This Chart Shows How Much Food To Serve When Cooking For A Crowd

One of the toughest parts of hosting a party or other large gathering is figuring out the food. There’s a calculator for wine and other alcohol tips, but how much should you purchase of specific types of foods?

Double Your Next Batch Of Rice Or Quinoa For A Lazy Meal Starter Later

The next time you make rice — or quinoa or couscous or any other base grain — make twice as much as you need. The excess stores well in the fridge, and makes a quick and easy base for rice bowls, hearty salads, fried rice or any other quick “I don’t know what to make” meal.

Turn Burger Patties Into Edible Bowls For The Ultimate Bunless Burger

Meet the “beer can burger”, a stuffed-with-everything burger that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser at your next BBQ.

Make Sticky Thai Rice With A Spatter Guard And Bowl

Thai-style sticky rice is a wonderful thing, but it can be difficult to make without labouring over a wok. A bamboo steaming basket works well if you have one, but using regular steaming tools often results in big clumpy blobs of rice. Enter the splatter guard.

Zest Frozen Anchovies To Add Dimension To Pizzas

Umami-rich anchovy can add another savoury dimension to a wide range of foods, but biting through giant chunks of the salty, pungent ingredient can be off-putting to even the most zealous anchovy eaters. But here’s one easy way to add a more subtle flavour.

Add Olive Pits To Olive Oil For An Extra Boost Of Flavour

Using up all your kitchen scraps helps you get the most for your money — especially when it comes to expensive ingredients like olives. Try dropping the leftover pits into extra virgin olive oil to add a fruity flavour.

Use Leftover Ginger Peels To Make Tea

Ginger tea is a quick way to ease an upset stomach or relax with a caffeine-free drink. But ginger isn’t the cheapest of ingredients — making tea with the peel gets you the best bang for your buck.

Cook Brownies In Your Slow Cooker When You Don't Have An Oven

Slow cookers are great for all kinds of dishes. If you don’t have an oven, or your oven is busy with other things, you can even still make delicious brownies.

The Only Times You Should Rinse Your Pasta

When you’re cooking pasta properly, rinsing it after you boil it is usually a no-no. There are a few instances when it’s OK, though.

Avoid Deprivation To Make A Dietary Change Stick

Changing your diet is tough as it is. Depriving yourself of foods you enjoy and forcing yourself to only eat things you hate, however, will destroy your motivation. When building a new diet, find healthy foods you enjoy, rather than just depriving yourself.