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Kick Off Your Morning With This 15-Minute Full Body Routine

Working out in the morning helps get your energy up for the day, and this 15 minute full body routine is perfect for a quick, energetic start in the morning that will also help keep you in good shape and high spirits all day long.

How To Run In The Winter (Without Freezing Your Butt Off)

Running in the cold isn’t as tough as it looks. With the right gear, your fingers and ears can stay toasty while you jog through a winter wonderland.

The Best Exercises To Look Great Naked

Being strong and healthy is nice and important, but the reason a lot of us exercise is to look good. These aesthetically-focused exercises won’t make you hot overnight, but in combination with a healthy diet, they will give you the best bang for your workout buck so you look good dressed up — or undressed.

Running Isn't Cheap

Running is simple: Just lace up some shoes and go, right? We’ve even told you that you don’t need to buy expensive shoes. But even if you seek out the clothes, shoes and races with the lowest price tags, it’s hard to keep your overall budget down. Here’s why, and what you can do.

This Paper Template Helps You Stick To Your Running Regimen

Apps can measure how far and how fast you run, but they’re not great at gauging your long term progress. Am I building a habit? Am I getting faster? Seeing your runs on a sheet of paper, with planned workouts next to a brief post-mortem, helps you see your progress. Here’s the template I use.

Make A Mental Highlight Reel Of Your Best Workouts To Power Through Your Slumps

If you’re in a bad mood at the start of a workout, or if you’re dreading what’s to come, you’re more likely to have a miserable experience. But if you remember your best days at the gym, or your favourite finish-line moments, you can use those to set the scene when you begin.

The Difference Between Parkour And Freerunning

You’ve probably seen those on-foot chase scenes in movies like Casino Royale, where the escapee vaults over obstacles and lands from scary heights with cat-like grace. That’s parkour and freerunning in action — and they’re similar. The difference between the two, however, is in the mindset.

Work Your Way To Your First Handstand Push-Up

A handstand push-up is exactly what it sounds like, and as with the push-up and pull-up, you’ll need to learn it, bit-by-bit. In her video, Nia Shanks, coach and owner of Lift Like a Girl, shows you the exercises to help you work up to one.

Why You Wheeze When You Exercise In The Cold

It’s a bummer of a start to an exercise program: You finally get up the courage to do some high-intensity intervals, or to run in the cold for the first time, and 10 minutes later you can barely breathe. Here’s why, and what you can do about it.

Three Small Tweaks To Help You Perfect Your Deadlift

There are typically two trouble points in a deadlift: One is getting the barbell past the shins; the other is locking your hips at the top of the movement (otherwise referred to as the “lock-out”). This video — and these tips — from EliteFTS explain the problem, and what you can do.

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