When To Say No: Do A Couple Of Things Well Instead Of Everything Poorly

Do you sometimes (or always) feel like you have too much to do and too little time to do it? Regardless of how well we manage our time, eventually we all get to that point where we just have too much to do. That’s when you need to start saying no.

Give Each Day A Theme For Productive Momentum

Distractions can make you lose focus on the things you should be doing. To stay on task, use Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s method: Give each work day a “theme” so you always know what to focus on that day, and what to return to when you’re distracted.

'Meditation Isn't Clearing The Mind; It's Focusing On One Thing'

Meditation does not require a large chunk of sustained time, nor is it too difficult to get into. Psychologist Mike Brooks busts the misconception that it’s about emptying your mind. Instead, meditation is about focusing on one thing.

Embrace Your Rookie Status And Focus On Innovating

Being the rookie is difficult, but it’s not always bad thing. Susan Gregg Koger says rookie status forced her to be innovative, resulting in her $US100 million company.

Rally A Team Together By Giving Them A Narrow Focus

Getting a group of people to work together or generate ideas is never a simple task. One of the best ways to get everyone on the same page is to give them only one or two directions to choose from.

How To Tame Your Work Phone And Be Productive

When you’re in the middle of work, the shrill ring of your phone can be an annoying disruption. Here’s how to ensure this doesn’t derail you completely and you can focus on the work at hand.

Start A Seven-Step Depth Ritual To Focus On Your Task At Hand

Your mind can waver when you are trying to focus. A PhD student shares how he created a “depth ritual” that primes his mind into a state of concentration, ready to tackle whatever needs to be done.

My Year With A Distraction-Free iPhone

In 2012, I realised I had a problem. My iPhone made me twitchy. I could feel it in my pocket, calling me, like the Ring called Bilbo Baggins. It distracted me from my kids. It distracted me from my wife. It distracted me anytime, anywhere. I needed to take control.

Boost Your Concentration With A 15-Minute Music Listening Session

Both listening to music and taking breaks can help improve our productivity. Combine the two for even better results.

The Best Body Hacks To Boost Your Productivity At Work

The human body is marvellous. If you know how to harness its built-in superpowers, you can do so much more than you are right now. Use these small tricks to become a more efficient worker.