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Check Airline Punctuality And Reliability Before You Fly With These Monthly Reports

Ticket price and fees are likely the first thing you think about when picking an airline, but there are a lot of other key factors, like flight delay records and how often cancellation occurs. See how the airlines you’re considering measure up with the The Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE) monthly air travel reports.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 Officially Banned On All Qantas And Virgin Flights

Hot on the heels of the FAA’s decision in the US to ban Samsung’s ignition-happy Galaxy Note7 on all flights, local carriers Qantas and Virgin yesterday announced a similar stance, effective immediately.

Book Holiday Flights Now To Avoid Rising Fares

Year to year, the cheapest time to book holiday flights changes a little bit, but it is always in the spring. According to Hopper, now is the best time to buy your plane tickets to save for Christmas travel.

Get An Empty Seat Next To You On Your Flight With This Airline App Trick

If you need to get some work done on your next flight, or hate being crammed next to other passengers, having an empty seat next to you is great. Here’s how you can nab the perfect seat right at the gate.

Here's How Much Your Frequent Flyer Points Are Actually Worth [Infographic]

Frequent flyer points are a fantasy currency that fluctuates depending on how you use them. This makes it difficult to know what they’re worth — or whether you’re squandering their potential value. This infographic breaks down the dollar value of 1000 points when purchasing everything from flight upgrades to commercial goods.

TravelMath Helps You Calculate The True Costs Of Driving Vs Flying

TravelMath can figure out all sorts of travel-related calculations, including your travel time so you get to the airport on time or don’t miss a connecting flight. Now they have updated to compare the cost of driving versus flying, which is perfect for planning a weekend getaway or holiday travel.

How Do You Beat Jet Lag?

Jet lag can suck some of the fun out of travelling, as your body takes a day or two to adjust to a new time zone. How do you fight jet lag when you travel?

Where To Sit On An Aeroplane For A Smoother Ride

Not only is turbulence annoying on a flight, it can be scary too. If you’re prone to motion sickness, or just want to avoid spilling coffee in your lap, here’s where you should try to sit.

When You Switch Flights Due To Overbooking, Ask For An Upgrade

First class flights are usually crazy expensive, but there are some tips and tricks for scoring a cheap (or better yet, free) upgrade. If your flight is overbooked and you elect to take a different flight, for example, you can try to negotiate an upgrade, too.

Google Trips Personalises And Automates Your Travel Plans From Start To Finish

iOS/Android: Google has been tiptoeing around the travel game for a while now with useful tools like Google Flights and their hotel search function. Today, they completely jumped in with a new app that manages and helps plan your trip from start to finish.

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