Save Files To Dropbox (And Other Cloud Services) By Default In Windows

Windows: Saving your files in the cloud has lots of advantages, but most applications still save files to your Documents folder by default. You can, of course, manually select a folder that syncs to the cloud, but why not take out the extra step and automatically save those files to Dropbox or Google Drive?

1PasswordAnywhere Lets You Access Your 1Password Vault On The Web

1Password is one of our favourite password managers, and it can sync to all your devices via Dropbox. Once you sync your vault of passwords, 1Password actually lets you access them on any device without installing the app.

CloudAmpz For Android Streams Music From Dropbox, Box And Google Drive

Android (2.3+): If the cloud is where you store your music, then CloudAmpz for Android is a great way to listen to it on-the-go without downloading those files. The app works with Google Drive, Box and Dropbox, but only one account at a time.

Enable Dropbox Streaming Sync For Faster File Synchronisation

When you upload a file to Dropbox, it’s first sent in its entirety to Dropbox’s servers and then downloaded to any synced computers. In a new experimental version of Dropbox, however, you can enable streaming sync that starts downloading on the target computer while you upload.

Remotely Put Your Mac To Sleep From Your iPhone Using Drafts

Do you often forget to put your Mac to sleep before getting up and walking away? David Sparks shows off a clever way to remotely put it to sleep using Drafts, Dropbox and Hazel.

Writebox Is A Minimalistic Notepad That Syncs With Dropbox

Web/Chrome/iOS/Android: Looking for a plain text editor that works in your browser and on your phone, while syncing with Dropbox or Google Drive? Meet Writebox!

Allow Others To Upload Files To Your Google Drive With This Script

Google Drive is a great service — for some storage tasks, it’s even better than Dropbox. If you’re looking to make it easier for someone else to add files to your Drive storage, this script from Digital Inspiration has you covered.

Reclaim Dropbox Space By Migrating Your Photos To Another Service

You can get all the free Dropbox space you want, but it can still fill up quickly. If photos are the problem, there’s a simple (and somewhat obvious) solution: use another auto-upload service instead.

B1 File Manager Accesses Multiple Dropbox Accounts On Android

Android: The default Dropbox app on Android forces you to use only one account at a time. If you have multiple Dropbox accounts and need access, B1 File Manager is a good solution — although it doesn’t offer local sync.

Carousel Auto-Organises And Shares Photos With Friends And Family

Carousel is a new app by the folks at Dropbox that make photo organisation and sharing really easy. When you upload your photos to the app and share with your friends, they get your photos and you get theirs.