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Dropbox Is Shutting Down Mailbox And Carousel

Briefly: Dropbox is shutting down their mobile email client, Mailbox, on February 26. The influential client utilised swipes and gestures to organise emails and was first acquired by Dropbox in 2013. Carousel, Dropbox’s photo organisation app, will also be discontinued. Read more on the Dropbox blog.

How I Succeeded: Dropbox's Charlie Wood

Travel. Tasmania, Australia. Sponsored James Boags, A symphony captured by nature. Photographed on the 6th October 2015. Photographed by Dominic Loneragan. Citizens of the World.

How I Succeeded is a regular series on Lifehacker where we ask business leaders for the secrets and tactics behind their success. Today: Charlie Wood from Dropbox

Dropbox Attempts To Woo Enterprise Customers With New Business Offering

Cloud storage provider Dropbox has ramping up efforts to attract big business customers by launching Dropbox Enterprise. The company has jammed in a range of security, administration and collaboration features into the new offering, along with development tools and advanced controls to help IT administrators manage Dropbox storage in an enterprise environment.

This Flowchart (and Audio Guide) Will Help You Finally Conquer Your Photo Clutter

It’s never been easier to take as many photos as you like, but keeping them all organised and backed up has never been more difficult. The team at WNYC’s Note to Self, with a little help from yours truly, put together this flowchart to help you tackle your photo clutter once and for all.

JustCast Turns A Dropbox Folder Into A Podcast RSS Feed

Not every piece of audio on the internet is a podcast, but if you’re interested in making your podcasts feeds from any audio files you want, JustCause does the job.

Study Stressing You Out? Try Cuddling A Furry Friend

It’s currently “crunch time” at schools and universities around Australia, which means plenty of students are starting to have exam-induced freak outs. If you or your son/daughter are in the midst of a study cram, there is a simple, science-proven remedy that will help to bring stress levels down. It involves whiskers. And fur.

Dropbox Open Sources Zulip Team Chat App

Collaboration is crucial when you’re part of a team at work and technology vendors are ramping up efforts to bring out offerings that can facilitate convenient group communication. Last week, Microsoft launched a new version of Office which had collaboration tools as the centrepiece and now Dropbox has released Zulip, a group chat app, under an open source arrangement.

Dropbox Adds Team Feature For Collaboration

Dropbox has made collaboration on its cloud storage service easier with the introduction of a feature that allows groups to share files through a centralised folder. Here’s more on the new addition.

Balloon Sends A Link For Anyone To Add Files To Your Dropbox

When you’re trying to collect together a lot of files, it’s a pain to everyone on the same page. If you’re a Dropbox user, Balloon is a web app that lets you create a single link you can send to people so they can add files to your Dropbox without needing a Dropbox account themselves.

You Can Now Save URLs Into Dropbox

For those who want to access saved URLs across all devices and browsers, you can now do so using Dropbox. The company has added a handy feature that lets you just drag and drop URLs directly into Dropbox so you can view them at a later time or share them with others.

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