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Fetch TV Will Have A Netflix App

Netflix in the US is available across just about everything from smart TVs to consoles to toasters. OK, maybe not toasters, yet. Netflix in Australia’ has been coy about its device availability up until now, but it has just announced its first launch platform device.

Fetch TV Deals: Who Has The Most Fetching Offer?

With Dodo joining the ranks of ISPs offering pay-TV service Fetch TV, it’s worth considering your Fetch TV options. Here are the current deals from each ISP that offers it.

iiNet and Adam Internet Revamp Fetch Service

iiNet and Adam Internet have announced a facelift to their Fetch service which includes access to new channels such as Disney and the sports related ESPN which includes NBA, NFL, NASCAR, Poker and Major League Baseball.

iiNet Fetch TV Upgrade Brings Mixed Blessings

iiNet has upgraded its IPTV options. The new FetchTV boxes are slimmer and faster, but the news isn’t entirely good if you’re an existing FetchTV customer.

iiNet Shrinks FetchTV Contracts, Adds Freezone Content

There are plenty of internet service providers offering IPTV service FetchTV as an option, but the vast majority ask for a 24-month contract. iiNet has broadened its options, offering the Starter package on a 12-month contract and the Entertainment bundle on a six-month deal.

Planhacker: Who Has The Best FetchTV Deals?

Adam, Internode and iiNet have all recently dropped their FetchTV pricing, making the IPTV service more appealing than ever. Planhacker rounds up what’s on offer.

FetchTV iOS Remote App Here, Android On The Way

It might have taken longer than the month or two we were promised back in August, but the FetchTV iOS app to use your phone as a remote control has finally hit the market. As for the Android version? That’s promised in calendar Q1 2012.

Planhacker: Comparing Prices On FetchTV

NOTE: This Planhacker guide has been superseded. Click here for the most recent version. Optus yesterday became the sixth major ISP to offer FetchTV as part of its bundles. But which one offers the best deal? Planhacker investigates.

Optus MeTV Is A FetchTV Service

We’ve known for a while that Optus was planning to offer its own version of the FetchTV platform, and it finally goes on sale this week. For $9.95 a month (over a 24-month contract), you get a set-top box with a one-terabyte hard drive and the ability to schedule recordings across FetchTV’s channel suite.

The Next 12 Things FetchTV Is Adding

This week, IPTV service FetchTV is adding the YouTube on TV interface, making it simpler to browse YouTube videos via your TV set. That’s just one of a host of new options FetchTV is planning over the next year, including a full HD channel, access to iView, iPhone and Android apps and lots of other goodies.

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