Why Your Phone Can't Get A Signal When You Get Off A Plane

Ever lost a call the second you walked off a plane? Or noticed that your phone can’t seem to find anything to connect to in the first place? Wired took a look at why that is.

Two Steps You Can Take To Avoid Germs On An Aeroplane

Travelling by aeroplane is a great way to spread disease. NPR spoke with aviation medicine specialist Dr Mark Gendreau, and there are two things you can do to help yourself stay healthy.

How I Got Over My Fear Of Flying With A Pilot Simulator

I’ve never been a great flyer. It’s not that I’m scared of flying per sé. I just get a bit up-chuckish with turbulence and whatnot. At least, that was until a few months ago when I got stranded on a plane in China for 33 hours following a freak storm over Hong Kong airport. Now my fear of throwing up has evolved into a fully-formed anxiety response when boarding flights. Last week I found a cure for that anxiety, however, and it’s one that everyone can get in on.

How To Make Sure You Don't Run Out Of Power Travelling To The US

I find international travel tedious. While the destination is always exciting, the journey is simply a chore to be endured. Watching a movie on your laptop or browsing the internet on your phone can make the process easier, but this now leaves you open to a major risk: what if your device dies and then gets confiscated?

When Each Australian Airline Puts Flights On Sale

Trying to track down cheap flights? Knowing when tickets go on sale is an important strategy. Here’s when to strike to find the best deals on Australian domestic carriers.

Five Great Things About Flying In The USA (And Five Things That Bite)

Flying to and from the USA is not a new experience here at Road Worrier HQ, but I recently spent close to a month roaming around the country for work. That reminded me of the areas where flying around the US works well — and where it bites.

Briefly: 50% Off Tigerair, NBN Co Adds 45,000 New Properties, Free Udemy Courses

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: NBN rollout map adds 45,000 new homes and businesses, get up to 50 per cent off flights with Tigerair, enroll in Udemy courses valued at $297 for free.

Beat Jet Lag With A Feasting And Fasting Diet

The next time you have to cross several timezones, you might not have to put up with the sleep disturbances, headaches and other ill effects known as jet lag. Follow this four-day anti-jet-lag diet before your trip to reset your inner clock in advance.

GeniusFlight Suggests Destinations Based On Your Airfare Budget

Web: Most travel sites will ask you for your destination before you showing you the airfare. GeniusFlight puts the budget first in your travel search, and suggests destinations based on how much you are willing to spend on plane tickets.

How To Overcome Jet Lag

Long flights across many time zones often leave us feeling fatigued, sleepy, irritable and generally out of sorts. And it’s not just because of poor sleep on the plane and dehydration from the altitude – the feelings persist for several days.