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NetNewsWire Beta Brings Several New Features, Temporarily Lacks Sync

Mac: Popular RSS reader NetNewsWire has just announced a public beta of its next version, just in time for Google Reader’s demise. The software adds a variety of features, but temporarily removes an important one for many users: sync.

Feedly's Migration To Its New RSS Server Has Begun, Is Messy

Good news: RSS-tracking service Feedly has begun migrating users onto its own servers — a necessary move since we’re less from a fortnight away from Google Reader switching off entirely. Bad news: when you migrate, you’ll find your unread articles count reset, and the service may misplace your saved articles as well.

Feedly Opens Up Normandy API To Other Apps

Feedly has been very popular with Lifehacker readers as a replacement for Google Reader, which has less than a month to live now. To get around that problem, Feedly is developing its own API for when Google kills Reader off for good. If you’re a fan of alternate readers such as Reeder, Press or gReader, you’ll now also be able to access the Feedly API.

Readable: An Aussie Google Reader Alternative

The clock is ticking for Google Reader, and when the alarm goes off, it will be no more. One Australian programmer has developed an Open Source alternative that might be able to cure your RSS woes.

Make Your Own Email-Driven Google Reader Substitute With Blogtrottr

As the countdown to Google Reader closing ticks over, we’re continuing to see alternative ways to manage your RSS feeds. Lifehacker reader Michael rolled his own solution with Blogtrottr, creating a system that sends notifications direct to your email.

CommaFeed Is A Minimalist Google Reader Replacement

As the countdown to the death of Google Reader on 1 July continues, the list of potential alternatives grows. Another to consider: CommaFeed, a web-based service that closely replicates the standard Google Reader look.

Skimr Is A Clean Feed Reader That Makes Skimming Headlines A Breeze

If you prefer your feed reading simple and distraction-free, Skimr is a new webapp that organises all of your feeds into a single column, with or without images. All of your stories are arranged chronologically, with a short snippet before each, so you can quickly skim the headlines.

Curata Planning A Google Reader Alternative Aimed At Business Users

New alternatives to Google Reader appear to be profliferating as we await the July 1 cut-off for Google’s much-loved-but-definitely-departing RSS reader. Business content curation service Curata has launched a limited beta for its own Reader replacement, which it plans to release in May.

Lifehacker 101: RSS Feeds

An RSS reader is an essential tool for anyone who likes to be kept abreast of news as it happens and/or updates from their favourite websites. It will make you more organised, ensure you don’t miss valuable information and save lots of time that would otherwise be spent manually checking websites. If you’re new to RSS, here’s what you need to know, including the best RSS readers in a post Google Reader world.

Are Your Google Reader Links Disappearing?

Another sign to remind us that Google Reader will be dead come July 1: some browsers are reporting that the link to Reader on Google’s menu has vanished when using Gmail.

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