The Shape Up Xbox One Challenge: Week Four

Today marks the end of Chris and Mark’s four-week Shape Up playthrough. What have they learned over the past month? Did either of them gain any muscle or lose any weight? And who the hell are you to determine what constitutes a push-up, anyway? All will be revealed in this final chapter!

Let Your Love For Your Pet Motivate You (Both) To Exercise

Chubby dogs, although adorable, may not be as healthy as they can be. If you feel like both you and your dog need to shed some weight, your love for your pet can be the motivation you need to exercise more.

Improve Your Hand-Eye Coordination And Athleticism With A Tennis Ball

Your vision is closely tied to how well you move — your flexibility, strength, pain tolerance and so on. This simple exercise could help you strengthen your eye muscles and improve your movement at the same time.

The Shape Up Xbox One Challenge: Week Three

We’re currently in the third week of our Shape Up Xbox One Challenge and things are starting to heat up. Last night, Chris and Mark took some time out from the Quest Mode to battle each other in the game’s grueling push-up challenge. Here is the video.

Step Buy Step Turns Walking Into A Game

iPhone: There are lots of choices when it comes to pedometer apps, but Step Buy Step is decidedly cute and fun. Instead of just counting your steps, it turns the whole thing into a game.

The Science Behind What Happens In Your Body When You Start Running

Exercise does all kinds of stuff to your body when you first start out, and beginning a running routine is no different. Wired decided to take a close look at all the wonderful, horrible things that happen to your body when you start running for the first time.

Simplifit Builds You A Personal Health Program, With A Virtual Coach

Android: Building better eating and fitness habits is difficult, but you don’t have to do it alone. Simplifit is a new app that will build you a manageable health and fitness plan based on your personal goals. The app also has a virtual coach to offer reminders and encouragement and track your progress.

Counteract Wrist Pain From Your Keyboard And Mouse With A Few Stretches

There are many ways you can maintain your health while still working a desk job. Part of that includes undoing the impact using a keyboard and mouse all day has on your wrists and forearms. A few simple stretches might help your wrists feel better.

The Shape Up Xbox One Challenge: Week Two

Today marks the midway point of Chris and Mark’s month-long Shape Up challenge. In today’s episode, the boys share their initial thoughts about the core game mechanics and how it “shapes up” as a fitness application.

Release Tension On A Long Flight With These Stretches

Sitting for hours on a long cramped flight takes a toll on our bodies. We’re stiff and sometimes in pain. We’ve already covered some tips to massage your muscles during a flight with a tennis ball or support your back with a beach ball. Even without these carry-ons, you can still get a good stretch.