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Pack A Perfect Carry-On Bag Every Time With This Formula

There are a lot of creative ways to pack your carry-on bag, but you can easily break it all down into a simple formula. This number-based packing method will make sure you have what you need in your carry-on, and still have room for souvenirs.

How To Make Flying Or Driving A More Tasty Experience

A lot of you will be travelling during Christmas, which means planes, trains and automobiles and while you are hurtling towards your destination, you will probably get hungry. Eating while on the move isn’t that hard, but eating while travelling in a way that is actually pleasurable can be tricky. Here’s how to make the experience a little more tasty.

How To Fly On Commercial Airlines With Your Pet In Tow [Infographic]

One of the toughest aspects of moving abroad is working out what to do with your pets. Most people opt to give their furry friends up — but what happens when the’re beloved family members you can’t bear to part with? As it turns out, bringing your pet along on the flight isn’t as difficult as you might think. This comprehensive infographic explains everything you need to know — from acclimatising your pet to its airport-approved container to getting the relevant health checks.

The World's Best Airline Lounges

Relaxing in an airport lounge is like finding an oasis in a desert of uncomfortable security, unappetizing food options, and stressful, well, everything. Any lounge can offer some much-needed respite, this list from the team at Hipmunk uses traveller polls and data to highlight the best ones around the globe.

The Cheapest Budget Airlines In Europe

Finding cheap airfare is the fastest way to cut down on your travel expenses, especially in more expensive regions like Europe. Next time you’re planning to travel around Europe, check out these cheap airlines to stretch your budget.

The Best Airports In The World, According To Travellers

Some airports are better than others. Maybe their staff is extra friendly. Maybe their terminals are easy to navigate. Or maybe they just have better bathrooms. Based on these indicators and many more, Skytrax has ranked the top 10 best airports in the world.

Request A Bassinet To Keep Your Baby Comfortable And Quiet On Long Flights

Flying with a baby can be a headache. Here’s one way to make at least the flight go smoothly: Request a bassinet (or cradle) from your airline if you’re taking a long haul. You’ll get some legroom and baby gets to be comfortable.

Put Together A 'Packet Of Power' In Case Your Flight Is Cancelled

Having the right information on hand when your flight gets cancelled can mean the difference between getting rebooked or being stuck in the airport. Create your own info “packet of power” before each trip so you’re ready to exercise your air travel rights when you need to.

What To Do With A Suit When Travelling

Travelling with a suit can be a bit of a hassle. Do you wear it on your flight or pack it? Here’s a simple rule to help you decide.

Why Food Tastes So Bland On An Aeroplane (And How To Make It Better)

If you don’t think in-flight meals taste so great, you’re not crazy. Fact is, even the snacks you pack for the trip probably won’t taste that great either, making the whole flight suck a little more. Here’s the reason why, and what you can do to make it better.

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