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Create Miniature Interactive Art With A Raspberry Pi And A Touch Screen

Video: Processing is a programming language that allows people to make visual art (amongst other things) using programming and recently it released a version that works on the Raspberry Pi. Adafruit put together a guide for getting it on the Pi and working with their touch screen.

Turn A Bunch Of Old Laptop LED Screens Into A False Window Light

If you like to work at night, or your room doesn’t have any windows that face the sun, it can be hard to come by any natural light. This light panel made from four laptop LED screens looks like a window and can give you the light you need.

Add HUD-Like Display Gauges To Action Camera Videos With The 'Blackbox'

If you enjoy filming your adrenaline-infused adventures with an action camera, this data logging “blackbox”can record real-time data and then display it on your videos in post-production editing.

Build Your Own Laptop Cooler

Notebook coolers aren’t exactly expensive, but if you’re feeling handy, it doesn’t take much effort to build your own. Rather than go with something elaborate, you can get by with an elevated platform and a fan to circulate air under the chassis.

Arduino IDE Now Supports Building Software In The Command Line

For all its geeky attributes, the Arduino development software, known as Arduino IDE (integrated development environment) has never had a tool for compiling code in the command line. Now, with the release of Arduino IDE 1.6.6, it does.

Always Check Manufacturer Sites To Find Refurbished Deals

When you’re deal hunting, not all discount is worth it. While some refurbished goods can be duds, getting refurbished products straight from the source will usually be better than most.

Build Your Own 'Smart Mirror' With A Two-Way Mirror And An Android Device

The idea of a smart mirror seems like some crazy thing from the future, but over on Adafruit, they show off a really easy way to build your own with an old Android device and a two-way mirror.

Build An Genuino-Powered Music Visualizer

If you long for the days of pixely music visualizers, then look no further than this guide from Adafruit to make your own tiny little spectrum visualizer using a Genuino.

Build An Electronics Parts Storage System For $4

Storing small parts, whether it’s for electronics projects or any other hobby, is kind of tough. Over on Instructables, HariFun shows how to take a cheap set of containers and add some shelving for a simple storage system.

Cool A Raspberry Pi With An Old Computer Fan

Video: The Raspberry Pi usually runs cool enough that you don’t need a fan, but if you’re overclocking it or running something particularly intense, it’s helpful. Don’t go hunting for some specialised fan though, as YouTuber NetHacker points out, any old computer fan will work.

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