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Improve Your Creative Process By Figuring Out Your Weakness

We all work a little differently depending on our personality, and that goes for creative work, too. Knowing your habits, behaviours and weaknesses can help you optimise your creativity.

HazeOver Dims Distractions By Fading Background Windows On Your Mac

OS X: HazeOver makes it easy to focus on the task at hand, even if you have multiple windows open on your Mac. All it does is dim background windows and your desktop, while keeping the front, active window bright on top of all of them. When you switch so does the lighting, helping you to stay focused without distractions.

Get Rid Of 'Reactive' Habits To Improve Your Focus

You might call them “distractions”. Maybe you call them your “to-do list”. Whatever words you use, they’re the things that keep pulling you away from what you should be doing right now. These habits require your reaction, and they get in the way of real productivity.

Seven Strategies For Regaining Your Focus In A Hectic Workplace

We talk a lot about time management, but for all our efforts to set aside time to tackle important projects, we miss overlooking one key thing: being able to focus on actually completing them instead of constantly switching tasks.

When Stress Gets Out Of Hand, Refocus With The SLLS Method

Stress can snowball quickly and easily, and before you know it, your entire day is off, and you find it difficult to manage tasks efficiently. Refocus with the “SLLS Method.”

Find Out What To Focus On Next With This Motivation Matrix

You probably have a lot of activities you’re interested in or involved in, and knowing where to focus can be tough. This exercise helps you find the activities to keep working on so you can increase your confidence and motivation.

Take A Five Limits Your Distractions With Self-Destructing Browser TabsĀ 

The internet has a tendency to bring even the most productive of days to a grinding halt. Take a Five lets you create a browser tab for distractions that self-destructs after a set time limit of your choosing.

Boost Your Coordination And Focus With 'Agility Ladder' Workouts

Football and soccer players have sworn by footwork drills for years, and the workouts are becoming popular in gyms and for home workouts. One easy way to join in the fun: buy or improvise an agility ladder.

How To Stay Focused At Work While You're Going Through A Breakup

Breakups don’t just kill romance — they can disrupt nearly every area of your life. You don’t feel like doing things you enjoy, you can’t stop thinking about the ex, and you may find it incredibly difficult to focus on work. If you’re having trouble staying productive during a breakup, here are some ways to power through it.

How To Properly Set Yourself Up For A Technology Cleanse

Every once in a while it’s good to take pause and evaluate how you use technology in your everyday life. One way of doing so is to do a ” technology cleanse”: get off the grid, if only for a little while, and see how it affects you. But you shouldn’t just quit cold turkey; here’s how to prepare for your digital detox.

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