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Widen The Active Tab In Firefox 4 To Make It Easier To Read

Opening a lot of tabs in Firefox can compress them so small that you don’t know what each one is. This CSS tweak will enlarge the active tab, so you can at least always see what page you’re working on.

Disable Tab Animations In Firefox 4

The swishing tab animations in Firefox are pretty and all, but if you’d rather your computer concentrate on actual page loading rather than eye candy, there’s a very simple about:config fix.

Stratiform Makes Tweaking Firefox's Looks Really Simple

Firefox 4+ (Windows only): Usually, changing your Firefox browser’s looks requires a CSS tweak, an about:config switch or specialised downloads. Stratiform is an all-in-one add-on that offers a variety of button, toolbar and other visual element switches. Try out new themes and switch back without any hassle.

Why I've Switched From Chrome To Firefox 4

You’ve probably heard a lot about Firefox 4’s new interface, speed and feature improvements, but many of you have already left it for Chrome. Here’s why Firefox’s newest version is worth another look, even if you’re a diehard Chrome user.

Firefox 4 Released For Android, Syncs Well With Firefox On Desktop

Android/Maemo: Android has a lot of great browser alternatives, but today Mozilla released the final version of Firefox 4 Mobile, which brings tabbed browsing, add-ons and serious synchronisation power to your phone.

Stop Firefox 4 From Trimming URL Previews In The Status Bar

You may notice that when you mouse over a link in Firefox, the URL preview in the status bar is trimmed down to save space. If you’d rather see the whole URL, you can do so with a simple CSS tweak.

Make Firefox 4 Ask To Save Your Tabs When Quitting

Firefox 4 no longer asks you if you want to save your tabs whenever you quit the browser. If you want to restore this behaviour, all you need is a little about:config action.

Enable Your Laptop's Pinch-To-Zoom Gestures In Firefox 4

If you have a multitouch trackpad, you may be used to zooming in and out of web pages in your browser. Unfortunately, Firefox 4 disables them by default. Here’s how to get them back.

How To Fix Annoyances With Firefox 4's New Look

Firefox 4 has a lot going for it, but many of you (and us) mentioned that its UI has a few quirks that are a little annoying. Here’s how to fix some of the worst offenders.

Browser Speed Tests: Firefox 4, IE9, Chrome 11 And More

It has been quite a month for browsers, with Internet Explorer and Firefox both dropping big new versions, and Chrome and Opera continuing their regular improvements. We tested all these browsers’ startup and tab-loading times, JavaScript powers, and memory use for your fast-minded enjoyment. Update: With 32-versus-64-bit IE 9 results.

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