, five-chip boxset.

Substitutions For iPhone Shows You What To Safely Swap In Your Recipes

iOS: If you have diet restrictions or allergies, you probably have a mental list of common ingredients to watch out for and what to swap in instead, but you shouldn’t have to rely on a mental list for everything. Substitutions is a one-stop app where you can quickly look up ingredient swaps on the fly.

Upgrade Your Rice By Putting A Whole Tomato In Your Rice Cooker

Rice cookers can make more than just rice, but they make rice really well. To up the flavour factor and make a super tasty, super easy dish using only your rice cooker, you just need to grab a tomato.

These Translated Allergy Cards Make Your Food Allergies Known Wherever You Travel 

If you have dietary restrictions, eating at restaurants in another country when you can’t speak the language can be a difficult or sometimes even life-threatening ordeal. Pocket-size, translated cards to show the restaurant staff can make things a little less stressful. Just make sure they include a couple of important details.

Unusual Pasta Shapes And How To Use Them [Infographic]

Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little spaghetti, but the wide world of pasta has so many varieties to offer, and they are begging to be eaten. If you want to explore some of the more interesting shapes, but aren’t sure where to start, Real Simple has just the graphic for you.


Hello friends, this is a pie. Only it isn’t a regular pie, it’s a MUSCLE PIE.


Spaghetti Squash Makes A Surprisingly Tasty Funnel Cake

Upon first reading, the words “spaghetti squash funnel cake,” might send you into a rage — because squash is not cake — but fried strands of super starchy squash actually crisp up in a very pleasing way and taste great with powdered sugar.

10 Things To Make With Apples

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. They’re also a highly versatile ingredient that can make everything from crispy chips to all-American pies. Here are 10 cooking suggestions for your next apple harvest (or trip to the grocery store). We’ve even included some ideas for the leftover peel.

The Ultimate Beer And Ice Cream Pairings [Infographic]

Beer and ice cream are good. Sweltering weather is bad. As such, I suggest you combine the two good things to beat the impending Aussie heat with these amazing ‘beer float’ flavour combinations.

My Food Bag Has Closed Down In Australia

The fresh food delivery service My Food Bag is exiting the Australian market, with the company choosing to focus on New Zealand instead. The final deliveries were already sent earlier in the week. It’s a sad day for stay-at-home foodies.

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