How To Run Hills And Boost Your Endurance

So you’d like to take up running, but you live on a mountain. Or maybe you already jog in a nice flat place, but want to tackle some trails or a hilly race. Here’s how to train your mind and your legs to power up even the steepest slopes.

'Fitspiration' Is Bad For Your Motivation

Seeing pictures of super-fit men and women may push you to get in shape, but psychology dictates that relying on “fitspiration” for motivation may hurt more than it helps. Here’s why.

Listen To Your Body, Not Headlines

The verdict is (almost literally) in: Vibrams, the barefoot running shoe company, has no scientific grounds to claim that barefoot running results in health benefits used to originally market the brand. But that shouldn’t change the way you run.

How To Improve Your Running After A Bad Marathon

The marathon is a fickle beast: at 26.2 miles, the potential for bad luck is huge. That uncharted territory can bring all sorts of unforeseen issues, reducing your goal pace to a shuffle or worse, but it’s from these problems that you learn to improve.

Don't Fix Your Yoga Pose By Just Looking At The Instructor

When you look at your yoga instructor (or that super-talented person in the front row), you may realise your pose doesn’t look quite the same as theirs. But you don’t want to imitate others exactly. In fact, doing so can be detrimental to you.

Run The True Race Distance By Following The Shortest Path

You probably ran more than 5km in your last 5K, and so did most of the runners who were out on the course with you. There’s a trick to running the shortest possible path in a race, and it’s not cheating.

How To Take Your Running To The Trails For A More Satisfying Workout

Why run on a boring old road when you could run in the bush? There’s beautiful scenery, birds, and that triumphant post-run feeling of knowing you survived more challenging conditions. Trail running is a little different than running on roads, but with a bit of preparation, it can be a great change-up.

How To Add Speedwork To Your Running To Get Stronger And Faster 

Do you want to run faster? Great! Let’s run faster today. Then we’ll take a little break. Then we’ll run faster again a bunch more times. There’s a whole family of these interval workouts that runners call “speedwork”, and including them once a week or so can help you achieve faster race times later on.

Go Barefoot At The Gym To Get More Out Of These Exercises

Running isn’t the only exercise you can do barefoot. Try these other exercises sans shoes for better balance and stronger feet.

Run Smarter, Not Faster: How To Find Your 'Gears' For Better Workouts

Runners like to focus on getting faster, but especially if you’re new to running, you might be missing a key part of your training: learning to run slower, too. You need several “gears” in slow, medium, and fast speeds to get the most out of different types of workouts (and perform better in races).