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Make 'Roast' Chicken In Half The Time With The Help Of A Pressure Cooker

Roast chicken is awesome, but it does take over an hour to make in the oven. What if you could speed that up and roast the chicken in about 30 minutes? If you have a pressure cooker, you can.

Blotting Pizza With A Napkin Actually Cuts Significant Calories

There are two kinds of people: Those who use a napkin to blot off pizza oil, because hey free calories, and those who laugh at the first group. How much difference could it possibly make?

Add Grated Cheese To Pasta Before The Sauce To Mix It In Better

Usually, pasta is served with grated cheese on top of the sauce, but venerable Italian cooking book The Silver Spoon suggests you do the reverse.

The Science Behind Baking Your Ideal Chocolate Chip Cookie

Finding the perfect cookie recipe is no different than any other scientific experimentation. This video explains how to use baking science to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie that suits your palate.

Taste Test: Bennelong's $22 Cheese Toastie And $24 Sausage Roll

Bennelong is a new Sydney Opera House restaurant that serves Australian “pub food” of the fanciest kind. Its counter bar is quickly becoming famous for its $22 toasted cheese sandwich and $24 sausage roll. That’s not a typo: ordering the pair will cost you close to fifty bucks. Madness? Not according to our resident food critic Simon Thomsen — he reckons they are worthy of the location and price…

Prevent Apples From Browning With A Quick Saltwater Soak

When cut apples turn brown, they don’t just look less appetizing, their flavour and other attributes also get altered. Serious Eats’ tests find that a saltwater soak is a much better way to prevent browning compared to other methods, such as using lemon juice.

Blame It On Mum And Dad: How Genes Influence What We Eat

Do you hate the taste of Brussels sprouts? Do you find coriander disgusting or perceive honey as too sweet? Your genes — which alter your sensory perception of foods — may be to blame.

Five Useful Cooking Techniques No One Teaches You

Most of us learn to cook through trial and error, cooking shows, or being forced to feed ourselves when no one else will do it. So naturally, no one’s born knowing how to sauté chicken, or blanch vegetables. Here are some basic (but useful) cooking techniques chefs use every day, but the rest of us rarely pick up.

Use Up Souring Milk By Making Pancakes And Waffles With It

Many of us have a tendency toss food as soon it reaches it’s labelled expiration date, but there’s still a lot of use left in that food. If you have some milk that’s beginning to sour, you can still cook with it as if it were buttermilk.

'Superfoods' Aren't Super -- They Should Be Your Normal Foods

It’s easy to pat yourself on the back for the one vegetable you ate today — and if you normally eat zero, by all means celebrate that healthy eating victory. But singling out foods as “super” or healthy may backfire.

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