Jetstar Is Cutting Its Carry-On Baggage Allowance

Jetstar hasn’t made it easy this year to dodge its baggage fees. On top of random weigh-ins at the gate for carry-on baggage, it is now cutting the carry-on allowance on most of its flights from 10kg to 7kg.

Why US Customs Queues Are Now A Lot Less Painful

I have long maintained that the worst aspect of flying from Australia to the USA isn’t the 14 hours in the air — it’s the hideously lengthy queue to get through customs and immigration when you land. Recent technological improvements mean I might have to revise my view.

Apps That Work Without Paying For In-Flight Wi-Fi

In-flight Wi-Fi is a very handy option when you’re travelling overseas, but it doesn’t come cheap. Erica Ho at Map Happy found that many Google apps, as well as a few others, work on your smartphone without paying once you’re connected to the Wi-Fi network on the plane.

Plane Evil: Top 10 Ways To Annoy Fellow Airline Passengers

Who’s the most important person on the plane? You, of course. Make sure everyone else knows it with these sky-high douchebag tips.

This Guide Shows US Routes Where Trains Are Better Than Flying

Train services in the USA aren’t widespread, but there are places where the train is actually a better choice than flying. The Points Guy has a guide that rounds up routes where travel by train is cheaper, and sometimes quicker, than by plane.

How To Make The Most Of A Long Layover

A long layover when flying is hardly ever ideal, but sometimes they can’t be avoided. Here are a few ways to make your next lengthy layover a little bit better.

Seat Kids Near The Plane's Engine To Keep Them Calm While Flying

Flying with kids or infants can be stressful. An easy way to calm your child is to book seats that are near the plane’s engine so the noise puts them to sleep.

Airport Security: Has Australia's Heightened Terror Alert Changed Anything?

With Australia’s terror alert currently on “high” (but with no “specific” threat) you might think that Australia’s airports would adopt a US-style heavy checking regime. So far, though, that doesn’t seem to have happened.

Reserve Seats In An L Shape To Prevent Your Kids From Kicking Seats

Travel with kids is not an easy process, especially when other passengers shoot you the side eye before you even get your family seated. Take control of the situation when flying and book seats in an L-shape to counteract seat-kicking by your child.

The Best Way To Hold Your Hands During A Plane Crash

We’re probably all familiar with the brace position — that curled-up posture passengers are advised to adopt in the event of an emergency plane landing. The details of the proper way to get into that position, however, might not be universally known.