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Brine Chicken In Sweet Tea For Juicier, More Flavorful Chicken

Brining is the secret to cooking juicy, flavorful meat. For a twist on the typical salt solution, try using sweet tea. Not only will your birds taste sweet and succulent, they will appear perfectly golden.

There Are Only Two Kinds Of Canned Tomatoes You Should Mess With

Shopping for anything in this day and age can be an overwhelming experience. Not only are there way too many types toothpaste, but even choosing something as simple as canned tomatoes for making sauce can befuddle a consumer. Luckily, there are only two varieties that really matter.

Ask LH: Why Do Some Foods Have No Marked Expiry Date?

Hi Lifehacker, On a recent visit to the supermarket I noticed a tin of tuna I picked up did not have an expiry date. On further inspection, neither did any of the other tins either. Isn’t it mandatory to display the expiry date on food items in Australia? If not, how can you when it’s about to go off? Are you supposed to just guess?

The Easiest Way To Clean A Public BBQ

You know the last time you cleaned your own BBQ, but if you’re grilling in the park, you can’t be sure when that public BBQ last got a thorough scrubbing down. Next time you head to a cookout at the park or camping, here’s how you can clean that BBQ easily.

Yes, Double-Dipping Chips Can Spread A Lot Of Gross Germs

Ever since Seinfeld tackled the topic in 1993, we’ve known that double-dipping is socially unsavoury. But is it really a viable way for disease-carrying germs to spread? Well, of course it is.

Lifehacker's Static Podcast With Gizmodo & Kotaku: Episode Two

Australian eSports, gendered toys, Star Wars: Battlefront, the best movie gadgets, tipping wait staff and artisanal salami made from celebrities. Yes, really.

What Foodstuff Do You Throw Out Most?

Food wastage is an unconscionable act when you consider all the starving people in the world. Yet nearly all of us do it. Sometimes it’s because you bought more groceries than you needed. Other times it’s due to a storage snafu. Whatever the reason, you’re probably doing it way too much — especially when it comes to fruit and vegetables. We’re curious to hear which foods you throw away the most. Confess in the comments!

Make Your Dips, Dressings And Drinks A Little More Probiotic With Kefir

Kefir — a fermented dairy beverage with a taste similar to drinkable yoghurt — is packed with probiotics, but its tangy flavour and creamy body make it perfect for dips and dressings.

Get To Know Your Oven Better And Never Burn A Frozen Pizza Again

Baking a couple of frozen pizzas at once may seem like a pretty easy task. After all, there are several racks in your oven, which seems perfect for several pizzas. If you’ve tried this in a traditional oven, you may have ended up with one scorched pizza and one underdone pizza. To prevent this, you need to understand your oven’s heat zones.

Your Guide To A Neat And Organised Pantry

Is your pantry a mess of sticky jam jars, stale half-finished potato chips, expired breakfast cereal and long forgotten cracker boxes? Sounds like time for some intensive pantry therapy. This seven-step guide will bring order to your kitchen pantry and freshness to your dinner plate.

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