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New Firefox, Fennec Betas Slated For Dec 7

Before Firefox 4, there will be at least two more betas, a release candidate, and some compatibility match-ups with Firefox Portable, a.k.a. Fennec, according to Mozilla’s meeting notes.

Fennec (AKA Firefox Mobile) Alpha Available For Android

Android 2.0+/Maemo: We were impressed by Fennec’s pre-alpha builds and happy when they started releasing nightly builds for more stable testing, but Firefox Mobile has finally graduated to alpha on Android.

Mozilla Offering Nightly Builds Of Firefox For Android

If you’re a fan of where Firefox Mobile (Fennec) on Android is headed, or you just wish the pre-alpha download was a little better, you’re in luck. Mozilla has started compiling and offering up nightly Android builds on its servers, which anyone can install and test out (make sure you’ve checked the box in settings to install from non-Market sources).

First Look At Fennec, Or Firefox Mobile On Android

Android (2.0 and above): It’s a “pre-alpha build”, but Firefox Mobile, a.k.a. Fennec, is worth testing out on newer Android phones. It’s a pretty neat browser with a lot of potential, as shown in our screen captures.

AdBlock Plus Working On Firefox Mobile Builds

The developers of Fennec, a.k.a. Firefox Mobile, have stated that support for add-ons will differentiate it from other mobile browsers. Much like Firefox’s desktop version, a preview build of reader favourite AdBlock Plus might ensure Fennec gets its proper due.

Firefox Headed To Android Phones

Yesterday we heard that an unknown something from Mozilla is headed to iPhones, but Firefox’s maker is being a bit more specific about Android: A mobile browser is in the works for the open-source phone.

Mozilla Releasing Unknown App For IPhone

Mozilla CEO John Lilly tells tech blogger Om Malik that the Firefox maker will “release an app to the iPhone App Store in the next few weeks” and that “it’ll surprise people”.

Mozilla VP On What Firefox Mobile Means For Your Phone

Is a full-fledged, add-on-powered mobile browser something you want for your phone? Jay Sullivan, Mozilla’s Vice President for mobile, works every day to make it happen. Read what Sullivan has to say about Fennec, iPhones, Android, and all things mobile.

Firefox Mobile (Fennec) Alpha Up For Windows Mobile Testing

Windows Mobile 6: Fennec, Firefox’s mobile browser, inches closer to a widespread beta with the release of an alpha tested on an HTC Touch Pro, but available for download on any Windows Mobile 6 device.

Firefox Mobile (AKA Fennec) Hits Beta

Mozilla’s Firefox-like mobile browser, Fennec, has reached its first beta release, with TraceMonkey-backed JavaScript, better support for add-ons, “gestures” and no-button browsing, and a few other neat developments. The full release notes show what’s new in Beta 1, but most people will want to know how to get it on their phones. And the answer is, still, not quite yet—this release is only officially supported on Nokia N810 tablets, or in a kind of emulator for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Most of the changes between the alpha releases and this beta are faster, faster, and faster—panning, zooming, start-up, and other performance tweaks. Check out the video walkthrough of the Beta1’s new features. Fennec is a free download for Nokia N810 tablets and Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Fennec M12 (Beta 1) for Maemo release notes [Mozilla via Gizmodo]

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