Working Out Too Hard Can Hurt Your Progress

Pushing yourself to your limits at the gym may make you feel like a beast and give you major bragging rights, but if you dread doing it again next time, you may have just sabotaged your workout routine.

Fun Sports You Can Start As An Adult

Remember when you were a kid, and could play a pick-up game of basketball with your friends or (after a little begging your parents) sign up for any of dozens of sports? Those days don’t have to be behind you. There are lots of sports and activities that are open to us grown-ups. Here are a few.

These Bodyweight Exercises Push You Beyond Push-Ups

No-equipment workouts are convenient and can build strength, but when you’re bored with push-ups and squats, here are some advanced moves to try.

Knowledge Vs Action: Road Blocks Keeping You From Better Fitness

Have you ever eaten that next slice of pizza knowing it will make you feel uncomfortably full? Or perhaps the doctor told you to get 30 minutes of exercise today, but you just can’t pull yourself away from MKR? If this sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. Here’s why knowledge doesn’t always lead to action and what you can do instead.

One In Five Of Your Workouts Will Suck, So Don't Let It Get To You

Everyone knows what a bad workout feels like. Your appendages feel like they’re going to fall off. Even the pink dumbbells feel like Atlas stones. Renowned strength coach and author Dan John explains that it’s OK — in fact, you should expect it to happen quite often.

How To Tell If Music Will Help Or Hurt Your Workout

Music can boost your workout by distracting you from pain and fatigue, but it’s not a boon to every workout. Depending on your personality and your sport, you may be better off skipping distractions.

Ask LH: Can I Be Overweight And Still Healthy?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m an overweight man who has struggled to lose weight my entire life. My doctor tells me that my BMI is in the “overweight category”. To be honest, I’m happy with my body. I don’t have any medical issues, and I try to live healthily as much as possible. Is it possible to be overweight and still healthy?

This Video Shows How To Master The Perfect Push-Up Form

The push-up is an basic exercise we all should master. Getting into proper form is essential, and this video provides three quick tips for doing it right.

You Don't Need To Spend Hours In The Gym To Lose Weight

When it comes to weight loss, people often think that you need to spend countless hours in the gym, pounding away at the treadmill while you watch reruns of How I Met Your Mother. Not only do you not need much time in the gym, it might be optimal to spend it elsewhere. Here’s why.

Wear a Baseball Cap And A Non-Running Jacket To Run In The Rain

Rain is the worst running weather. Even intrepid athletes who head out in the snow can find themselves hiding indoors on grey days, mumbling about how rain gets in their eyes and soaks their clothes. But it’s possible to thwart misery with a few smart choices, so you can turn heads as people say “Can you believe she’s out running in this weather?”