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Muscle Rings Build Strength Without The Gym

If you’re a fan of bodyweight workouts, you’ll dig muscle rings. Similar to suspension trainers like TRX, muscle rings are versatile, portable and, more importantly, let you get a fierce upper body workout anywhere.

Focus On The Basics To Get All The Benefits Of Front Squats, Even With Poor Mobility

The front squat is a great exercise, but it’s less forgiving than squats if you’re not mobile or healthy enough in places like your shoulders. Don’t miss out on the benefits though — focus on the basics, like your hand, elbow and bar placement and take it slow. This video explains how.

This Video Shows You The Proper Way To Do 'Kipping' Pull-Ups

Kipping pull-ups are popular among CrossFitters, who get a lot of flak for them because kipping pull-ups apparently aren’t “real” pull-ups. But you may be surprised, they’re a legit exercise.

Lifehacker Fitness Challenge, Week 3: Try This Mini Speed Workout

How’s the Lifehacker Fitness Challenge treating you? If you’re logging a ton of kilometres, great — but if you’ve slacked off a bit or are just joining us, that’s fine too. This week’s workout is for everyone. We’re going to run some tiny solo races, and they will make you faster.

Planks Still Work Even If You Don't Hold Them Forever

We’ve told you how to do planks, and why to do planks, and what to do instead of planks when you get bored of planks. But there’s a critical thing about planks we forgot to tell you: You don’t have to hold the position until you collapse.

Four Bodyweight Alternatives To A Deadlift

Whenever I don’t have access to a gym because of travels, I start to miss certain movements. Deadlifts are one of them. I never thought I could benefit from them without heavy weight, but thankfully, Al Kavadlo proves that you can still build those important back muscles with body weight only.

The Easiest Ways To Squat When You Have Mobility Challenges

How deep people should squat will always be argued among persnickety lifters, but maybe the mobility in your ankles, calves, hips, upper back or elsewhere just won’t let you go deep enough with good form. This video shows you how to squat regardless of your mobility.

Everything You Need To Know To Start Running

Whether you’re joining our Lifehacker Fitness Challenge or just want the benefits running provides, you probably have some questions about how, exactly, you “become” a runner, beyond putting on shoes and going outside. Fortunately, we have answers.

Lifehacker Fitness Challenge, Week 2: Count Your Cadence

You’ve set your goal and hopefully gone for a few runs by now. (If not, it’s never too late – look out for our guiding on starting later today!) Now it’s time to take a closer look at how you run. Fix your form now, and you’ll be able to run smoother and faster in the future. We’ll start with something simple: Count how many steps you take per minute.

This Drill Teaches You The Right Way To Move Your Hips When You Deadlift

No matter how you look at it, deadlifts are more about moving your hips than your lower back. We’ve stressed the importance of the “hip hinge”, but since it can be tricky to learn, here’s an easy drill to help you master the pattern.

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