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Carefully Peel A 9V Battery To Find Smaller Batteries Inside

If you’ve ever gotten into electronics hacking, you’ve probably had the illusion of most gadgets ruined for you. For example, 9V batteries are basically just six AAAA batteries taped together.

Dealhacker: Get 20% Off At The Good Guys And Bing Lee Via Ebay

eBay is throwing another “Click & Collect” sale, with 20% off a wide range of products from The Good Guys, Bing Lee, Rays Outdoors, BCF and others. Products on offer include smartphones, laptops, HD TVs, whitegoods, lawnmowers, DIY gadgets and hi-fi gear. Here are the details.

Build A Smart Mirror With Gesture Control

Smart mirrors are surprisingly easy to build with a spare screen and two-way mirror, but DIYer Tobias Weis steps things up a bit by adding in gesture controls.

Raspberry Pi Zero Gets A Camera Connector, More Units Pushed Into Production To Meet Demand

The Raspberry Pi Zero, the cheap, $US5 ($7) version of the popular computer, has been notoriously hard to find since its initial release. Today, they’re releasing a new model that adds in a camera connector. They have also acknowledged the demand, so hopefully these newer versions will be a bit easier to track down.

Build A Raspberry Pi-Powered Media Player That Plays A Simpsons Episode At Random

There are a ton of Simpsons episodes, but if you long for the days of just watching whatever episode happens to be playing on TV at any given moment, DIYer Stephen Coyle build a little system powered by a Raspberry Pi Zero that plays a random episode.

Build An Instant Camera With A Raspberry Pi And A Thermal Printer

Instant cameras are awesome, but if you’re looking for something a bit more ridiculous, Adafruit shows you how to build a camera that will print out a pixellated photo on thermal paper.

Build A Miniature Speaker With A Built-In Visualiser

Speakers aren’t particularly expensive these days, but most of them lack much in the way of character. If you don’t mind slopping on a bit of elbow grease, Instructables user andy.spikenzielabs shows off how to build a little micro speaker that has a small visualiser built into it.

Build Your Own Two-Player Miniature Cocktail Arcade Cabinet

Cocktail cabinets are an excellent way to cram a two-player arcade into a small package. DIYer CircuitBeard shows off his build, which uses a Raspberry Pi as the brains. It’s a looker.

Build A Retro Gaming Table On The Cheap With A $20 IKEA Table And A Raspberry Pi

We’ve shown you how to build a retro gaming table before but if you’re looking for something a bit cheaper, Element14 shows off how to build one mounted onto an IKEA Lack table.

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