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The Best Productivity Habits Of Famous Writers

Contrary to our romanticised notions, writers don’t just sit around all day, drink coffee and scotch and wait for inspiration to strike. Like any other job, they have to be disciplined and productive. While that does involve lots of coffee, it also requires hard work. Here’s how some famous authors have kept their nose to the grindstone.

Manage The Context Of Your Work Space To Resist Distraction

Your brain likes to jump from one task to another when things start to get tough. Distractions are easy. If you want to resist losing focus, control the context around where you work. The fewer opportunities to get distracted, the better.

Treat Your Focus Like Playing An Arcade Game

Taking on a big task is like playing an arcade game: it requires all of your focus. As soon as you pause the game and walk away, your chances of earning a high score all but disappear.

Limit How Much Information You Have To Process To Avoid 'Mental Fog'

There’s no denying that the Information Age has been beneficial, making it easy to learn about nearly any topic quickly. However, that information overload comes at a cognitive cost. If you force yourself to process to much information, you can slip into what’s known as a “mental fog”.

Organise Your Tasks Before You Worry About Your Ability To Focus

When you’re staring at your computer screen, wondering why you can’t just make yourself do the work you need to do, it’s easy to blame your focus. If you’re unorganised and don’t really have a plan, maybe you have a bigger problem.

Smarter Faster Better: How To Apply The Science Of Productivity To Your Own Habits

Productivity isn’t just about getting things done. At its core, it’s about being resourceful with your time. In a recent interview with author Charles Duhigg, he told us, “You can spend your entire day being busy and not get anything important done. Productivity is about getting important things done.” In his new book, Smarter Faster Better, Duhigg explores this fuller meaning of productivity and how to achieve it.

Defuse Arguments With Your Partner Through Mindfulness

Practising mindfulness can mean many different things and has many different benefits, but it isn’t limited to your own improvement. You can also use mindfulness to defuse emotionally charged moments between you and your partner. Here’s what we mean.

Maintain Focus On Tasks By 'Leaving No Trace'

Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused, and you may not even realise why you can’t seem to keep your mind on the task at hand. It might be because you have unfinished business with a previous task. To remedy this, take some simple advice from a Zen master: Leave no trace. Gives You Streaming Music To Focus, Relax Or Sleep To

Whether you’re trying to focus and get some work done, you need to chill out and relax, or you want something soothing to help you drift off to sleep, has tunes that can help you out. The compositions are completely original, so don’t expect to hear songs you know, but they do work like a charm.

Use Distractions To Your Advantage During Brainstorming Sessions

Distractions aren’t ideal for most tasks, but they serve a purpose when it comes to brainstorming. 99U suggests a simple rule of thumb: embrace distractions when it comes to generating ideas; embrace focus when it comes to implementing ideas.

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