Top 10 Tricks For A Healthier, High-Energy Workday

Working at an office can be surprisingly unhealthy. Between sitting all day, eating poorly, and enduring never-ending stress, your office routine can take years off your life. Here’s how to stay healthy and energetic at the office (and make the day go by faster).

Fix Your Posture With This Animated Guide To Sitting Right

We’re all aware that sitting all day damages your body. One of the best ways to counteract those effects is to fix you posture, and the above video shows you exactly how to do that.

Angle Your Laptop For Better Comfort On An Aeroplane

Few aeroplane seats provide a comfortable amount of room, and most certainly don’t concentrate on ergonomics. If you plan to use a laptop while flying, make sure you use it at an angle to avoid hunching.

Make Your Own Multi-Level, Adjustable Height Standing Desk

We all know sitting “kills”, but we don’t necessarily want to commit to standing throughout our entire day. The easiest answer? An adjustable standing desk like this feature-rich version from Dick Y., submitted to IKEA Hackers.

Ask LH: How Can I Pick The Best Office Chairs?

Dear Lifehacker, I work in an IT-related company as a team leader. My manager has generously assigned me the task of looking into getting better office chairs for my team (I have back issues). What is the ‘best’ office chair for people who are sitting down for more than eight hours a day? Are there companies that offer chair trials? Is there a sweet spot for price versus functionality? Any advice? Thanks, The Chair Person

The Office Worker's Schedule For Healthy Living Behind A Desk

We’re all well aware that sitting at a desk all day isn’t a healthy way to live, but many of us have to do it anyway. Fortunately, countering the negative effects of this way of life is incredibly easy with a schedule. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

Leave Your Keyboard Feet Folded In For Better Ergonomics

We’ve all seen those little feet that extend out of our keyboards, but did you ever ask what they’re really for? It turns out they’re not there for ergonomics.

What To Look For In An Ergonomic Office Chair

The quality and comfort of your office chair affects your health and productivity. With so many options, picking the right one for you isn’t easy. This graphic from Office Chairs Unlimited offers some guidance.

What Bad Posture Actually Does To Your Body

We’ve heard countless times that good posture and ergonomics are necessary when you’re working at a computer, but what exactly happens when you don’t follow those tips? The Wall Street Journal found out.

Ask LH: Where Can I Find A Monitor/Laptop Arm Combo?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m trying to tidy up my home office by making the space more ergonomic, and I would really like an adjustable VESA mount for my monitor and laptop. Finding a VESA monitor arm on its own isn’t hard, but as soon as you start looking for one with laptop arm also the price goes through the roof. Would you have any recommendations on where to go to keep this solution affordable? I’d prefer to keep this under $200 total. Thanks, Unmounted