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Maintain Focus On Tasks By 'Leaving No Trace'

Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused, and you may not even realise why you can’t seem to keep your mind on the task at hand. It might be because you have unfinished business with a previous task. To remedy this, take some simple advice from a Zen master: Leave no trace. Gives You Streaming Music To Focus, Relax Or Sleep To

Whether you’re trying to focus and get some work done, you need to chill out and relax, or you want something soothing to help you drift off to sleep, has tunes that can help you out. The compositions are completely original, so don’t expect to hear songs you know, but they do work like a charm.

Use Distractions To Your Advantage During Brainstorming Sessions

Distractions aren’t ideal for most tasks, but they serve a purpose when it comes to brainstorming. 99U suggests a simple rule of thumb: embrace distractions when it comes to generating ideas; embrace focus when it comes to implementing ideas.

The Important Habit Of Just Starting

Every single day, my to-do list is a reminder of all the other projects I haven’t started. The passion projects that I ‘just don’t have time’ to do. And when I do have time? That familiar friend — fear — comes knocking at my door.

Visualise How You Want Your Day To Go To Stay Focused And Productive

Visualisation techniques help elite athletes perform better, and we can do the same thing to improve our workdays.

Sometimes Making Progress Means Being Unproductive

There’s a big difference between being busy and actually being productive. Oddly enough, being busy often feels good because it’s familiar and it makes us feel productive. Productivity may feel good, but sometimes making true progress means giving up that feeling.

This AutoHotkey Script Silently Judges You When You're Not Working

If you’re having trouble with focusing at work, maybe an app that blocks distractions isn’t quite what you need. Maybe you just need a good, old-fashioned shaming. This AutoHotkey script can give you the nudge you need.

Flowstate Keeps You Focused On Writing By Deleting Your Progress When You Stop

Mac/iOS: Focus is important when it comes to any task, and if you have trouble staying focused while writing, Flowstate can help. Namely because, if you get distracted and stop writing, it will delete your progress.

Block Out Distractions And Regain Focus With Mental Narration

If you’re having trouble focusing on your tasks, narrating a short script in your head about what you need to do might help you zero in.

This Chrome Extension Blocks Distracting Web Sites, Insults You To Get Back To Work

Chrome: If you need a little help getting off of Facebook or Reddit and getting things done, Go F**king Work for Chrome has that in droves — and yes, that’s its (censored) name. No nonsense, no frills, just sharp, pointed advice.

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