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Three Time Management Mistakes You Don't Realise You're Making

No matter how smart or experienced you think you are, it’s important to remember you’re always a novice at something. Sounds obvious, but it’s something managers, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders are liable to forget, especially when it comes to how they manage their time.

220 Answers From Designers On Being Efficient, Successful And Productive

Consensus is a great way of dealing with indecision. Not sure what the best course of action is? The most efficient method to go about something? Just ask someone for advice. Or you could ask a lot of people. Not that we all have time to track down others in similar professions and quiz them on their habits and processes. That’s why it’s extremely helpful when a person like designer Yevgeny Yermakov goes to the trouble of compiling tips from over 40 designers, with more on the way.

How To Turn Almost Any Lift Into A One-Stop Express Ride

Having your lift constantly interrupted by additional stops can be incredibly frustrating — especially if you work on the top floor. This cheeky lift hack will send you straight to your destination without stopping.

Beware Of The Hamsterware Problem

Most software development problems can be solved in more than one way, but that doesn’t mean that every possible solution is equally efficient. Watch out for ‘hamsterware’ solutions: quick fixes that seem to solve an immediate dilemma but actually require an inordinate amount of effort in the long run.

Your Emails Are Too Long: How To Fix Them

I recently received an email making a simple request. However, the email was three pages long. The whole message could have been three lines, but instead the author decided to write a short novella. Needless to say, I didn’t read the whole thing. Nor did I respond. Are your emails going unread because they are too long?

Manage Your Email Inbox Better With A Reply Strategy

Keeping on top of your massively full inbox when you have little time to do so isn’t just about organising everything, but your approach to your responses. Here’s a look at responding kindly yet efficiently to save you time.

Ditch The Granny Knot To Tie Your Shoes More Efficiently

The difference between shoes tied with a balanced, neat and self-tightening knot versus those tied with an unbalanced, sloppy and loose knot, is all in how you make your first loop.

Better Posture Means More Energy At Work

The art of sitting or standing up straight might seem like something out of a 1950s etiquette class, but it actually plays an important role in staying energised and efficient throughout your day at the office. Here’s why:

Defrag Your Office for Increased Efficiency

One of the side effects of having so much stuff to help us get work done is dealing with the clutter it creates in our workspace. But just like you can defragment a hard drive—organize the bits and bytes so that related ones are closest to one another for faster access—you can also defrag your office to make it more efficient. Put your stuff out of the way but within reach, and make it easy to find and put back with a few workspace organisation techniques. Photo by lenski.

Practice and Improve Touch Typing at Keybr.com

Free web app Keybr.com is a simple touch type practice tool that shows you how fast and error-free your typing is through an escalating series of exercises. Like a web-based version of previously mentioned Windows-only tools TypeFaster and RapidTyping, Keybr.com could help you make the switch to a Dvorak layout, or learn to switch from a U.S. to UK, Spanish, German, or Russian keyboard (or vice-versa). Keybr.com is free to use and doesn’t require a sign-up.

Keybr.com [via MakeUseOf.com]

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