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Top 9 Browser Extensions That Eliminate Web Annoyances

The web is rife with annoyances. Pop-over ads when you visit a page that you have to dismiss, sites that auto-play audio even in background tabs, pages that reload and take all the text you entered with it, they all suck. Here are some browser add-ons that make the web a better place for everyone.

Get A Handle On Multi-Process Firefox With This Task Manager Add-On

Recent versions of Firefox come with Electrolysis, or “e10s” enabled, allowing the browser to launch tabs and add-ons in separate processes. What Firefox doesn’t come with (for now at least) is a way to manage this new functionality, though one add-on developer has come to the rescue.

Lifehacker Pack For Firefox 2016: Our List Of The Essential Extensions

Firefox is still a strong browser and with Chrome getting heavier than ever, many are looking back to their old friend Firefox as an alternative. Plus, it’s still got one of the best, well-vetted extension libraries around. Here are the essential Firefox extensions you need to bend the web to your will.

Google Blocks Background Flash Content In Chrome

The slow death of Adobe Flash marches on. Google has announced it will be blocking non-essential Flash content that runs in the background of webpages in September. Mozilla has already started doing this with its Firefox browser this month. Here’s what you need to know.

Mozilla Will Start Blocking Superfluous Flash Content

Google has already committed to blocking almost all Adobe Flash content from its Chrome browser by the end of the year. Now Mozilla has said it stop certain non-essential Flash content from being displayed in the Firefox browser starting from August. Here’s what you need to know.

Firefox's Experimental Containers Feature Lets You Log Into Multiple Accounts On The Same Services At Once

Let’s say you have multiple Twitter accounts, or several Google accounts, or even a few different bank accounts. It sucks to have to switch between those accounts in your browser. Firefox is testing out a new feature called Containers in its beta channel that hopes to fix this.

This Might Be The Only YouTube Browser Add-On You'll Ever Need

OK, anyone currently working on a browser add-on to customise YouTube can stop now. YouTube Plus, available for both Chrome and Firefox, has basically dropped the mic when it comes to tweaking your online video-watching experience.

Firefox's Days On OS X Mountain Lion (And Older) Are Numbered

Nothing lasts forever, including browser support and operating systems. Apple has already kicked OS X versions 10.8, 10.7 and 10.6 to the curb and in August this year, Firefox on these platforms will also be given its marching orders by Mozilla.

Yes, Mozilla Prototypes With Chrome Tech, But Has No Plans To Dump Firefox

We’ve already seen some consolidation in the browser space with Opera dropping its technology base and moving to Blink, Google’s fork of WebKit and the meat behind Chrome. Would Mozilla ever consider such a move for Firefox? Not right now, but the company is happy to use the best tools for the job, even if those tools come from Google. Offers Customisable Start Pages You Can Use In Any Browser, On Any Computer isn’t exactly new — they have been around for a long time, but they have made a lot of quiet, behind the scenes changes that are great if you want a single, useful page you can set every new tab in all of your browsers to open to, on any computer or device you use.

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