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Turn Your FreeNAS Box Into The Ultimate Anonymous Downloading Machine

A low-powered home server is one of the best ways to download files using BitTorrent and Usenet, but if you want to minimise legal hassles you need to anonymise your traffic. Here’s how to turn your FreeNAS box into the ultimate downloading machine so you can download safely and monitor its activity from anywhere.

How To Automatically Download Anything

Ready to take your media viewing to the next level? A series of helpful scripts, all installable in a few minutes, can transform your computer into an automatic media downloading machine.

SiteSucker Downloads Websites For Offline Viewing On Mac

Mac OS X: If you want a quick and easy tool to download websites for offline viewing, SiteSucker is a utility that lets you do it with minimal effort on your part.

VCD Quality Provides A Peek At A Movie's Quality Before You Download

Web site VCD Quality tracks videos distributed online and provides a wealth of information about each release—including a screenshot or two demonstrating the quality of the video and separate video and audio ratings. The site also links to the movie’s IMDb page, lets you know what group released it, and informs you of the source media (e.g., DVD rip). If you download a fair share of movies online, you’ve probably been burned by a grainy, low quality download before. VCD Quality is there to help you avoid wasting those hours downloading a bum film. You can’t actually download anything directly from VCD Quality, but if you’ve followed our beginner and intermediate guides to BitTorrent, you already know what you’re doing. VCD Quality [via MakeUseOf]

Morrent Controls BitTorrent Downloads from Your Facebook Page

Facebook application Morrent controls your uTorrent BitTorrent downloads over the web through your Facebook profile. Through Morrent, you can start, stop, remove, or add new torrents remotely, and since it’s happening through your Facebook profile, it’s really simple to set up. In fact, the site has excellent installation instructions to walk you through it. On the other hand, if you’re not keen about passing your BitTorrent information through a third party, you can set up uTorrent’s WebUI to remote control your torrents entirely on your terms.

Morrent [via TorrentFreak]

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