The Helix Desktop

Erelde‘s Windows desktop isn’t full of bells and whistles — just a visually striking wallpaper and a few widgets to help him keep track of a few things. Here’s how to make your computer look like this.

The Rocky Beach Linux Desktop

Flickr user Skarjoko’s Linux desktop utilises elementaryOS, one of our favourite Linux distros for customisation. Here’s how you can make your computer look like this.

The Atomic Polygon Desktop

The icons are big and bright on this desktop, but it doesn’t make this design by Flickr user Aswath any less interesting. It’s a nice mix of fun and functional, perfect for a laptop display. Here’s how he set it up.

The Taillights Desktop

Our friend Dobbie03 has been playing with Manjaro Linux, and customised this good-looking desktop that makes us want to switch, too. Here’s how he set it all up.

The Dancing Space Desktop

Ollie Terrance wanted a desktop that offered enough space to work, kept the taskbar out of the way, but still gave him quick access to a few useful things, like his music player. This is what he created and what you’ll need to set it up on your computer.

The Misty Mountain Windows Desktop

Flickr user xhuxhaxhu has made some great-looking desktops, but this one is particularly beautiful. Here’s how she set it all up.

The Mix Tape Windows Desktop

We’ve highlighted some of Joergermeister’s desktops before, but this one makes us long for the old school. Some icon tweaks, a nice desktop, and this Windows 8 system has a unique look and feel. Here’s how he set it up.

The Smouldering Mac Desktop

Ruurd’s desktop is a contrast of ice and fire. It’s loaded up with useful Geektool widgets to help him keep track of the weather and see what’s playing. Here’s how he put it all together.

The Flat Owl Linux Desktop

Lifehacker reader Royale with Cheese has a sharp-looking flat desktop that looks like OS X at first glance. It’s actually Fedora 20, and it’s smooth as butter. Here’s how he set it up.

The Dark Arch Linux Desktop

Flickr user and Lifehacker reader okubax’s desktop is a clean and good-looking Arch Linux setup. The best part is it doesn’t take much to configure, aside from installing Arch. Here’s how he set it up.