Configure Your Browser To Disable SSL 3.0 Connections

eBay has already killed off SSL 3.0 connections to its website, one of undoubtedly many major companies clamping down on the now-insecure transport protocol. If you’d like to be proactive about the problem, it is possible, using the proper options, to disable or reject SSL connections right from your browser. Removes Annoying Facebook Stickers From Comments

Chrome/Firefox: People either love or hate Facebook’s new stickers. is an open source extension for Firefox and Chrome that removes the stickers on comments if you don’t want to see them.

Expect The Stable Release Of Firefox 64-Bit Early Next Year

Internet Explorer has a 64-bit version and Chrome had its bits doubled in v37 (though it’s an opt-in feature, despite being declared stable). Firefox has 64-bit builds available, but for the average user, they might as well not exist. That looks like it’ll be changing next year, with Mozilla getting serious about promoting the browser’s mainstream executable to the wider version.

Add 'Find And Replace' Functionality To Your Browser

Chrome/Firefox: Find and replace is one of those handy little features in Word that isn’t really available anywhere else. If you’d like to add it to Chrome and Firefox, two extensions, Search and Replace, and Find and Replace, do the trick.

Firefox 33 Is Getting An 'Undo' Button Of Sorts

First we had Chrome and Firefox with their Incognito and Private modes respectively, a feature that proved popular enough that even Microsoft put its own version into Internet Explorer, starting from version 9. It looks like Mozilla is taking the whole super-secret browsing thing a step further, sticking a “clear history” button right on the toolbar, which can wipe out your web escapades in chunks as small as five minutes.

AdDetector Alerts You To Sponsored Posts And Native Advertising

Usually it’s not too hard to spot a sponsored post — also known as an advertorial — on the sites you visit, but it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to recognise such articles without reading the fine print. If you’re after a more obvious way to highlight this kind of content and your browser of choice is Chrome or Firefox, you’ll want to give an extension called AdDetector a whirl.

Lifehacker Pack For Firefox 2014: Our List Of The Essential Extensions

Firefox may not be as popular as Google Chrome these days, but it still has one of the best extension libraries around. Here are the essential Firefox extensions you need to bend the web to your will.

Silent Tab Opens Links In New Tabs But Doesn't Load Them

Firefox: It’s annoying to open a YouTube link in a new tab and have it start playing right away, while you still want to browse your current page. Silent Tab is a simple fix for this common frustration.

Disconnect's Privacy Icons Simplify Complicated Privacy Policies

Chrome/Firefox: Privacy policies are long and complicated legalese, but they’re important to review if you want to know how a company will handle your data, whether they will sell it, or whether they will respect your rights. Disconnect’s new Privacy Icons make those policies visual, with icons you can understand at a glance.

How To Try Firefox OS Apps On Android

Android: Mozilla is best known for its web browser, but the company also produces Firefox OS for a limited number of handsets. You can try some of its apps in Android with a little sideways thinking.