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Sumo Power Launches 'All You Can Eat' Energy Contracts

As we move into colder weather and the heaters come on, more households are at risk of ‘bill shock’ from their electricity bills. To counter this, Melbourne-based power company Sumo Power has introduced an ‘unlimited’ energy contract, or so to speak, providing as much energy as your household needs for one fixed price.

Can Mojo's Subscription-Based Electricity Bills Save You Money?

Electricity retailer Mojo Power launched today in NSW, promising reduced bills and a radically different way of paying for energy. Simply put, Mojo’s subscription-based service gives you access to wholesale electricity pricing — but can it really save you money, and how does it actually work?

Tesla Powerwall: 2016 Pricing Number Crunch and Payback Times

Back in May, 2015, we crunched the payback figures for the Powerwall, based on an assumed Australian cost and example electricity prices. Now there are local installed costs available, we have broken out the calculator and gone over the figures. The question is, can the Powerwall give a decent payback time?

Can Christmas Tree Lights Really Kill Your Wi-Fi?

A telephone regulator in the UK has warned that festive decorations have the potential to spoil your Wi-Fi connection. The warning is correct, but how big of a problem does it actually cause? Here is the science.

Don't Stress About Unplugging Your Wall Chargers When They're Not In Use

There’s nothing wrong with trying to save energy and lower your power bill, but unplugging your smartphone, tablet, and laptop chargers when they aren’t charging isn’t doing much. They’re not the energy vampires some people think they are.

How Much Money You'll Save With These Common Energy Saving Strategies

Cutting back on electricity can save you some cash, but the savings vary. For example, unplugging an idle phone charge will only save you a few bucks per year. On the other hand, using an electric heater rather than gas could shave 70% off your heating bill. This chart tells you how much you’ll actually save using a handful of different strategies.

CSIRO Trialling App To Remotely Control And Monitor Home Power Usage

Smart meters have taken us a step closer to “digitising” our power usage and making it easier to monitor just how much electricity we’re using. CSIRO however is taking the concept further and in conjunction with app developer HabiDapt, is trialling software that will allow you to see the current power consumption of individual household appliances, along with a breakdown of usage costs, with the ability to turn them on and off remotely.

Tesla Powerwall: Crunching The Numbers For Australia

Tesla’s Powerwall is a great concept — with the potential to reduce electricity costs, tie in with solar and create a smarter, distributed power grid. But how long will it take to actually save you money?

Origin Energy Fined $325,000 For Misleading Advertising

Origin Energy Limited has been ordered to pay $325,000 in penalties by the Federal Court for flouting Australian consumer law. The company was slugged with the fines for falsely advertising the level of discount customers would receive under one of its energy plans. Tch. Will electricity providers ever learn?

Why 'Fixed Price' Electricity Contracts Are Not Worth Signing Up For

Think that by signing a fixed-price contract for electricity or gas you’ll know what the rate is for the life of the contract? Think again. The market regulator has confirmed that power companies have the right to change the rates charged on a fixed-price contract whenever they like — even before the deal begins. What a ridiculous joke.

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