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Dip Tomatoes In Warm Water Before Chilling To Make Them Taste Better

Storing tomatoes in the fridge keeps them from spoiling, but depending on the quality of the tomato and how ripe it is, the tomatoes could suffer in flavour, texture and colour. One quick chemistry trick to help your tomatoes retain their flavour: Dip the tomatoes in warm water before chilling them.

The Best Way To Truss A Chicken For Juicy Meat And Crispy Skin

In the world of kitchen tips and tricks, there seems to be an never-ending supply of “you’ve been doing it all wrong” type of articles. I’ve seen various websites and videos alike declare that their method of wrapping kitchen twine around a bird is the way to ensure a juicy, evenly-cooked meal, but it’s hard to know how (or who) to truss.

Raw Milk's 'Health Benefits' Are Mostly Imaginary

Maybe you like the taste of raw milk. (That’s more likely because it’s grass-fed than because it’s raw, but OK.) But if you’re chasing after health benefits in raw milk, think again.

Make Potato Crisps In The Microwave Without Sacrificing Crunch

Microwaves have gotten a bad rap with some people because they just don’t cook some things as they should be cooked—food blog Savory Sweet Life attempts to squash this misconception with a lesson on cooking potato crisps in the microwave.

Fix A Cracked Pie Crust With A Bit Of Flour And Water

There’s nothing worse than rolling out a beautiful pie crust only to have it crack during baking. It turns out that there’s a super-easy fix, and it doesn’t require any extra dough.

Briefly: Best Dog Breeds, McWhopper Stoush, Fat Duck Melbourne Review

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: The 11 best dog breeds, McDonald’s shuts down Burger King’s “McWhopper” offer, inside Melbourne’s The Fat Duck temporary restaurant.

The Egg Calculator Tells You How To Sous Vide Eggs For Perfect Texture

Many people swear by the sous vide method of making eggs, but precise timing and temperature are required to get the egg to come out exactly how you’d like it. The Egg Calculator uses food science to help you get the right egg texture.

How To Pack A Healthy Lunchbox For Your Kids

A kid’s packed lunch has a big job to do: It has to fill their belly, be appetising enough not to get thrown in the bin, and be healthy enough that you don’t feel that juice-and-biscuit guilt.

What's Your Favourite 'Good On Anything' Condiment Or Spice?

Condiments and spices can turn a dish from bland to mouth-wateringly delicious. Do you have a go-to condiment you use on anything to turn it from boring into an amazingly tasty meal?

Add Tahini To Make Any Sauce Or Dip Creamier 

Tahini is a versatile ingredient that can be used to create all sorts of delicious toppings, like salad dressing and garlic sauce for steak or roasted veggies and of course hummus. If you remember to keep some in your fridge, you can add it to any sauce or dip for extra richness.

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