How To Buy Ebooks From Anywhere And Still Read Them All In One Place

Most ebook sellers try to lock you into a particular ecosystem. If you don’t mind buying from the same company every time, this isn’t too bad, but you lose the ability to comparison shop, as well as making it difficult to switch apps. Fortunately, there’s a way around this problem.

Briefly: Facebook Buys Oculus Rift, Cheap Ebooks, LSCC Cosplay Highlights

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Facebook purchases Oculus Rift for $US2 billion, Humble eBook Bundle 3, the best cosplay from London Super Comic Con (LSCC) 2014.

Briefly: New Game Of Thrones Footage, Good Game Returns, Minecraft Doomsday Clock

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Watch the Game of Thrones season 4 making-of featurette, free Twelve Years a Slave ebook, the Minecraft clock that counts down to the end of the known universe.

NewsToEbook Converts RSS And Feedly Subscriptions Into Epub

If you like reading RSS feeds, but prefer to read on your Kindle or other ebook device, NewsToEbook makes it easy to convert your feeds to an epub format. It can even pull in your Feedly subscriptions!

The Fussy Librarian Recommends Books In Daily Emails

Web: If you want to know which books should be on your reading list, then sign up for The Fussy Librarian. Set up your preferences and you will get daily emails with recommendations for books, along with links to buy the ebooks on a number of stores.

Ask LH: How Do I Get The Best Price On Digital Music, Books Or Games?

Dear Lifehacker, I buy all my music and other media online, but prices vary so much from site to site. Is there any way to check prices across all the music or movie sites to make sure I get the best deal?

Get Email Alerts For Free Kindle Ebooks In Favourite Genres With IFTTT

If you want to build up a collection of great ebooks on your Kindle without spending a dime, Red Ferret has a simple but neat trick using Amazon’s individual RSS feeds and our favourite web automator, IFTTT.

How Do Amazon's Australian Kindle Book Prices Compare?

Amazon now has an Australian Kindle bookstore, which raises one big question: are you better off using that than the original US store? For one perspective on the issue, we’ve compared availability and pricing for the current top 10 selling books in Australia.

Amazon Australian Kindle Store: Everything You Need To Know

Amazon is making its biggest push yet into the Australian market, launching an Amazon.com.au site for its Kindle content, offering pricing for books and apps in Australian dollars and opening up its Kindle Directing Publishing self-publishing platform to local authors. What does the change involve and is it worth switching to the Australian store? Find out in our in-depth launch guide.

Amazon's Kindle Matchbook Offers Cheap Ebook Versions Of Your Physical Books

Amazon unveiled Kindle Matchbook today, a new service that offers affordable ebook versions of some of the physical books you’ve already purchased from Amazon. If the books qualify, you can get the Kindle versions for between $US0.99 and $US2.99, and future books you buy that qualify will get you the same deal.