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Add A Working Cartridge To Your Raspberry Pi Powered Game Boy Console

Video: Modding a Game Boy to add a retro game console is nothing new. However, one modder took it to the next level with a working cartridge and removable battery pack.

Build A Twitter-Based Home Automation System With A Raspberry Pi

Video: There are all sorts of variations on Raspberry Pi-powered home automation systems, but ARM Tutorials shows off a pretty simple project that uses Twitter as the backbone.

Build A Little Desktop Widget That Displays Live Info From Various Sources

Sometimes you just want a simple way to glance at data when you’re away from your computer. Sure, you probably have your phone on you at all times, but where’s the fun in that? DIYer Stefan built a little desktop widget that will dish out all kinds of info.

The Raspberry Pi Camera Module Gets Upgraded To 8-Megapixels, Still Costs $US25

Adding a camera to a Raspberry Pi is as easy as plugging in the official module. The original Raspberry Pi camera module was just a measly five megapixel camera. Today, it’s been upgraded to an eight megapixel camera made by Sony.

Slim Down A Raspberry Pi By Removing A Ton Of Components

The Raspberry Pi Zero might be the smallest of the bunch, but you can also slim down a Pi 2 or Pi 3 pretty easily if you need that extra CPU but not the components. Node shows you how.

Build An Arduino The Size Of A AA Battery

One of the great things about the Arduino is that it’s totally open source so you can make your own variations on it. Case in point, DIYer Johan Kanflo’s AAduino, which comes in at the size of a AA battery.

Build Your Own Speedy Little Linux-Powered DIY Router

Building your own router might sound like a fools errand, but Ars Technica found that it was not only pretty simple, it also produced better results than most commercial options.

Track How Much Your Luggage Gets Tossed Around With A DIY Logging System

Video: Ever wonder how much your luggage gets tossed around? DIYer Ben Heck created a data logging device that tracks the movement of your luggage.

Make A Raspberry Pi-Powered Remote Camera That Monitors The Weather And Temperature

We know you can turn a Raspberry Pi into a cheap surveillance system and that displaying images on a small screen is no problem either. Adafruit combined all this together with some sensors to create a system where you can monitor the camera and data on one Raspberry Pi from another Raspberry Pi.

Make A Smart Scale With A Raspberry Pi And An Old Wii Balance Board

Smart scales that track your weight over time aren’t exactly pricey, but they’re kind of boring. If you have a dusty old Wii Balance Board and a Raspberry Pi sitting around, Initial State shows you how to build one that will dish out some snark with your weight tracking.

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