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How To Stay Healthy On A Budget

Personal trainers, fresh vegetables, and gym memberships all cost money. Not everyone can afford such luxuries. It’s one reason why being poor is too expensive — a crappy diet and sedentary lifestyle costs more down the line. Don’t worry: While fitness comes at a price, it’s not one you have to pay out of your wallet.

Planks Aren't All That, So You Might As Well Do Push-Ups

For a (thankfully) hot minute, planks reached viral status when everyone tried to “plank” on ridiculous surfaces. In fitness, planks are a legit ab exercise, but there’s no need to treat them as the “one ab exercise to rule them all.” You might be better off with push-ups, which are basically leveled-up planks.

Bigger People Sweat More, Even If They Aren't Obese

People who are overweight seem to sweat more than svelte athletes — but that’s not entirely because of body fat. A new study explains why losing weight might not affect your sweat rate the way you’d think.

Google Fit Now Tracks Your Runs, Plugs Into Sleep And Nutrition Apps

When Google Fit first came out, it was little more than a step counter, but now it’s stepping up its game. You can now track your runs, and plug into third-party apps that track things like sleep and nutrition.

Does It Matter How Many Reps You Do When You Work Out?

So, your workout has you doing 4 sets of 5 reps for this exercise, 3 sets of 8 after that, and — oh, thank goodness — only 2 sets of 50 to finish it out. Well, hey, the good news is that these rep numbers aren’t just based on a sadistic desire to see you huff and puff. Here’s how they differ and what they mean for you.

How To Use Caffeine To Improve Your Athletic Performance

Caffeine is a performance-enhancing drug that’s legal, cheap, and easy to get: chances are you had some this morning. More importantly, it actually does make you better at sports, which is more than you can say for a lot of supplements marketed to athletes. You just have to know how to use it strategically.

Runtastic Results Is A Personal Trainer For Your Home Workouts

Android/iOS: Hiring a personal trainer for your workouts may have some benefits, but working out from home is still cheaper. Runtastic Results provides the best of both worlds with personalised workout routines on your phone.

Microsoft Band 2 Is Out This Week: Here's How It Stacks Up

With the original Microsoft Band never seeing release in Australia, the Band 2 is going to be our first glimpse of Microsoft’s wearable technology. While it can access email, messages and call alerts, the Band is far more fitness tracker than smartwatch, unlike Apple or Samsung’s wearable offerings. So is there any advantage to getting the Microsoft Band 2 over one of the forerunners of the industry like the Fitbit or one of Garmin’s fitness trackers?

What A Sports Bra (Probably) Doesn't Do

If you have breasts, you’ve probably figured out a sports bra’s most important job: preventing the pain that can come from bouncing as you jog or jump. The idea that the right bra can prevent sagging over time, though, is somewhere between a myth and a guess.

There's No Such Thing As 'Enough' Exercise For Heart Health

Thirty minutes of exercise, five days a week, is the standard recommendation for heart health, according to the Heart Foundation and others. But a new study suggests that there’s nothing special about that cut-off. If you want to be healthier, the only rule you need is: more is better.

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